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The entry -level Xiaobai of the hook needle, you can also learn the Internet celebrity explosion earrings, beautiful and cheap!

As an entry -level Xiaobai hook needle, in fact, as long as you learn simple needle methods and give full play to your imagination, you can also DIY small jewelry that sucks sunny. The following earrings are made of simple long needles!

In order to make it easier for everyone to read the tutorial, I choose thick milk cotton woolen wool to knit. This kind of coarse -threaded small circle is more suitable for headwear.

If you want to do earrings, it is recommended to choose Mahai’s hairy lines, long velvet wires, cashmere hair wires, lace lines, etc. to weave, which can create a more delicate and light effect.

The specific hook method is as follows: (Five steps, the hook needle god can be ignored ️)

Take the wire, make a small circle, and use 4 braid stitches with a hook needle hook, and hook the needle at the mark buckle (that is, the first needle), and always hook it to the number of needles that you feel appropriate!

Connect the last 1st needle with the first long needle with a guide, bury the line head, and the small circle will be tied. Note that in the process of hooking long needles, try to relax the line as much as possible, the effort will be better!


With small accessories, you can become other earrings!


Of course, this small circle can be used not only as earrings, headwear, but also used for decoration on bags, sweaters, and handkerchiefs. Please use your imagination!


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I am Cici lemon sauce, a mother who loves to share, loves flowers, and loves manual!