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Chanel Garberry Gensory Perfume has a little more strength than Coco more sexy than COCO

Gabriel is the name of Coco Chanel. She has a unique perspective of the world, fashion and beauty. In the era, she is a creator, avant -garde, influenced and created a new market era. This perfume creation creation. The original intention is to stimulate women’s own energy, to release their hearts, encourage women to take their own way and live for themselves.

Now it is very popular atmosphere.

But the sense of atmosphere not only values ​​the visual effect of the appearance,


It is more of your temperament and atmosphere, a special charm that brings people.

The so -called smelling woman,

A good smell is a big bonus point for the atmosphere.

If you are also a delicate woman who pursues high -grade aroma,

Spicy Chanel Garrier Tianxia Perfume must be your best choice ~

Chanel Garberry Heaven


It’s really a good smell,

“I am me, who I want to be to be”

Chanel Garrier series soul perfume. Lares on the 5th,

It’s more fresh, a trace of sexy than COCO

This is a relatively rich floral fragrance. Compared with the traditional commercial fragrance, there is no smell of fascinating powder, spraying it to make you full of confidence. Liuxiang is still long, independent and attractive.

Needless to say in Chanel’s status in the makeup industry, it not only marks the elegance and noble of women, but also that every product can make a sense of art level ~

At first glance, Chanel Garrier’s natural perfume was attracted by its appearance. The design of the atmospheric square slope, the clear glass bottle material, makes the perfume bottle show elegant charm.

Noble warm golden perfume liquid,

Full of revealing the luxury of money.

Of course, the noble appearance is just a part,

Its charming floral fragrance has made many girls rush ~

Its front tone is citrus and red plum,

At the first spray, there was a fragrance similar to flower dew,


Like the smell of buds in the early spring.

The middle and rear tone is the taste of warm and moving night jade + sandalwood wood,

The fragrance is delicate and long,

Let you exude a woman’s elegant charm ~

Believe me, sisters who like natural flower fragrances will not step on the thunder even if they blindly enter!

Fantasy flower fragrance is the main tone of Garberry’s natural perfume.

Combined with Glas Wanxiangyu and Yilan Yilan, Jasmine, and Orange Blossom,

At the beginning, there are fresh citrus and cranberries,

The tone is charming wooden atmosphere,

It is like bathing in spring, warm and soft.

But Chanel exclusive perfumers

Olivier Polge does not want these floral fragrance to be smelled directly,

He increased the proportion of Glas night incense in the fragrance structure.

Make the overall fragrance more sensible and charming

The fragrance is the kind of refreshing flower fragrance,

The tone is composed of sandalwood, vanilla and white musk


, When you smell it, you have a field of field,

This field is like I only have myself,

I can say that I want to say, do me first, do it first,


This is the romantic world that belongs to my own.

Apply it as if it is immersed in a dream,

In the dream, I am fearless,

Don’t pay too much attention to the eyes of others,

Just follow your own heart and express your true self.

This is also my ideal state of pursuing pure life,

It is purely satisfying and happy.

The flower fragrance of the Garberry Sky Perfume was completed by the Chanel exclusive perfumer Olivia Boja and the Chanel Perfume Laboratory.

Elegant and advanced bottle body

Is the slope cutting square design and full texture

Feel light


It is also lightweight to carry it in the bag

Warm Amber fragrance liquid

It’s like floating in the air again in the air

In the sun, it is so glorious ~

There are 3 different specifications in Gabriel’s nature,

100 ml/1650 yuan and 50 ml/1150 yuan,

And 35 ml/860 yuan portable installation.

Whether you go out for dating or daily work, it will become a secret of visual focus.

Fascinated Chanel will let you know that temperament is not the privilege of someone,

It belongs to the uniqueness of each of us.