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The bathroom picks up the soft tube so much about it, it is very important to understand these 5 points

There will be hose with a shower in the bathroom. What kind of hose to choose is more durable and longer? First of all, there are many types of hose. The stainless steel weaving hose and ripples are commonly used, but many people do not know the difference between the two. The purpose and life of the hose are determined by the advantages and disadvantages of the hose. Today, I will share with you five points of knowledge to help you easily solve the troubles of how to choose!

1. The composition parts are different

Stainless steel woven hose is generally composed of silk, inner tube, steel sleeve, core, pads, and nuts. The ripple hose composition is relatively simple. From the perspective of composition, the installation of ripple hose is simpler.


2. Different effects

Most of the weaving hose are connected as the corner valve of the water inlet, the faucet, the kitchen faucet, the vertical bathtub, the water heater, and the toilet to form a water supply channel or drainage channel. The ripple can be used for transmission of high temperature liquid and gas, such as water inlet pipes, gas conveying pipes, and water pipes of the faucet. If it is in areas with poor water quality, the connecting pipes of the water heater should be given priority to the ripple hose, and the service life is longer.


3. Different performance

The weaving hose is woven from 6 shares of 304 stainless steel. It has better flexibility and better explosion -proof effect. Compared with the ripple hose, the diameter is less diameter and the water flow is less. There is no inner tube in the ripple hose, there is only one external tube, the tube is harder, it is best to install vertically when installed, avoid bending during use, otherwise it is easy to leak and bend.


4. Different advantages

The advantages of ripples are corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance. At the same time, the tube diameter is large and large, which is suitable for heating pipes. The internal connection pipes and the connected parts of the weaving hose are made of EPDM high -quality rubber. Non -toxic, anti -aging, anti -ozone, anti -erosion, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, excellent sealing. Secondly, the price is cheap.

5. Disadvantages


The process of weaving hoses is more complicated, and the effect of high temperature resistance is poor. The disadvantage of ripple hoses is that the price is more expensive, and it is not easy to bend the same position during the use, otherwise it will cause the wall of the ripple pipe to break, especially after using the supercharged shower for a long time, it is particularly easy to leak, so the most most is the most. Put a spare tube in a good home. Secondly, the price is expensive.