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The first layer of cowhide+EVC foam base+sand color series, some products launch seven -sided cowhide outdoor leisure shoes

Today, outdoor sports have become a wave of today, and the requirements of outdoor sports enthusiasts on outdoor leisure shoes have also become harsh. The comfort and practicality of the style will have high requirements. Light -bombed outdoor leisure shoes created by layers will accompany you to travel comfortably in outdoor sports and shuttle on the road of exploration.


The West series of West series seven-faced cowhide light bomb outdoor leisure shoes uses a variety of processes of polishing-dyeing, polishing and polishing on the original leather surface, and the effect of polishing the surface of the matte manner with the polishing machine. The process of dyeing and the superb craftsmanship makes this seven -faced cowhide leather light bounce outdoor casual shoes more suitable.


Seven -faced head layer of cowhide light bomb outdoor leisure shoes unique sand color series. The use of cowhide factor has good permeability and high folding resistance. It is not easy to break when bending. The skin -friendly material uses pork skin and mesh as the inside, which improves the breathability of the shoe body. The Ortholite technology material that is specially used to absorb sweat absorption and antibacterially wear ventilation, sweat absorption, and the material is very soft and comfortable.


The soles of the seven -faced light -faced outdoor leisure shoes are used with a soft, available EVA foaming sole. The foam itself is highly elastic material, and it will make it super light and high after the foaming and compression and other processes. Good characteristics such as bullets and earthquake resistance. When exercise and running outside the game, high elastic shoes can have a buffer effect on the human body, reducing the friction of the knee to protect themselves.

Outdoor leisure shoes must have enough friction to play an auxiliary effect during outdoor sports. Seven -faced outdoor leisure shoes use gear -shaped bottom flower design. The uneven soles of the sole brings greater friction to the bottom, increasing increase The wearing and flexibility of the shoe body brings a certain safety guarantee to the heart of outdoor athletes to avoid the risk coefficients caused by the shoe as much as possible.


Seven -faced head layer cowhide light bomb outdoor leisure shoes are very light. EVA foam bases and shoe materials made of cowhide, pork skin, and mesh cloth will depend on the weight of a shoe. The weight of the weight, the weight of the foam itself is particularly light and determines the lightness of this outdoor casual shoes, but it will be more suitable for outdoor sports. For outdoor sportsmen, it is the best help to outdoor. The brisk weight can solve the fatigue during outdoor sports. It also saves a lot of effort. The words of light and outdoor are the best on outdoor leisure shoes on the seven -faced cowhide leather leisure shoes. Good interpretation.

In general, comfort and practicality are very comfortable. There will be a sense of comfort in the palm of the palm, and the practicality is very wide. For example, outdoor sports, tourism, etc. With the clothes, the outdoor leisure shoes will always be combined with you. Will you choose this outdoor casual shoes?