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Eight annual love -use -level price mask sharing, apply girly muscles a week!



The mask can be said to be fast -moving consumer goods, but it is not necessarily easy to use. There are still some cheap treasures. Share a few cheap hydraulic masks!

Queen’s secret mask

Main ingredients: hyaluronic acid, high -efficiency moisturizing amino acid

The main function: first aid hydration, repair after sunbathing

The recommended model of Li Jiaqi live room, it focuses on first aid hydration and repair after sunburn, contains hyaluronic acid, amino acid, collagen, can be considered by dry skin, the essence is not so strong, but autumn and winter are definitely a good helper for dry sensitivity, 0 Preservatives, pregnant mothers are also OK ~

Jade and face mask

Main ingredients: nicotinamide, coagic acid, soybean extract

The main function: deep hydration, improving dullness, enhancing skin vitality

A very solid mask, nicotinamide can inhibit melanin deposition, accelerate the metabolism of melanin keratin cells, so as to achieve the effect of skin brightening. Cabering acid is also a whitening and removing ingredient. Complexamide can better play a role. There is a core ingredient soybean extraction material to promote collagen. Maintaining such a solid mask with such solid skin, I feel that I have not been dug much, and I feel a little bit upset for him.

Muyan Beauty Mask

Main ingredients: Xianhecao, sodium hyaluronic acid

The main function: moisturizing, brightening skin tone, nourishing and repairing


One of the most favorite masks in daily life, the crane grass extracts the skin and moisturizes the skin, and is deeply repaired at the same time. Coupled with subsequent water locking and maintaining the skin state, the amount of 25ml essence is sufficient. I also like the silk film cloth very thin, super service, and the repurchase of 10,000 years.


Xuan Berry Night Sakura Mask

Main ingredients: Japanese late cherry blossoms, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronic acid

The main function: deep hydration, shrink pores, regulate water and oil


The high -value and affordable mask silk film cloth and face are very fitted. The faint taste is very good. The hydration effect is quite amazing. There are grass -green salt grass extracts to extract oil and fat, and balance water and oil. The effect of shrinking pores is also obvious. Each time it is applied, the skin is very transparent, suitable for all skin types, especially dry muscles and oily skin.

JM honey mask

Main ingredients: hyaluronic acid water light ingredients, royal jelly, propolis

The main function: moist and nourish, moisturize and brighten, tighten lifting

The JM family head card, which focuses on deep moisturizing, can be easily eliminated with a little inflammation. The upper face is very thin. Although it is honey, it is not sticky and refreshing, but the durability of hydration is not very strong. It will still be a bit back overnight. It is still possible to be a basic moisturizing mask.

You Tian Lan Jelly Mask


Main ingredients: hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, seaweed sugar, mimam

The main function: moisturizing and hydrating, transparent and white

There are really many essences, jelly texture, red packaging is dual hyaluronic acid, which is super moisturized. You can apply it for about 20 to 30 minutes, and the “jelly” on the face is still full of “jelly” on the back.

Lotus pond rhyme mask

Main ingredients: hyaluronic acid small ball algae, purslane extract

The main function: hydrating and moisturizing, brightening skin tone, regulating skin texture

This is a domestic product mask that made me look at each other. After using a box, I opened the unlimited repurchase mode. It was really easy to use. The membrane cloth is also very refreshing on the soft and breathable. It contains hyaluronic acid and small global algae. In addition to high -efficiency moisturizing, it can also repair and bright. Sensitive muscles, high cost performance, strong push!


Tingmei Beauty Small Tender Film

Main ingredients: 92%yeast essence, soybean, tea seed extract

The main function: hydrate skin rejuvenation, maintain stability and repair, dilute dry lines


A piece of yeast essence contains 92%, without adding a drop of water, the hydration effect is simple and powerful, so that the skin can absorb the nutrients crazy, the black film is thin and skin -friendly, effectively absorb pore dirt and fat Zhou, the most obvious feeling is that the skin is tender, and the dry lines are reduced. This is really suitable for staying up late for the skin’s first aid and hydration and repair after the sun.

Alright, this sharing is over ~ I like the fairy who likes it for forwarding it, don’t spray if you don’t like it! Friends who like it can also pay attention to me, grow good grass for everyone every day, share wearing, more topics are welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~