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Quickly breathable! Ultra-light basketball T-shirt long sleeve, open spring wear right

It was already mid-February this year, and I will soon ushered in spring in March ~

Everything is recovering, I don’t know if everyone is in this winter. Slowly get better and better, everyone’s ball will also get together!

Although there are now small parts of regions have been significantly warmed, the temperature difference between the spring and evening is still very big, especially, now playing, often playing from the afternoon, will get colder! Today, Baller takes a wave of long sleeve training clothes, taking advantage of Tianshi and, everyone will still have a wave!


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Basketball Sports T-shirt long-sleeved training clothes men’s thin section loose warming training service long summer speed dry top


¥ 79


Spring This kind of weather is not very cold, but only one single short sleeves are still not good, there is nothing more comfortable than a long sleeve!


Key our long-sleeved training clothes, light texture, wearing its biggest feelings is comfortable, let your body relax “feel, this is also the effect of, specializing in sports!


Sweat-sweating and moisture, exercise is not bound! Generally, before the hot summer has not arrived, we can now travel it to the inside and outside, and take off the jacket directly to open, and handsome and convenient!

In addition to the picture above, there are still a lot of different styles, color selection in the details page. Everyone can click on the link to buy! Some partners in Guangdong said that they have been 30 °, do not panic, except for long sleeves, there is a short-sleeved choice, there is always a suitable for you!


Every pattern is carefully designed, rich in connotation, full of sports! Digital printing, quality assurance does not fall, one can accompany you for a long time!

The clothes are not engaged in the skin, using polyester fibers, soft fabrics, loose layers, don’t worry about sweating in the exercise, it is very uncomfortable and breathable, the key is still quick!

Don’t seem to have a single dress, it contains super “black technology”! The joining of the rear lead sweats, let you wear more experience!

Unique big pouring on the design, let you have enough event space!

Baller’s training clothes have always been well received! In addition to the fashion, it is more important that it is really comfortable, it is very suitable for us!

I believe that many partners have already rushed through the training clothes of our family, and the partners who did not start can take advantage of the event. It is absolutely no problem! Have a brother can pick a few pieces in other styles, and it is also convenient to do it!