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A good -looking transparent bag makes your summer cooler

The transparent bag has been very popular since last year. Until this year’s “Dear, Love” was broadcast, the transparent bag of the bonito has increased the popularity of transparent bags by one level. Let me recommend a few beautiful transparent bags below, let’s take a look together!


Transparent bucket shoulder bag


The shape of the bucket bag has always been popular, because it is very designed, breaking the square appearance of the bag in everyone’s impression. The transparent bag in the picture above, with a lining inside, is simple and beautiful, and the elements of the chain are also very fashionable!


Cute and transparent jelly bag

This transparent jelly bag has double layers. If you don’t want the bag to be too transparent, you can add the inner lining. If you feel that there is an inner layer, it is not good to look at it. Then you can remove the layer inside.

Large -capacity transparent handbag

This is a pink transparent bag, which looks good in style and large capacity. More importantly, it also has inner bag design. It can be used alone or combined. Summer with skirts, both fashionable and gentle, super beautiful ~


Simple and transparent bag

Black and white bags are easy to give people a simple and atmospheric feeling, and it is very temperamental. As shown in the picture above, it looks simple, but it is very design. The black shoulder strap is connected to the bag with two metal rings. There is another exquisite small inner bag in the transparent bag. It’s really beautiful, and it is super suitable to go to work.

Well, the above is a few transparent bags I recommend to everyone, more girls’ accessories, please continue to pay attention to the zero rhino travel shooting.