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China launches nano carpet! The soles of the soles are cleaned as soon as the mud is stepped on, farewell to the mop, and the best -selling European and American countries

On the importance of ground pads, it can really help us save a lot of things.

Putting at the door, toilet and kitchen door can play a great role.

The most important non -slip in the bathroom and the kitchen, the most important water absorption and decontamination of the door.

When you go home, the soles often step on some water stains and silt. If there is no floor pad, the clean floor will become a garbage dump in an instant.


But ordinary cushioning ability and water absorption seem to be strong. Once it encounters a rainy day, the mud stains on the soles, pet footprints, etc., will still make the floor dirty.

Power pad until you discover this


Best selling European and American


The black technology nano -floor pad,

As soon as you step on it, you can be called a fan of the ground.

Micro -lazy Clean Step Mat floor mat


First of all, its fluff is 1.5cm, which is more than half higher than the ordinary floor mat. It is soft and comfortable to step on barefoot.

Put a piece next to the bedroom bed or the sofa of the living room, and step on the feet, as if you are on a soft cotton!

The simple Nordic style design not only decorated the room, but also avoided contact with the cold floor.


Super absorbent

Water absorption is also super strong,

Can absorb 7 times the weight of your own weight.

We pour a whole glass of water in the part, or it can be attached instantly.


And don’t run water, don’t drop! Don’t worry about penetrating the ground cushion.

Do a test with ordinary floor mats, complete abuse, do not absorb water, no different from putting a towel.


Such water -absorbing floor pads are most suitable for the bathroom and kitchen door. After taking a shower, you can quickly dry the water on your feet. The water stains in the kitchen can also dry out instantly to prevent slipping.


Put 1-2 pieces on the kitchen floor, and the oil sewage stain does not fall to the ground to avoid slipping down ~


Super scrape


The black technology fiber used by micro -laziness -from 55%cotton+45%polyester, and core patented precision material essence textiles, not only can it be strongly adsorbed, but also invincible.

There are stains on the soles of the shoe home, stepped on the ground pad, and the stains were absorbed by the floor mats instantly.

Black technology adsorbed stains, usually after walking the dog home, leaving dirt on the ground pad, and cleaning as soon as it is stepped.

Let’s have a manual experiment. The mud is stained at the same time and rubbed a few times on the two plants. The scraping force is indeed stronger than that of ordinary floor mats.


Put a slightly lazy black technology pad at the door or porch to prevent dust and mud from entering the living room.


Super strong, non -slip is safer

Micro -lazy magic ground pads are designed with PVC gels. There are many small holes on the back glue, which can form vacuum with the ground, and then strongly adsorb the ground, so it will not cause side slip.

Its non -slip coefficient is very high. I can’t push it with my hand. I don’t know if I feel that I think it is sticking to the floor.


The same is true for the upper foot. The ground cushion grasped the ground firmly.

It is very suitable for families with elderly, children, and pregnant women. It is also a must -have for their family members. It is a must -have at home!


Firm durability and not foil

The nano carpet is made of chemical fiber, which is super durable and wear -resistant. It pulls the hair on the slightly lazy pad.

Use the brush to brush the surface of the ground, just brushed the dust stains, no hair dropped ↓

It is also very convenient to clean it. Rinse it with the faucet and clean it. You do n’t want to wash it manually. You can also wash it with a washing machine. It is worrying and laborious. It is very convenient!

The product has passed the authoritative SGS certification. All indicators are safe and do not contain any harmful substances. It is also a security guarantee for family members.

Since there is this black technology floor mat in the family, every time I go home, there is no need to step on stains.

Avoid many unnecessary labor work, and life has become more refined ~

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[Magic decontamination | Clean when you step on] Black technology nano -carpet soles of the soles of shoe is instantly sucked out!

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