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Rolls -Royce owners have a million RM. Why is the barrel -shaped watch “Billions of Rich Voucher”?

Fan said: Full recognition




Among them, a comment area has a great opinion on the online celebrity couple


· The owner, while the PO car, also showed his own RM. In the face of Lin Han’s questioning DISS, “This table is 50 yuan around the world, and the market price is 13 million.” It instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

This car owner showed a piece of Pan Weibai’s same black gold skull Richard Mille. The price on foreign second -hand websites was at least four or five million.


And this dispute quoted Wang Sicong, who also loved Rolls Roy to wear RM, and said, “Suddenly I feel that RR is very low, and I won’t buy it in the future.” …

It is said that this “barrel -shaped” watch is indeed domineering. Fan Lord previously analyzed how to see what the other party was wearing at a glance, and Fan You said that the “barrel -shaped” watch was the most recognizable.

The unique shape and the sense of MAX’s “barrel shape” watch has always followed the niche high -end route. In addition, the watch is endless, and the wealthy celebrities bring goods.


Today, Fan is going to talk about what is the charm of the “barrel type” watch. Fan You, who likes the high -end watch of the niche, hurry up ~

The niche is cool, the maverick is hundreds of years

△ Unique shape, debut is SPECIAL One


The “barrel -shaped” watch symbolized as a pioneer is actually a classic design from the beginning of the twentieth century. It is not only one of the earliest watches, but also the Special One.

In 1906, Cartier launched the Tonneau watch for two years at Santos watch. The dial is a barrel shape. The slightly curved case can better fit the wearer’s wrist.

During the same period, Jiang Shicon also broke the traditional case shape. In 1912, the “wine barrel shape” watch was launched ~

However, in the following decades, the “barrel -shaped” watch did not cause the trend. Until the 1990s, France Muller


, Richard Mille







With such a young brand entering, the “wine barrel” watch found its own position in the high -end high -end watch.

In 1991, watchmakers Franck Muller and VARTAN SIRMAKES founded the watch brand France Muller. They used wine barrel cases and exaggerated digital time marks to set off a wave in the European and American and Japanese markets.

Former Russian President+Prime Minister Medvedev has a grassy tone on French, and also revealed to the media that he has 25 Famurlan, which can be said to be an absolute enthusiast ~

Ten years later, Richard Mille made a high -profile appearance. His first timepiece work RM 001 Tye Wheel Watch uses the “sandwich barrel” design containing the front shell, the middle frame, and the back cover. And red, “wine barrel shape” has also become a classic watch shape ↓

In general, whether it is taking the retro and elegant route or the high -profile bombing street, the “barrel -shaped” watch is one of the most unique existences in the watch. It is not surprising to become the heart of the rich and rich ~

△ Bold dare to play, new materials and new technologies are used

Today’s “barrel -shaped” watch will play even more, especially French, RM, and Hublot, which uses new colors, new materials, and new technologies to fly.

Needless to say, you have all the color matching and you can’t get it.


These personalities are usually different from conventional watchmaking materials

(Stainless steel, gold)

Ceramics, alloy, carbon fiber, graphene carbon fiber and other innovative materials.

Like the Hublot soul explosion worn by Feiren Bolt, the case is white ceramic material ↓

There is also RM 27-03, which was worn by Tennis King Nadal. The red and yellow tone that made people unforgettable was made of Quartztpt®. This material is made of silicon dioxide sheet with a thickness of only 45 microns, and is made into colorful resin. The value and strength have both.


The fully transparent watch has a sense of future. The RM056 that Wang Sicong and the youngest son of Anant Ambani, the richest man in India, are made of RM056, which are made of all transparent sapphire materials. Of course, the price of 11.15 million is equally beautiful. At the time of the first launch, there were only five in the world …

In addition to color, various brands also like to highlight the technical strength on the “barrel -shaped” watch, and break through innovation in all aspects. The hollow movement or something has been played as conventional operations.

Like Richard Mille, he loves to break through his technical limit, make the watch lighter and more stable, and become a lucky thing on the athlete’s wrist in sports events.

At the Olympic Games this year, Qatar’s high champion Mutaz Essa Barshim, wearing RM 67-02 designed for him for him. This watch case is made of carbon fiber and quartz fiber. It weighs only 32G. It is the lightest automatic watches of RM. It is really light and nothing!

