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More and more people like to arrange the bedside table like this, beautiful and practical

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In the must -have furniture in the bedroom, in addition to the wardrobe and bed, the rest is the position of the bedside. Although the space is not large, the practicality and aesthetics in daily life cannot be ignored.


Although the bedside table is small, it is also a cabinet. It still has certain practicality. For example, in the drawer of the bedside table, you can put some important documents. This is more convenient to find and use.

If someone likes to read, you can also put a few books you like. It is very convenient to read it before going to bed.

How should the bedside table choose? How should I place it? Let’s take a look together!

Style and color are consistent

The style of the bedside table should be consistent with the color, which indicates that the husband and wife are concentric, and the two are together for a lifetime.

A happy family, couples are always concentric. Two of the same cabinets can also indicate two the same heart, gather together firmly, and work hard for a better life!


Moreover, the two cabinets should be placed symmetrically so that wealth can be stable, the wealth is gathered into wealth, and it is difficult to get rich at home.

Double -pair

The bedside table is to be paired. If only one is placed, the Chinese people pay attention to the “double -form pair”. The two same bedside tables are placed on both sides of the bedside.


Placed by the wall


The reason why the bedside cabinet is placed on the wall is mainly because the owner can sleep well, and it also indicates that the relationship between the husband and wife will become more and more stable, the family’s wealth will become better, the owner has a backing, and all aspects of the career can develop well.


With a drawer

Generally speaking, such cabinets have drawers, and try to put a small lamp on the cabinet, which can not only play the effect of removing wealth and gathering wealth, but also allow the owner to help the nobles.

If you have the habit of reading before going to bed, the small table lamp must be a convenient choice. If you get up to the toilet in the middle of the night, it is also very convenient to turn on the small table lamp on the bedside table!

As a space for the owner to rest and sleep, the bedroom has always been based on a simple and comfortable atmosphere, so as to create a relaxed and comfortable sleep style for the owner as the original intention.

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