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The reason for the two batches of Xibao rice noodles in Germany is insufficient calcium content

Beijing News (Reporter Yue Qingxiu) On November 21, the official website of the State Customs General Administration released the “Food and Cosmetics Information of Unsusted Entry in October 2018” showing that in October 2018, the national customs reached the port to the port for supervision. A total of 64 batches of food cosmetics that were not qualified for safety projects, including 61 batches of food. It is reported that related products have been returned or destroyed in the port according to law.

Among the unsubscribed foods, there are two batches of rice noodles, which are imported by Tianjin Binhai Tianzheng Trading Co., Ltd., and five kinds of grain -mixed rice noodles in Germany, Germany, and Germany Xibao, with a total weight of 3248 kg. The cause of the unqualified calcium is not the requirements of national standards.

German Xibao is an organic food production company in infants and young children. Experts point out that foods that infants can eat are limited, especially for children who have just added supplementary food, baby rice noodles may be the only food except for milk. If you have long -term consumption of rice noodles, children may be malnourished for a long time, which will bring unparalleled regrets to the growth of infants and young children.

A reporter from the Beijing News found that Germany’s Xibao rice noodles were returned by customs in 2015 and 2017. The reason is that calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A and other content do not meet the requirements of national standards for food safety.

Among the unqualified foods, there are 25 batches of Jiabao series products imported from the United States, Henan Zhebei Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.. Such as Garbo apple feathers, cabbageless flowers, fruits and mud sections, Garrier mixed berry -free beans, Garbao sweet potato star rice cakes, etc., all labels are unqualified.

Beijing News reporter Yue Qingxiu School Division Li Ming