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Zhang Xinyu’s dress is really high -level, thin cardigan with suspended skirts is immortal, the goddess fan is full

#What to wear today#



The cardigan with a camisole has become a common wear in autumn. It not only retains the sweet lady of the skirt, and the cardigan also adds the effect of warmth and cold. Therefore, the cardigan with a camisole is a fashion trend in autumn. There is such a set of wearing, and depending on the styles, materials and styles of the cardigan, even if it is also paired with a camisole, the visual effects are different. In fact, the summer cardigan is also feasible as a sunscreen shirt, so the cardigan with a cracks with a camisole skirt is not in different seasons. really beautiful. Zhang Xinyu used a thin cardigan with a suspender skirt to create a light sense. It seems that the two stacked items are also not burdensome. Instead, the combination of traditional floral elements with the suspender skin has a immortal and desired visual effect.

How to choose a cardigan+suspender skirt


There are many styles and types of cardigan, and different styles and materials are also very different. For example, the knitted cardigan and suspender skirt are more gentle ladies, and the shape of chiffon or tulle -made cardigan is relatively light and elegant. So the choice of cardigan also determines the overall style of wear. In addition to the choice of the cardigan, the choice of camisole skirts is also important, and the style and design determine the visual high -level texture. The choice shows different personal temperament. The choice of Zhang Xinyu’s cardigan and suspender skirts is mainly thin and light, showing a sexy, but there is also elegant agility.


Loose and degree of coordination

The loose cardigan jacket with a slim skirt, the tightly wearing method of the outer loosening is more visually coordinated, which will not cause the visual impact of the visually strong sense of oppression. With a sense of light and comfortable wear, you can follow this principle when choosing a cardigan with a camisole. Zhang Xinyu used this principle to create a visual experience of wearing fairy and desire, showing the charm of wearing, so that many people were attracted by this style and fell in love with this light and elegant sexy.

Color choice echo


Zhang Xinyu has only two types of large colors, yellow and black, and the black suspender skirt also adds yellow pattern embellishment, echoing the color of the cardigan, showing the consistency of the color and the coordination of the dress. Instead, it shows a sense of high -level, which will not make the overall dress look too complicated, but reduce the texture of wearing. When choosing a single product, pay attention to the color matching. Too many colors will reduce the temperament of wear, so color selection is important.

Large area exposure increases sexy

The suspender dress itself is more sexy. Zhang Xinyu also chose a low -collar dress. The looming career line visually displayed sexy and strong, not only showing superior shoulder and neck lines and collarbone. Sexy style, many people do not try this way of dressing, because they need a good figure to control, but it is also because this way of dressing shows the visibility of wearing.


Material increases the sense of immortality

The explosive cardigan jacket uses the light material to show the lightness of wearing, so that the whole shows a sense of elegant and smart lightness, which can weaken the sense of desire brought by the suspender skirt, strengthen the sense of wearing atmosphere, chiffon, tulle, satin, etc. Materials can show this immortality.


Cardig sweater with a camisole dress is very common. Many women use the combination of these two items to show a sense of fashion. The skirt perfectly shows the charm of women, so the style of the cardigan also determines the sense of fashion.

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