Camping Lights

Can’t you do this? Driving the old driver’s must-have new device, don’t you try?

The holiday in the second half of the year,

Boyfriends have gave girls to choose a lot.


But what kind of gift is given to my boyfriend?

This problem often makes many girls,

How can I create a gift with love and inexplicably?

Ok, don’t say much.

Let us now go straight!

This creative portable ashtray

[Cool Rui customers portable ashtray]

You must send your boyfriend’s choice!


No fishing

Haven’t I seen such a small ashtray?

You just need to put the smoke


Open the door, the smoke is locked inside.

This is a few seconds

The soot is immediately “imprisoned” in the cabin

You immediately got an unfalling soish.


“Portable car loaded ashtray” ~

But Kumo also knows most of the old drivers.


For old smokers


Don’t let them smoke can really have to live.

So put one in the car

Portable ashtray

I am very important.


Let the car don’t lose your soot and enjoy the comfort space

The ashtray is collected in the cylinder, cleaning and safe


Safe and portable fashion

Emperor has started from 2017 smoking,

Small smokers can only be enjoyable outdoor,

And send a boyfriend this portable ashtray,


Can become a more “high quality” equipment.


Put it in a bunch of gifts,

It does not lose other high-quality products at all


Slimming body, different materials are also very textured

Come up, only lightweight

Ugly, only beautiful

Open small capacity, only atmosphere


The most important thing is to clean up

Open the bottom and make it easy to clear

Gently shake, let the soil do everywhere

Consider coarse and cigarettes

This product is also specially designed.


No size


Don’t worry, don’t go in.

Style fashion,

Not only one color and material

There are classic walnuts, noble black / red carbon fiber and black sandwood four

Can be selected


Key or solid wood insulation

Small one can store four soot to clean

More than 03 occasions, easy to use

On the road, I suddenly want to come to a smoke.

In order to avoid the cigarette buttons

Or blow back to the car seat by the wind


At this time, the portable ashtray is most suitable.

Not only that,

It still

Good companion when working and game

Will not spill the soot on the keyboard

Not even when the game is shaking.

Can also be able to use,

It is a “walking ashtray”

In addition to indoors,


Outdoor is absolutely its ex!

No ashtray

It is a site everywhere.


With it, you don’t have to worry about the cigarette butter.


High compact, high quality

Old smoke friends

The most enthusiastic greeting is to come to the fire

Old smoke friends

Pull out of the Porsche’s lighter is already a generous thing.

The most special

Take this portable ashtray

Let the smoke make the soot, let the cigarette tank sleep

Really cool and civilized

Where is it?

The smoke is in the nose, the soot does not follow the wind, the cigarette is inadvertently


– “Literacy from the old tobacco”

What did a cigarette hide?


So your loneliness is your own

Xu is your hard to stop the addiction is your unhappy personality.

A lot of cigarettes

Tibetan in the inner constraint

Tibetan you stem from the habit of civilization

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Drive smoking free toilet artifact

¥ 119