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Which of the four mainstream square dance sounds are the “most fragrant” of the aunts think?

If you are going out, you happen to meet Aunt Wang next door dragging the box and walking out. Do n’t ask for a sentence: Aunt, go to travel? Believe me, I will be laughed at 10,000 times in my heart.

Aunt Wang who usually focuses on the career of the square dance, dragging the box and walking out. What else can you do? Of course, go to the square dance! What do you do with the box? Naturally, it is a must -have audio for dancing square dance!

Although more and more young people join the square dance army, middle -aged and elderly people are still the main population (the picture is from the Internet)

Perhaps in the concept of the younger generation, the smaller the sound, the better. But the aunts of the square do not think so, the appearance is imposing, high power, microphone, many functions, and convenient transportation. As a result, a new type of audio products came into being, which is multimedia outdoor speakers.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

In fact, manufacturers have already seen the market for square dance and outdoor sounds, and specially created special outdoor sound products for the majority of “Plaza Dance Aunts”. But we also found that compared with the conventional speaker market, this market still lacks those traditional, professional brands, and the overall technical level of the product is relatively backward. Among them, there are restrictions on the reason for the limited market capacity, and it has a certain relationship with the particularity of the application scenarios of such products. Therefore, the purpose of this time is not only to provide a reference to the aunts when buying outdoor speakers, but also to a certain extent to reveal the true appearance of the current portable outdoor speaker market.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

Therefore, the four outdoor speakers selected this time include both some professional brands of products, as well as common square dance box models with good sales on e-commerce platforms: including D3-8 of the Walkman, Bedme QX-0820, Wanlida M M M M +9018 and Xianke ST-1805U.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

Walkingman D3-8: Compressed horn horn, lithium battery power supply, up to 12 hours of battery life, DSP digital audio processing technology, supporting multiple sound sources input;

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

Boutimon QX-0820: Support the function of muppular sound, the use of lead-acid batteries, can connect 12V power supply, support remote control operation;

Wanlida M+9018: Supported one -button accompanying, equipped with lead -acid batteries, built -in 8 -inch bass and horn remote tweeter;

Xianke ST-1805U: 500W peak power, built-in 1A capacity battery, dual microphone wired/wireless input, supports one-click recording.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

Exterior design

Due to the scene of outdoor audio use scenes, many products in appearance will be somewhat homogeneous. There are also a lot of elements with high recognition, such as: telescopic levers like suitcases, rolling wheels and support feet at the bottom, but this does not mean that the industrial design of outdoor speakers can be casual. The manufacturers actually brought greater challenges, because as long as they don’t pay attention, it is easy to flood their products in similar products, or they appear more “cottage”.

Although the four outdoor sounds of the comparison evaluation this time are equipped with device such as telescopic lever, rolling wheels, but because of the differences in color, size, and some details, the difference in the aesthetics is quite large. Essence

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

First look at the stroller D3-8. Its appearance can be described in four words, that is, “Fang Zhenggang”. It uses a very professional all -black body. The texture of the shell material is very good, giving people a very delicate and durable feeling. In addition, its appearance is more resolute, and with a series of operating buttons on the top, the overall seems to be more atmospheric and the professional sense is relatively strong. The first feeling is a more grade box. As well as

In order to resist the bumps in the process of use, the four corners of the D3-8 are also specially increased the anti-collision protection cover in the four corners of the speaker, which can play the purpose of shock-proof and falling.

The overall feeling of the Budson QX-0820 is much more exaggerated, although its overall size is small and it feels more flexible. However, the front speaker grille is made of a large number of metal materials with “local tyrant gold” color matching, which is slightly tacky (but in the eyes of some elderly people, this design is also a more grade place).

Wanlida M+9018 still has a certain visual impact in design: the front of the fuselage with a round speaker grille further emphasizes the size of its own unit. At the same time, the red logo at the same time is in the center of the grille. It is eye -catching, but the whole Chinese logo seems to have a strong sense of age, and there is a feeling of returning to the 1990s. In addition, the outline of the fuselage is relatively complicated, and the frontal design is designed with a large manipulation area, which looks a bit abrupt.

However, Wanlida is more intimate in some small details: For example, its side is equipped with hook -hanging storage packages, which is convenient for aunts to carry some U disks, microphones, power cords and other accessories in it, which is quite intimate.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

The design style of the Xianke ST-1805U is closer to the stroller D3-8, but the size is larger, which will give people more sense of oppression. The Xianke ST-1805U can also be regarded as the “big guy” of this horizontal evaluation, ranking forward in terms of volume and weight. For middle-aged and elderly people, moving back and forth is relatively strenuous.

