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The “jeans” that are easy to be ignored, but I did not expect that this summer is so fashionable, covering the flesh is all high.

Summer jeans must be indispensable for fashionable items. Jeans have been on fire for so many years and have never lost.

Moreover, jeans are easy to wear and versatile. No matter what your body and leg shape are, the version of the jeans is always suitable for you, so you must reserve a few more pants, so you must reserve a few more in the wardrobe.

The choice of jeans is not so simple. Basic models, five -point pants, super short, different colors need to be selected according to their own conditions.

Summer jeans selection

The choice of wearing jeans in summer is nothing more than two elements. The first one is the shades of the color of jeans, and the other is the length of the jeans.

Select 1: Super short jeans

Such pants are first cool and easy to wear, just set a set, but the requirements for leg shape are also the highest.

Because the exposed legs are the most, the legs are very curved or the calves are very thick.



Selected 2: Basic long tube jeans


Such jeans are the simplest and most basic styles, and there are no taboos to match.

Such basic models have two different deep lights. Dark jeans are more mature and stable, mysterious, and light -colored jeans are more fresh and cute. Two different colors can be matched with different styles.

There are no taboos on the basic pants, and it won’t make mistakes if you just match a top.


Select 3: Five -point jeans

Such -length jeans are very students and teenagers, and they are also very lively and cute.

Ultra -short jeans are sexy, basic jeans are ordinary classic, and five -point jeans are sexy and stronger, so you can choose according to your preference.

The requirements of penta pants on the calf are relatively high,

If your calf is thick, wearing five -cent jeans will be short.

Now that you choose the version of the jeans, let’s talk about their matching formula below.

The matching of long jeans and jeans

With a tube top top, lively and sexy

Jeans itself is a slim -fitting style, so wearing it is very modified, and jeans will be more sexy with tube tops, which is very beautiful.


But sleeveless tops have higher requirements on the body, and they need to be thin to dress.

Jants with knitwear, elegant intellectual

If you want to match some thin knitted sweaters,

So it is recommended to choose a loose jeans so that the whole match will not look so cramped, because the sweater itself is a very narrow and thin item, so if the lower body is larger, the entire dressing ratio is harmonious.


Knitwear with silk scarves can make your wear more intellectual, which is very suitable for women in the workplace.


Pan pants with long -sleeved top, mix and match the beauty, strong beauty

You can also mix and match in summer many times, such as five -point jeans with some thin -sleeved thin tops.

Such a top is lively and relaxed, very casual, and then matched with five -point jeans with full personality. The overall match is very personal and novel.


If you are often in the air -conditioned room, you can try to wear long -sleeved tops. It is not hot and fashionable.

Pan pants with sleeveless tights, sexy and handsome


The sleeveless top has a handsome feeling, and if the sleeveless top is tight, then it will highlight the figure.

However, the method of pursuit of sleeveless top+jeans will inevitably be a bit monotonous. If there is no good figure and good looks, this combination will look flat, so try those exquisite and handsome accessories, such as necklaces, sunglasses,, sunglasses,, sunglasses,, sunglasses,, sunglasses,, sunglasses, sunglasses,, sunglasses, sunglasses,, sunglasses, sunglasses,, sunglasses, in sunglasses,, sunglasses, sunglasses,, sunglasses,, sunglasses, sunglasses,, sunglasses, sunglasses,, sunglasses, sunglasses,,, sunglasses, sunglasses, Bags can make your wear more fashionable.

Super shorts with a camisole: Fresh and pleasant


Ultra -short jeans can be paired with some super sexy and cute suspenders. This combination is very suitable for vacation, and the proportion of body will look good.

Wearing a suspender in summer is really sexy and beautiful, but it is stricter to the figure. If your arm is thick, or if you have severe compound milk, or the neck is short, the back is thick, and the strap will not look good, so the suspender is still very picky People.

Ultra -short jeans with dew -waist tops, sexy enthusiasm

The ultra -short jeans also have a title called hot pants, that is, the version of this is very sexy, hot, and very suitable for summer, especially those women with long waist and legs. Wearing such pants is very hot!

Such ultra -short jeans are suitable for matching tops of the same sexy and hot, such as some tight -fitting shadow tops. This is suitable for vacation to wear, and taking photos will look good. With a weaving holiday bag, a hot holiday match is completed.

Okay, today’s summer dress for jeans is here, and it is here.

We must not fall into the custom in summer wearing jeans. We must learn to find a new way of dressing, so that people can make people shine, so the trousers are tested in the test.

Through our article, you can also get some jeans to wear inspiration from it. I believe you can also be a hot girl this summer.