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Ten scholars recommend 2020 Oriental Publishing House Ten Adults and Social Sciences Books

[Editor’s note] In order to meet the readers’ reading needs for classic good books, encourage the planning and publishing and publishing, readable humanities and social science boutique books. “Good Book of Ten Lords and Social Sciences of Oriental Publishing House in 2020” is freshly released. “Beijing Metro Station Fame”, “Chinese Ancient Bridge”, “New Editors of Chen Lemin’s Works (All 9)”, “The Truth of History”, “My Economics Thinking Course”, “B Represents Bagos”, “Seeing Ghosts: Ancient China: Ancient China “Reading Novels Reading” “Tree Shadow Pigeon Man: Hutong Beijing’s Fun and Nostalgia”, “Trade and Reason”, “Russian Millennium Culture and Art (Two Volumes)” is on the list.

Members of the jury (sorted by the surname pinyin)

Huang Jiwei: Columnist, publisher, book critic, and collector

Green Tea: Independent Book Comment, the founder of Green Tea Book Love


Lingjia: General Manager of Bai

Li Xueqin: The editor -in -chief of Xinhuanet Yue Reading Channel

Liu Yisi: Senior media person, book reviewer, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Newspaper New Reading Weekly Editor

Ma Yong: Researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Joe Royalian: Vice President and Secretary -General of the China Editorial Association


Wang Wei: Original editor -in -chief of China Reading Newspaper


Jiexi: Independent book reviewer, modern historian

Yang Ping: Vice President of the Chinese Book Review Society

“Beijing Metro Station Fame”/Trek Pills/Oriental Publishing House

This book has been well received by the judges. Qiao Hui, vice chairman of the Chinese Editorial Association, believes that the book is full of pictures and texts, integrating knowledge, practicality, popularity, fun, and readability. With the subway station as the “coordinates”, it tells readers the history and culture related to it. It is unique and unique. Ling Jia, general manager of Bai, believes that this is a good place to find a very good perspective to take care of Beijing’s historical revolution, geographical landscape, custom culture, etc. Compared with similar theme works in the past, it has very obvious ones. Advantage. “We see too many books, followed the professional publishing route, and was locked in various bookcases. Except for a few researchers, most people could only worship. But this book is wonderful. In the daily life, it has unknowingly embedded in Beijing’s profound historical and culture along countless highly associated and well -known station names. “At the end of 2020, this book was awarded the title of” the most beautiful book “in China in 2020. In addition to the readable and easy reading of the content, the design of this book is also very ingenious, making people shine.

“Chinese Ancient Bridge”/Kong Qingpu/Oriental Press


This is a quite comprehensive academic book. The completeness, meticulousness of the information, and the uniqueness of the history of the ancient Chinese bridge have made it stand out of many books and have been highly recognized by many judges. Li Xueqin, editor -in -chief of Xinhuanet Yue Reading Channel, commented on the book. “The ancient Chinese bridge with practicality and aesthetic value, now the stock on the land of Shenzhou is becoming increasingly scarce, which is stored in the rescue of the ancient bridge that is passing and dying. Photo is a matter of meritorious merit “, which fully affirms its academic value and social value. China Bridge Engineering Mr. Tai Doumao said to Kong Qingpu, the author of this book during his lifetime: “You have demolished and inspect so many ancient bridges, you are qualified to write ancient bridge technical books, you can write The “Chinese Ancient Bridge”, which is called “Encyclopedia of the Encyclopedia” of China’s ancient bridge technology, has deeply hoped and came into being. This book was strictly selected as 1749 ancient bridges before the Qing Dynasty, and strictly followed the classification of stone arch bridges, masonry bridges, stone beam bridges, stone pier and wooden bridges, wooden bridges, and iron cable bridges. Data, structural forms and construction methods, etc., provides a solid, systematic and rich historical material foundation for future generations to study the techniques of Chinese ancient bridge technology, and also understand the reader’s ancient bridge to a knowledge bridge that will never collapse.