Control layout

In the design of the operation panel, the four products are also different. The operating panel of the Walkman D3-8 is designed on the top of the fuselage, including various operation keys, interfaces, knobs and other designs, hidden display and silver gray knobs and keys. The designer still uses a lot of thoughts. At the same time, from a personal perspective, the layout design of the stroller’s buttons is also the most in line with modern aesthetics, unlike the other three traditional traditions.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

The operating panel of the Bet Meisheng QX-0820 is located on the left side of the fuselage. Although the layout of each buttons and knobs is relatively clear, the experience is slightly worse than the underlying experience, and there is no stroll D3-8 that looks style.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

The design panel design of Wanlida M+9018 is relatively unique, and it is integrated with the front of the audio, not like the top of the top or on the side as the other three products. At the same time, unlike several other designs that use multiple knobs, Wanlida M+9018’s oversized knobs on the operating panel are also very eye -catching, which will inevitably attract the attention of most people.

Finally, the Xianke ST-1805U. Its operating panel is designed on the left side of the fuselage as the Bedme QX-0820, and it is also the form of multi-interface, multi-knob, and multi-button. It is worth mentioning that the operating panel of the Xianke ST-1805U is equipped with a blue line device, the layout is clear and clear, the partition guidance is clear, and it is also suitable for the operation of middle-aged and elderly people.

The four outdoor audio operating panels provide corresponding Chinese instructions. Basically, you can know how to operate without reading the instructions. However, the differences in some details will still have a significant impact on the daily experience: considering that the outdoor speakers are mostly used under the dim night occasion, the user is older The top control layout will be much more convenient in actual use. Basically, it can be operated without squatting. This is also the embarrassment of the other two products in the actual application.

Ease of use

For outdoor speakers, another more important manifestation is the convenience of sound source input. However, outdoor sounds are generally large, so there are relatively large rooms in terms of functional components.

The four outdoor audio of Heng Rating all provided USB, storage cards, Bluetooth, and wired sound source inputs, and all supported wired/wireless microphone connections. And can adjust the effects of microphone volume, main voices, accompaniment volume, high bass volume, and reverberation. Overall, in terms of function and ease of use, the four products of the four products of the Walkman D3-8, Betmei QX-0820, Wanlida M+9018, and Xianke ST-1805U are not large, which can allow middle-aged and elderly users to And the aunt of the square dancers easily.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

Sound quality

In fact, the quality of the sound quality of the sound is a very subjective standard. For most square dance users, the sound quality criteria for outdoor audio are mainly the two major factors of volume and whether the bass shocks. But in the communication with the aunts, we also found that many people do not want the volume of the speaker to be too large. One is that as everyone’s consciousness changes, they do not want to be too interfered with others while exercising. After a long time listening, it will not make the ears feel too tired, which also requires the needs of the speaker to listen.

From the perspective of hardware configuration, these speakers use 8-inch medium and medium bass horn units, but the tweeters are different. Among them, the Walkman D3-8 and Wanlida (M+9018) are equipped with professional stage-level compressed horn horn horn Hightone unit; Betime Sheng QX-0820 uses a 3.5-inch high-sound unit, while the largest pioneer ST-1805U is equipped with a 6-inch horn high-sound, which is also the largest size of these speakers.

From the perspective of sound quality, these four products are taken out in terms of volume and bass effects alone in line with the usual judgment standards of the square dance “good speaker”, but if listening alone, it is easy to find the differences in style in various products.

Outdoor speakers generally use the number corner treble unit. The advantage of the horn unit lies in high sensitivity, with better directionability, and farther propagation distance. However, the design of the horn is very tested by the manufacturer’s strength. The bad design will make the sound look too straightforward. So on the outdoor sound, the greater the horn is better.

Taken together, although the D3-8 is the first product of the Plaza market for the Plaza, it is relatively prominent in the performance of treble and bass. Not only is it in place in volume performance, but its sound has a better sense of layering. Thanks to the technical precipitation of the stroll in the field of digital audio, this outdoor speaker also uses professional DSP digital audio processing technology. It can provide low -distortion audio playback effects through fine control frequency allocation and dynamic management power. At the same time, it is also more resistant to listening in the Zhongyin District, and the overall resolution is higher, especially after 1-2 hours of long listening, the fatigue of both ears will be relatively lower.

