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What is the barrel in the barrel? AWE washing machines are “one -hearted and two -purpose”

The three -day AWE (China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo) officially ended yesterday. At the exhibition, electronic manufacturers, technology enthusiasts, and media people from all over the world gathered to a total of this science and technology feast. Various home appliance manufacturers in the world have appeared in their own new products, which also makes people feel the infinite charm brought by the AWE exhibition.

AWE -China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo

When it comes to the most commonly used electrical appliances in the home, it is not the washing machine, and the dirty clothing is thrown to it. It can be cleaned up as simple as the clothes. I have to say that the washing machine brings too much convenience to people’s lives. The rhythm is accelerated, the machine washing is efficient and fast, and the hand washing is almost replaced, occupying an absolute advantage. What black technology did the washing machine add this year’s AWE exhibition? Not much to say, see it first!

TCL barrel washing machine in the barrel is mainly classified and healthy washing

With the release of the second child policy, more and more families have babies, and children’s clothing cannot be washed with adults. In addition, even adults’ clothing, jackets must be separated from underwear to avoid underwear to avoid the underwear to avoid cross infection. In desperation, many families choose to buy the second washing machine to specialize in washing baby clothing or underwear. Is there a washing machine to solve two needs?

Creator of the TCL pollution -free washing machine full pollution system solution

TCL’s latest tub -free barrel washing machine is designed to solve the cross pollution produced by various types of clothing. Innovatively developed barrel structure, “large barrel pollution -free+small barrel dirt -free exclusive” dirt -free technology solution, designing independent exclusive small barrels in the large barrel of the washing machine, when laundry, large barrel and exclusive barrel washing program partition operation , Do not interfere with each other.

The exclusive small barrel uses a combination of 1+n combination with separated design

The large barrel adopts a new patented full barrel structure, a cleaning split -type all -steel wheel and integrated all -in -steel inner tube bottom to solve the problem of the washing machine’s pollution of clothing; the exclusive small barrel is separated by the can be separated at any time. Wash, realize a washing machine to solve the exclusive washing needs of the whole family, 1+N combination, create unlimited exclusive washing, allow each family to undergo underwear, socks, etc. space.

Samsung New FLEXWASH washing machine adopts the layered design of the upper roller


Samsung New FLEXWASH washing machine, which uses the upper and lower double layers of laundry design to maximize the drying function of the drying function to meet the consumer’s various laundry needs. The upper wave wheel washing small clothing and the lower drum washing large clothing to achieve separation of the clothing, creating a more efficient and convenient laundry method, classified washing and care for health. In addition, the lower roller unit is equipped with intelligent drying technology, that is, washing and wearing, and the user’s laundry drying problem is comprehensively solved.

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Category washing “one heart and two uses” is healthier

The new Signature washing machine displayed by LG uses the dual -layer design of the upper roller and lower pulp, which is separated by the fuselage. The upper drum space is large, suitable for large pieces such as washing jackets and sheets. It is powerful, efficient and fast. It is equipped with LG’s original steam washing function to remove bacteria and allergens to ensure health. Clothing, etc., quickly washing, clean and hygienic. The separation design can be opened at the same time together to avoid cross -category and washing, fully saving time and space, and ensuring the health of the family in an all -round way.

LG high -end SIGNATURE dual washing machine

The master series washing machine exhibited by Hisense, from the perspective of health washing, carried out specialized product design based on user needs, redefined the structure layout, transmission system, and shock absorption system of traditional washing machines. One of them is a 10 -kg drum, which is used for washing a large piece of clothing, and two 1 kg of wave wheel washing small pieces at the same time. The three partitioned protection units can fully meet the fine needs of family washing, and wash ordinary clothes, underwear, socks, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of “one machine and multiple uses”. The quality upgrade of family consumption.


Hisense Master Master Series Washing Machine Three Tube Classification washing


The Casa Di Yunshang washing machine has one, one small, two drums. Of course, its main feature is also classified washing, exquisite care: the upper drum can be washed on small underwear or baby’s clothing; Pieces. In addition, it is also equipped with high -temperature sterilization washing technology, which is more caring for health. In addition, the double tube can also be washed at the same time. It has a 6 -way intelligent water division system. , Energy -saving and water -saving is more environmentally friendly.


Casa Di Yunshang Double Tube washing machine partition washing and care for health

Written at the end:

Throughout the AWE exhibition, it is easy to find that not only washing machine products, but many household appliances are becoming more and more user -friendly. Home appliances are no longer cold machines, can only achieve functional demands, but contain more humanized details. Design and humanistic care, from the perspective of users, effectively solve the problem of rigid needs in the use of consumers, so that products can not only be used but also better! Science and technology are people -oriented. A large number of appearances of the double washing machine are the call of the market. I believe that in the future, the washing machine will continue to continue on the road of healthy washing, exquisite washing and humanized. At that time, more new products will be available!


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