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Hunan has vigorously developed rural cultural tourism for seven consecutive years to hold the Four Seasons Rural Tourism Festival

Open performance. Gao Hui Photo

湖南大力发展乡村文化旅游 连续七年举办四季乡村旅游节

China News Network Yongzhou, May 10th (Tang Xiaoqing Ren Zewang) On the 10th, 2022 Hunan Province (Spring) Rural Cultural Tourism Festival, with the theme of “Poetry and Painting Yongzhou” Xiang Jiangyong ” Lan Yaozhai Scenic Area opened. Tourists from all over the world stroll Jiang Yong, taste Wuxiang food, taste three thousand culture, and look at the scenery of the hometown, experience Jiang Yong’s rich and unique cultural tourism feast, and enjoy the comfort of poetry and distance.

In recent years, Hunan has promoted the integration of cultural and tourism, vigorously developed rural cultural tourism, and held the Four Seasons Rural Tourism Festival for seven consecutive years. Strengthen marketing and promotion, organize travel agencies to send guests into the village, and promote the continuous heat of the province’s travel, surrounding tourism, red tourism, and rural tourism.

During the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” period, Hunan received a total of 3.51 billion tourists, realizing a total tourism revenue of 3.8 trillion yuan. Through cultural tourism “to defeat poverty with beautiful”, more than 100 million people were directly and indirectly reduced. The advanced model of tourism poverty alleviation, and the contribution of rural tourism to the economy and society is increasing.

Jiang Yonggou Lan Yaozhai scenery. Photographed by Tang Xiaoqing

As a large market for tourism resources, Yongzhou clearly proposed the strategic goal of building a cultural ecological tourism city and building a 100 billion -level cultural tourism industry, accelerating the deep integration of cultural ecological tourism, in -depth implementation of tourists, passengers live, cultural relics are guaranteed, and the cultural relics are guaranteed. Literature and art, policy benefits, scenic spots, the brand sounds the “seven coming” operations, and the brand of “Millennium Pickings · Here is Xiaoxiang” brand, focusing on building an important tourism and leisure vacation destination in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, the whole province Even the national cultural and ecological tourism deeply integrates the model area. At present, a total of 3 counties and cities in Yongzhou have been included in the national tourism demonstration zone creation unit.

Adhering to the beautiful natural ecology and rich historical and humanistic, Jiang Yongxian is committed to digging and developing the “three thousand cultural” tourism resources such as the three thousand culture “of the ancient capital of the Yao ancient capital, the thousand -year -old ancient village Gan Tang, and the millennium Yaozhai Gou Lan Yao. A new path of Yixing Traveling, Yijunwen, Yijiang County, Yixing Village, and Royal Trait.

This festival will organize the opening ceremony and Yongzhou Cultural Tourism Products and Food Exhibition, Yongzhou Cultural Tourism Image Ambassador Selection Series, Tan Dun’s “Book of Girls” Symphony and “Tan Dun Women’s Book Music Theme Museum” unveiling ceremony , Performance of large -scale real -world female book epic drama “Octagonal Flowers”, women’s cultural experience tour, “Poetry and Painting Yongzhou · Xiang Jiang Yong” Cultural Tourism Network Promotion and Communication Competition, Yongzhou Tourism Boutique Route Examination Step, China Mountains Outdoor Leisure Conference -Jiangyong Station launching ceremony and other activities, focusing on showing Jiang Yong’s beautiful scenery, local customs and characteristic industries, displaying new and new achievements in the development of Yongzhou Cultural Tourism, and promoting the rapid development of rural tourism in the province.

On the same day, the Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government also held a special promotion of Yongzhou Cultural Tourism Project in Jiangyong County. It promoted the participating enterprise representatives of 24 investment projects such as Xiaoxiang Cultural Tourism and Leisure Resort, Jiangyong County Gou Lan Yaozhai Scenic Area project, as well as “Huxiang Exploration Source Tour”, “Yaozhai Kangyang Journey”, “Stone Carvings Research Tour”, “Ancient Village Exploration Tour”, “Red Decoding Tour” and other 5 boutique tourist routes; 》 Such as a preferential policies for cultural tourism investment promotion, announced that the special funds for the development of the tourism industry of 100 million yuan each year and the 10 million yuan of the “Customer Introduction to the Yong” reward funds are invited to come to Yongzhou to invest in industry, sightseeing and tourism, and promote it together to promote it. Yongzhou Cultural Tourism is booming.

The current Rural Cultural Tourism Festival is co -sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Yongzhou Municipal People’s Government. (Finish)

湖南大力发展乡村文化旅游 连续七年举办四季乡村旅游节

Open performance. Gao Hui Photo