There are also seven Belgian all -around players Nafissatou Thiam. The RM007 lady watch worn during the game contains 18K golden beads. The special design can reduce the outbreak of power during the impact, which is small and powerful.

Frenchman customized a limited edition watch for Bitcoin users this year for Bitcoin users.


This watch is made of titanium, so it is solid, durable and lightweight. It still uses the classic “barrel type” appearance. There is a date window at 6 o’clock.

(Satoshi Nakamoto)

The creation block address, the number is clear and eye -catching, echoing the Bitcoin logo ↓

Users can deposit Bitcoin or check the balance directly through the dial, which is not limited by geographical restrictions. At the same time, it is equipped with a private key


(Used to access Bitcoin)

It can be safely stored in the user’s own private safe or other valuable items.

American rapper Jeffrey Ramal Williams

(Jeffery Lamar Williams)

After wearing a 41mm “Bitcoin Watch”, I immediately showed wealth and nobles ~

The watch is endless, and the admission tickets of billionaires


In addition to the cool and cool style of painting, the entrance threshold is high and the at all is expensive. It is also the reason why the “barrel -type” watch is favored by top superstars, rich second generations, and billionaires.


Cristiano Ronaldo has a barrel -shaped dial watch with more than 600 diamonds, worth 1.2 million pounds, or about 10.94 million yuan, which is equivalent to putting a house on the hand.


French star Mbappe also wore a charming Hublot Big Bang Soul Series King Golden Rainbow Watch. The case and bezel are polished 18K king gold materials. There are 89 inlaid on the dial. The official website price is 6.88 million yuan.

Richard Mille, known as the “billionaire admission ticket”, is endless. The starting is endless. The start is hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands.

The rapper Drake is the RM “harvester”. His RM69 EROTIC Tusso Wheel Watch is known for its designs with a dial love. There are also Tusso -fly turbine movements designed with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, with a price of 5 million+.


In addition, he also has one RM 07-01



These two millions of drills are full of anger, and it is domineering ~

Not to mention the limited & popularian models like “Skeleton RM”, RM 052 SKULL, a hollow dial, titanium alloy movement, and 18K rose gold skull decoration. Although the price is as high as 4 million, domestic and foreign singers

(Tamer Hosny, Drake, Pan Weibai …)

Still scrambling to chop my hands ~

Tamer Hosny’s skeleton RM


Anyway, you can always see a variety of big brothers, rich or rich children wearing Richard Mille …

The Japanese rich man who bought Musk’s travel boat tickets had a masterpiece, which was the loyal fan of RM. The 4 RM027 Nadar Tasan flywheels launched by the brand were limited to him.


CHAMATH PALIHAPITIYA, known as the “financial circle Trump”, usually does not leave the hand, and like RM035 Rafael Nadal.


In the pile of Wang Sicong’s RM, in addition to the transparent model, there is also a joint limited edition watch of RM and McLaren, with a price of more than 7.11 million, limited to 75


The RMS10 “Asia Tourbillon KOI FISH” of the second -generation Ambani of India, is a wealthy fan, a bezel diamond, and a red koi in the dial. It looks very blessed …

The son of this rich man also has an RM50-02 Airbus, titanium alloy material, limited to 30 pieces, the price of 1.05 million knives, which is about 7.03 million+.

Of course, a small number of political leaders will choose a high -profile “barrel -shaped” watch.


For example, “There is the most man in Rolls-Royce on the planet” Brunei Sultan Hassanar, he often wore a Pink Sapphire Richard Mille RM56-02 Sapphire Crystal Tibetan watch, belongs to the most expensive series in the brand, worth 1000 More than 10,000 yuan …


This table accompanies him into various occasions, and the feeling of a luxury house is carried at any time, you product ↓

How to choose a “barrel -shaped” watch with a high threshold?


In general, the threshold of the “barrel -shaped” watch is still relatively high, and the rich man is standard.

How to choose a powerful watchmate, if you want to start a “barrel -shaped” watch? In fact, the brand of “wine barrel -shaped” watches on the market is roughly divided into two factions: one is the retro old faction such as Cartier, Patek Philippe, Jiang Shicondon, and Pamaqiangni, one is Faimulan, RM, Hublot and other Pioneer Coolpad ~

△ Cartier Tonneau

First of all, it is recommended a wave of Tonneau.

