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The popular actress, known as “Little Liu Yifei”, even wants to change her career to be an Internet celebrity?

Recently, the district flower was fascinated by a little girl, because she was really cute. Without three videos, you can make you like her. Yes, it is called

Xiao Liu Yifei’s successor Zhao Lusi


As a new actor Zhao Lusi, it is not great. However, several TV series starring are very hot, such as “Feng Qiuhuang”, “Oh my Her Majesty”, “Spring Flower and Autumn Moon in Tianlei” and so on.


She is cute and cute

Very grounded

Essence There is no star shelf in this Sichuan girl living in Taiwan. And open your mouth

Fluent Northeast dialect

Intersection Intersection

It is also a private

Happy girl who loves to share very much

It is true, you will feel very happy to watch her grass -growing video. This is the rhythm of trying to change to be the Internet celebrity.

It may be that the smile is too contagious. Anyway, Hua Xianfan is respectful!

So today’s “

Female star makeup bag

“The column, I came to selfishly, and took a look at Zhao Lusi’s same makeup ~

Ben’s Double Effect Powder Bottle Essence


Price: ¥ 179

Last year, the nicotinamide was anti -Old Ah. Ben is very clever to combine the two directly to satisfy the psychology that girls want everything.

And this time it is

Upgraded version of A melol


, Than the previous version


More gentle


, Even the skin does not need to establish tolerance time. The kind of sensitive muscle can also be used with confidence. Twenty -year -old

Elderly Newborn wrinkles

It can be said to be very effective.

The concentration of nicotinamide is 3%. It is also the best ratio obtained by meticulous calculation. The effect of brightening whitening is the most obvious. The higher the concentration, the better.

Because there is also a biosegose

Establish a repair ingredient for barrier

, The more the pink bottle will use the skin, but it will be

More stable

Essence And the texture is also very pleasing, the dry skin is not used, the oil skin does not feel oil, it is easy to push the thin and thick medium.


The most important thing is that the upper face will be absorbed for a while, which does not affect the subsequent steps at all, and the skin feels good. This functional essence is five or six hundred.

Selling more than a hundred dollars in the conscience of the side

, I have to buy this sincerity! It is very suitable for sisters in their early twenties to get started with anti -aging ~

Feisou amino acid ginger washing water

Price: ¥ 139

FEISOU is a niche washing brand in the UK. It is said to be famous in the local hairdressing salon. A total of four flavors. For different functions, this ginger used by Zhao Lusi is the main function.

Prevent hair loss

Essence (Yes, we don’t know what Zhao Lusi has so much hair loss.)

Feisou’s shampoo is all


Silicone non -silicone formula

Instead, a large amount of plant essential oil is replaced. The main nutritional ingredients in ginger are ginger essential oil (anti -off) and and

Mutual leaf white thousand -layer essential oil (raw hair)

Essence It’s really prevented …


This kind of washing product is usually criticized for the ingredients to be absorbed. So if you use Feisou’s shampoo, you must not worry when you use it. After making the foam, on the scalp

Massage slowly

, Let the nutrients infiltrate the scalp.

And massage will happen in a while. You will feel

The scalp gradually becomes warm

stand up. Especially when bathing in winter, don’t be too comfortable. This feature is limited to the taste of ginger!

Don’t forget to cooperate with the same series of conditioner after washing. Because this shampoo will make your hair hair

Fluffy to explosion

Mi Yitu Mi Bran Estaline Enzyme Cleaning Fan Fan Powder

The brand’s popularity in the country is not too high, but it has passed in Japan and South Korea. His family is mainly fighting

Rice skin care


The concept of advocating is not too much. And it is said that the family business itself is Japan

Top rice suppliers

The main ingredients are five mixtures: rice germ, rice bran oil, rice bran, coarse and rice. It is also very convenient to use,

Cold water can quickly dissolve

You can knead the foam without the need for bubble nets.

After washing, the skin is not dry and will not take away too much oil, and it is weakly acidic as the skin. There is no trouble to destroy the stratum corneum,

It can be used even if it is dry skin leather

Essence It is much more mild and moist than Jianabao ~ You don’t have to worry about cleaning power at all, even as a Chen Jie, it is appropriate.

Delper amino acid cleansing


Price: ¥ 108

It is not convenient to think that Jieyan powder is not very convenient, and this amino acid cleansing in South Korea is also worth understanding. Unlike ordinary cleansing, it can do

Cleansing makeup removal combination two is one

Essence Sun protection is just small, lipstick eyebrow pencil can be removed.

The nature of the cleansing milk itself is rich and not dazzling, and you can wash it with your eyes. and


PH value at 5.5

It is also very mild weak acidity and does not destroy the keratin itself.

The sense of use is also good,

No fake slip

It will not leave the membrane and it is very emotion. I ca n’t feel the existence of makeup remover, it ’s like a feeling of washing a face. The sensitive muscle will not be red and dry after washing.

I think it is very suitable for me

Lazy people with daily light makeup

Essence Especially when traveling on a business trip, it is too convenient to go out without a bottle and can.

Suqqu gradient blush #07


Price: ¥ 450


The beauty of suqqu blush can be regarded as the pinnacle of Japanese makeup. New models are released every year. Look at this beautiful color, who can stand up.

Gradient color tone is OK

Multiple usage of blush

Essence Both the dark end and the light -colored end can be used monochrome; mixing can be mixed; light -colored blush blooms on the dark edge, and can also be done naturally on the face. And some color numbers

The light -colored end can be used as highlights


Zhao Lusi’s 07 color is too cold, and the light colors can be used as high light. And Japan’s most popular selling out of stock is

No. 08

, Warm peach orange, white people look more cute, yellowish people look whiter. It’s a super practical piece!

The pricing of the SUQQU series of blush is not cheap, but it corresponds to the high quality of this price. SUQQU’s most master is the “powder product”, which has

Advanced grinding process beyond the industry

It is not surprising to be the most natural color rendering and the most convincing effect ~ In other words, it is


Eye shadows can also be bought with eyes



Price: ¥ 28


This is also recommended by Jiang Shuying, a lip balm like lollipop. In fact, there is nothing particularly colorful, mainly in the form of outer packaging and use. The shape like a lollipop


Great capacity


It is also convenient to paint.

There is no medicinal effect on the ingredient, with the lips

Daily moisturizing needs are mainly

Essence Baichi flower seed oil, Hohoba oil and coconut oil are added. The main nutritional ingredients are Manluka honey, without preservatives and easy -sensitive ingredients.

So daily care


This cost -effective can still be dripped

Essence The mouth will not be sticky, nor will it develop dependent peeling. If you apply lipstick and lipstick every day, the district flower strongly recommends that you should apply lipstick to maintain it like a maintenance face ~ Yes

Prevention of sinking and lipitis


Alright, today’s content is sauce.





Price: ¥ 179