“New Editor of Chen Lemin’s Works (9)/Chen Lemin/Oriental Press


Dongfang Press has also launched the nine works of Mr. Chen Lemin this time, bringing together his main academic achievements for decades, including “Enlightenment”, “The Process of European Civilization”, “Europe in the 20th Century”, “Reading History”, “Seeing, and seeing It is Europe, I think of China “,” Philosophy Sudden Words “,” Book Nest Searching “,” High Mountains and Water “,” Between Chinese and Western “, as the participating experts say, the most valuable point of Mr. Chen Lemin’s works in the Oriental Version is In the past, Mr. Chen has never been publicized in the world, and the “legacy” scattered in various publications can be called an event event, which has both market value and literature value. Well -known book reviewer Xie Xizheng said that Mr. Chen Lemin is an international politics and European academic expert with generous academic education, and he is also a scholar who devoted himself to the comparative research of Chinese and Western history and culture. Mr. Chen is the “one -sided cross -generation” person, the last generation of “old intellectuals”, and the first generation of “new intellectuals”. History, while facing Chinese culture and history, has both philosophical contemplation and historical observations. Ma Yong, a researcher at the Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that Mr. Chen Lemin is a profound university in contemporary China. He studies Chinese and Western, opens ancient and modern, and has deep theoretical literacy, academic foundation, and rich diplomatic activities. Reading his book and thinking of his person, he is a learned thinker and thoughtful learner.

“The Truth of History”/Zhang Genghua/Oriental Press

This book is an important historical work of this year. It not only provides the technique of governing history in the methodology, but also opened up the way of view of the history of the predecessors in a higher dimension. It is worthy of historian researchers and enthusiasts Read article. The judge Ma Yong gives a high evaluation of this book. He believes that China has the longest historical writing, and its output is also a uncomfortable historic work country, but Chinese history is always just an empirical writing and expression. The inquiry has not been so active. The poverty of historical philosophy is destined to have a lot of surpassed books in Chinese historical writing. Even the second Sima is just a historical record. It is difficult to obtain the inspiration of historical philosophy. This book is a rare historical philosophy in this era. Many issues that are discussed are worthy of the history practitioners.

“My Economics Thinking Class”/Zhang Jun/Oriental Press

This book was selected as the “China Good Book List”, and Yang Ping, vice president of the Chinese Book Review Society, highly evaluated this book. He believes that a good book should have two important meanings. One is to have unique and profound ideological connotations, and the other is to trigger readers’ interest and then trigger the pursuit of deeper knowledge. Because even if the content is deeper, the information it contains is limited, and the book “My Economics Thinking Course” is a book representing a good book at the second point. The interest in learning knowledge has caused readers to have deeper reading. Senior media people, book reviewers, and Shenzhen SAR Newspaper New Reading Weekly Editor Liu Yisi also recognized this view. He said: Our daily life is inseparable from the impact of the economy, but the economy is the easiest to ignore everyone. Economics is also a discipline of many readers. Compared with the current book market in the book market, there are a large number of books on economic and economic and economic principles, Zhang Jun’s book is simple and light weightlifting. He starts from the concept and interprets it. Miao Shi compares. Expand we look at the perspective and understanding of economic issues (even the world). The question of the question setting in the book and the answer mode is more likely to focus on the target heart and in the arrow.

“B Represents Bauhaus”/Die Sadic translated by Qi Menghan/Oriental Press

This is an alternative masterpiece of the eye -catching people in Dongfang Publishing House this year. It extends the spiritual core of the book content to the decoration design, showing the aesthetic taste of the inside out, and also makes the reading of paper books a new media today. Established comprehensive enjoyment in the times. The judge ordered Jia to comment: “This should be said to be a good book that is a good book that integrates high -quality content, excellent editing ideas, and excellent decoration. It is a good book worth recommending to readers to read, buy and collect.” Li Xueqin evaluated: ” As a book published by the contemporary design spirit tutor Die Sadic, how can you get a sense of design without design? “B Represents Bao Haus” is a pretty good from the decoration to the content. Small book. From the cover of the cover to the inside page, only black, white, and silver are three colors. Even the author’s personal photos are omitted, minimalist. This book is booked with a naked ridge lock line, and the black bright line strings the white book page. It can be completely flattened in any page, which is pleasant and comfortable. The most surprising thing is that the sealing of this book can be fully expanded and become a double -sided poster with double sides. “Liu Yisi has never been from On the other hand, he highly appreciated “B Representative Bao Haus”: “Don’t think that this book is just a book about modern design. In fact, it covers all aspects of modern pioneer art, scientific and technological development, appliance use, fashion trend, etc. Moreover, there is a linked to each other, and a furnace of the same … There are also his social interaction and life feelings in the text, so that readers can easily have a sense of resonance. “