This classic wine -shaped watch, the shape of the case is like a pair of brackets, as well as the iconic Roman numerals, the convex round sapphire inlaid on the crown, the retro and elegant, with a personality of the formal style, the public price is 173000 Yuan.


If you want to advance, you can also consider the existing sense of existence and without losing the temperament of Tonneau.

△ Jiang Shi Constantin Malta

The Malta series of Jiang Shidon is also a better style in the “barrel -shaped” watch.

At the end of August this year, this Malta’s Women’s Watch listed at the end of this year has a high face value. The smoke blue -colored figure is empty and gentle. China is limited to 100 pieces, and it is equipped with a manual movement movement. ~

Fanzhu has tried to wear the Watches & Wonders watch and miracle watch exhibition. The slim movement fit the wrist, and it looks particularly light and elegant. And the price of 166,000 yuan, you can have a limited edition mechanical watch in Jiangshidon, which is worth starting.

△ Patek Philippe Gondolo


Patek Philippe’s “barrel -shaped” watch will be more embarrassing. His Gondolo series has gathered most non -round watches. Fan Lord’s Patek Philippe Yuan Mansion in Shanghai tried to wear a classic “barrel -shaped” watch -Rose Gold 7099R.

7099R has smooth lines and full drill design. The diamonds on the table are inlaid with snowflakes, the diamonds are different, and they are gorgeous and extraordinary.


The diamond screening of this barrel is also particularly strict. It only uses D -color IF clarity diamonds to move very shining. The public price is 912,800 yuan, which is very in line with the powerful female cousin’s level!

△ Parma Qiangni Fang Heng Series


Cousins ​​who like niche brands can also look at the Fang Heng series of Swiss independent watchmaking brand Pamaqiangni.


This brand is still relatively low -key in China. In fact, the founder Michelle Pama Johni has been restored the antique clock treasure at the Patek Philippe Clock Museum in his early years. 10,000 to one million, very retro taste ~

Fan Lord tried to wear a Fang Heng series watches with polishing rose gold cases, both in the same level, both color or gloss.

It is a unique point that the internal movement is also a barrel type, which is truly the same as one, which also tests the watchmaking skills.


This watch is gentle and smooth to wear, very comfortable, and has a high degree of fit with the wrist. The public price is 345,000 yuan. Fan friends who like barrel types can consider ~


△ Hublot BIGBANG Soul Series


In the pioneer, Mbappe’s Hublot Bigbang’s soul series is very representative.


In addition to the tangles worn by top stars, his family also has a relatively affordable “barrel -shaped” watch. Like these 3 Big Bang Soul MECA-10 watches, they are made of rubber and titanium, titanium, king gold, and black ceramics. The price starts at 169300 yuan ↓


This year, Hublot also released a Hublot exclusive “magic gold” model

(18K scratch -resistant gold alloy with 75%gold and 25%ceramics)

Big Bang’s soul, unique color, tough and cool, public price 290,000 yuan.

△ Richard Mille


I talked about a lot of RM men’s watches before. In fact, this year his family has launched a lot of female watches. The powerful watchmakers can Kangkang ~


Let’s talk about the two RM 07-01 watches

(Left: RM 07-01 Starry Night Ms. Watch; Right: RM 07-01 Automatic Watch Watch Wicker Ring model)



, Both appearance and craftsmanship, cool and beautiful.


Especially the RM 07-01 Starry Night Watch, embedded in many different diameter gems to firmly fix the 181 beautiful diamonds on the watch, forming a starry sky pattern, which makes people see the “star” at first sight.

There is also a more lady series of snowflake inlaid watches ↓

This watch uses the “snowflake inlaid” process, which closely arranges different sizes of gems on the watch.Only by allowing the bonding to the micrometer to the micron can it present such eclectic gorgeousness.


The other three limited edition RM 07-01 are also quite eye-catching.These three watches, the cases are made of advanced ceramic materials, the carved carved flowers are gorgeous, and the color matching is full of personality. Fanzhu feels particularly suitable for young girls ~

Well, the “wine barrel shape” watch is here to talk to you here. Which watch do you plant the most? Welcome to talk about the comment area ~