The Xianke ST-1805U is equipped with a large-sized horn, so the first hearing will feel that the mid-to-high frequency is brighter, but it is also easy to get tired after a long time, and even feel a little harsh. It feels lack of passion; Wanlida M+9018 gives people a satisfactory feeling, and the medium frequency is slightly hypertrophy.

Portability and battery life

Outdoor sounds, played scenes are naturally outdoor. So how it is more convenient to bring it from the room to the outdoor is the same important issue. Considering that the aunt of the square dance is usually between 55 and 65 years old, so the physical limitation also proves that outdoor sounds are not “bigger and better.”

The four outdoor sounds use a combination of double -rolling wheels+multi -segment tie rods, so they can move everywhere like a suitcase. But if you encounter a step, then you must use the handle on the top of the audio to go down the steps. Due to the overall design requirements, Wanlida M+9018 did not design the handle, so it was relatively struggling.

From the perspective of weight, the four outdoor sounds of the Walkman D3-8, Betmei QX-0820, Wanlida M+9018, and Xianke ST-1805U were 7.6 kg, 9 kg, 7 kg, and 11 kg. The ST-1805U equipped with the maximum unit has the largest weight, but it is also the worst in terms of portability.

According to our survey feedback on Aunt Square, 7.6 kg of Walkman D3-8 and 7 kg of Wanlida M+9018 are the most acceptable to the weight. The other two products are too heavy for the aunts Some, more difficult when you pick up. However, due to the lack of lifts, Wanlida is the lightest weight, but the actual carrying ability will be affected. Looking at the comprehensive performance, the carrying ability of the Walkman D3-8 is the best.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

In terms of rolling wheels, the Bet Meisheng QX-0820 uses a rubber material roller, while the other three models are made of plastic. Therefore, in terms of rolling noise and smoothness, it is better than the other three products, especially on rugged roads, noise is more advantageous.

As for the battery life, due to the difference in battery differences in the four products, there are many differences in continuous use time. Among them, the best performance is the stroller D3-8, and the battery life reaches 11 hours. Based on 2 hours per day, basically calculations, basically basically, basically, basically, basically, basically calculations. Plaza dance activities that can meet a week of time. The battery life of the other three speakers is basically about 6-8 hours, and the gap is relatively obvious.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

This is because the Walkman D3-8 uses a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 6600mAh. Compared with the lead-acid battery used in the other three products, the lithium battery has a longer service life, lighter weight, faster charging and other significant advantages. Essence This is also the main reason why the stroller D3-8 has a lighter weight and longer standby time while having a large-sized unit.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?


In order to make more square dance aunts feel one to these four speakers, we deliberately brought them to the park and square, tried it to the aunts who were dancing, and asked everyone’s opinions on the four products.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

When we summarized the opinions of the aunts and developed very interesting conclusions: Many aunts said that the portability of outdoor speakers is the most important, which is very different from the characteristics of the traditional speaker market sound quality. In addition, many aunts don’t care much about whether the bass is shocked, but hopes that the sound can be softer and sweet.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

Among the four products evaluated this time, the Walkman D3-8 is the product with the highest comprehensive evaluation. Everyone’s evaluation of it is more concentrated in the brand and sound. And the 12 -hour battery life also adds a lot to it. In terms of sound quality, the performance of the D3-8 is very balanced and resistant, and it has also been affirmed by the aunts. There are also several aunts who have given a considerable recognition to the brand of the stroller because the computer also uses the stroller speaker.

Many aunts are affirmed by looking at the smallest Permanent Sound QX-0820, but after actually it, it is generally said that the weight is a bit large, and it is not as convenient to carry it. The largest pioneer ST-1805U, feels imposing and the sound is even more loud (we also advocate properly controlling volume, in addition to reducing the stimulation of the ears and reducing interference to others).

As for Wanlida M+9018, the biggest feature of this speaker is that the appearance is relatively special. Some retro flavors have been recognized by some nostalgic aunts, and even attracted the recognition of the 80s singing in the square. We feel quite unexpected.

四款主流广场舞音响横评 究竟大妈们认为哪款“最香”?

Outdoor speakers are still a relatively niche product in the speaker market today, and their user taste preferences are different from the consumer groups of mainstream speakers. This has led to the past market that this market is basically occupied by some small brands and even cottage brands, and it is less to see professional manufacturers. Therefore, we also hope that in the future, more and more professional speaker brands have noticed the existence of this market, and bring more high -quality products with better sound quality and better experience for these uncle and aunts who love outdoor square dances.