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Don’t wear tight pants, wear loose pants with boots in winter, and use down jackets and coats are more fashionable and stylish

Everyone knows that tight pants and small feet pants were particularly popular before, and loose pants have become popular in recent years. Everyone starts to use loose pants with boots in winter. This method not only makes people thin and fashionable, but also keeps warm in winter. Especially girls who can wear them with jeans, wide -leg pants, casual pants, etc. with various warm boots, they look cool.


Exaggerated wide -leg pants+boots


The relief of exaggerated wide -leg pants is the same as the looseness of the skirt. This is the benefits of like girls who like skirts, which can be more neat than skirts, but it is more warmer than skirts. This way of wearing in Fashion Week is more common, because it is very atmospheric and fashionable. Black wide -leg pants are paired with boots with ankle height, and a beige coat, it is definitely very windy walking on the street.

Loose jeans+thick heel boots

Jeans from fabrics to colors are unique to such fabrics. The denim cloth is not only very thick, but the color can be versatile, so it is loved by boys and girls. In the past few years, everyone liked tight jeans, and now it has begun to evolve to loose pants and wide -leg pants. It is more handsome with coats and down jackets in winter. In the current trend, everyone likes to pull the jeans up, paired with the ankle boots, and the color socks with weaving lines, perfectly fusion of warmth and fashion. I have to say that modern people have more and more thoughts about dressing.


Black seven -point wide -leg pants+boots+coat

Many people will say, what should I do if I am short, what should I do if my legs are thick? When designing clothes, the designer has fully considered how to cover up the shortcomings of the people with clothes. If you are a small man and just like me just on your legs, I really suggest that after you wear enough skirts, try black seven -sized wide -leg pants. Such a single product will block the flesh’s legs and also increase your visual height. The top is naturally paired with a short sweater, the shoes are matched with the ankle boots, and a long bright color coat is equipped with a small one.


Small foot casual pants+boots


The definition of casual pants is relatively large, which is the loose pants made of woven fabrics. Sweet woven is a fabric that everyone is often worn, such as men’s suit and trousers, all of which use shuttle fabrics. This fabric feels good, and it has a sense of freeness. This one recommended today is a small leisure pants, which is loose above, and began to lose weight slowly at the calf position. Such pants are more handsome with small down jackets. For boots, it is recommended to go below the ankle. Choosing a rope will be more fashionable.

Leather wide -leg pants+boots+medium coat


When it comes to leather pants, everyone will feel difficult to wear, and it will be fat if you are not careful. But when leather pants are linked to wide -leg pants, it is synonymous with handsomeness. Girls who can wear and dare to wear can use black turtleneck sweaters and nine -point skin wide -leg pants. Boots are equipped with ankle, jacket with a khaki -colored coat. This body is worn at work and walking with its own wind.

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In fact, love beauty is what everyone wants to do, regardless of men and women. But fashion wear is a little accumulated. Slowly find your own dress style, and slowly learn how to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, it will gradually become more and more fashionable!

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