“Seeing Ghosts”/There is a ghost monarch/Oriental Publishing House

This book was recognized by Wang Wei, the former editor -in -chief of the Chinese Reading Newspaper. He quoted the evaluation of the Chinese reading newspaper on this book: “This book salvage the various ghosts scattered in ancient Chinese monster novels, and The materials are regarded as the national history. With smooth narrative, the daily life of ghosts, the society of ghosts, the politics of ghosts, and the relationship between human ghosts. Regardless of Japan, South Korea, China, or Southeast Asian countries, a kind of Respect, including both the worship of the ancestors, and the awe of all kinds of ghosts. If you use a pair of “ghost eyes” to re -examine Chinese culture, Asian culture, and even Western culture, you may see more and more, more, more, more, more, more, and more. It’s even different. “Xie Xi also thought that there was a ghost” seeing ghosts “, which can be described as a record of ghosts in the new era. Although the story is mostly based on ancient magic novels and literati notes, the narrative is humorous and humorous, and the reading is very appetizing. It is not exclusive to talk about ghosts, both, and people, and the wonderfulness of people, getting the fun of ghosts. It can be said that the book is not only a rare alien nationality, but also a relaxed collection of ghosts.


“Tree Shadow Pigeon Man”/Painting Lu Yuanwen/Oriental Press

Hutong is the root of Beijing people and the veins of Beijing City. There are the most authentic life and memories of old Beijingers. In the book “Tree Pigeon Pigeon: The Fun and Nostalgia of Hutong Beijing”, the painter Guan Yan and the Beijing folk expert Lu Yuan have been polished for ten years, using nearly 100 new hutong works and nearly 100 plump and timeless hutongs. Xiao Chuan integrates it, and perfectly presents a stormy hutong Beijing to readers. The pencil hutant in Guan Yan’s pen is not how realistic is. The most impressive is the casual and generous spiritual connotation of the old Beijing behind these works. The simple lines of pencils and thick gray tones are most suitable for expressing the charm of the old Beijing -the mottled walls of the wall, the texture of the brick and stone weathering, the time of the old locust tree, the annual wheel of the hutong, and the life of people everywhere in the painting. , Human emotions, human emotions, human thoughts, people’s stories. With the delicate text of Lu Yuan, each alley is like a heavy epic to tell readers the moving past. Huang Jiwei, a well -known column writer, publisher, and book reviewer, commented on this book: “If there is no large and small alleys depicted by the painter, the painter, the east lane of the grass factory, the northern gongguxiang, the east lane of the garden, the Lingguang West Lane, Xiejiahong, Arrow Factory Hutong, bureau headlines, stone hebeshumi, Dongmai Hutong, played music hutong, Fugu Hutong, Da Cao Factory Hutong and the like, there are probably only the entry of dry Baba. “


The well -known book critic Green Tea, who is also very experienced in painting, also believes that the style of the author’s painting is very distinctive, and the depiction of Hutong has a picture of the alley. The pursuit of depth and temperature of humanities and social sciences has reached a considerable state in this work.


“Trade and Reason”/Zheng Yongnian/Oriental Press

This book is a book by Professor Zheng Yongnian, a well -known Chinese issue research expert, rational thinking about future trade trends. This book is logically, readable, and allows the public to rationally view the global situation and Sino -US relations.

“Russian Millennium Culture and Art” series/Dmitry Lijiev’s/Jiao Dongjian Dong Jasmine Translation/Oriental Publishing House

This series consists of two books, “Russian Millennium Art: From Groos to Pioneer Pioneer” and “Russian Millennium Culture: From Green to the present”, which comprehensively sorted out the significance and development process of Russia’s millennium cultural history, art history, and is more than the shoulder -to -shoulder. The lifelong research summary of the Russian cultural giants of Errste and Dostevsky. The author Demitri Lighagov is dedicated to the collection, organizing and researching work of Groos literature and culture. He is known as “the symbol of Russia’s knowledge in the 20th century” and “a monument in the Russian cultural circles.” The judge Yang Ping believes that Russia’s art and culture are very profound, and the current research in China is far from enough. This book just fills the gap in Russian culture and art books in the book market in my country. The research of Russian culture, art, and literature is also particularly helpful for the development of Chinese culture and art.