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The 40-year-old man in 2017 is dressed in a beautiful women’s clothing, and the deceased special identity is important to solve the case.

This case is currently the same type of case in China, which has strong representative significance.

Whether it is the experience of the deceased, it is still a murderer, and it is worth alert and deep.


First, a man wearing a yellow dress

On July 16, 2017, home live

Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Mr. Liu went out of the dog as usual, Mr. Liu took his love dog and strolled to the local park he often went.

When passing through a small wood,

The dog who loves to go to the woods is not willing to go in.

Mr. Liu is very strange, so curious to go into the bus.

And there is a scene in front of him, let him hair

I saw a person lying in the depth of the dark grove, I didn’t move, Mr. Liu tried to call a few times, and that person still did not respond.

Mr. Liu walked to the front of the man, and immediately scared two battles.


Soon after, the police officers who received a report from Mr. Liu reported quickly.

After the forensic doctor, the deceased was male, about 40 years old, height 1.62 meters, the body is more thin,

The clothes are messy, but they don’t have too much scars, and they die because of mechanical suffocation.


At the same time, forensic on the situation of the deceased, initially judged that the man’s death time should be more than 12 hours.

In other words, the dead time of the deceased was about to be around last night.

The police survey at the time

However, in addition to these basic cases, this man has some differences compared to ordinary men –

His body wearing a tender yellow woman dress, wearing a female common black pantyhose on the leg, a pair of orange red leather shoes

The body left a female wig behind the body, and he still has special damage.

Signs show that this middle-aged man has suffered a violation before death, but the Qingdu police have some doubts, and the deceased is quite beautiful and sexy women’s clothing.

Is it what he took the initiative, or the murderer forced him to wear some kind of metamorphosis


If the situation is the first, then it is too coincidence

In this world, there is a male dress just in the case, and the goal of the case is just aimed at males, this chance is too small.

If the situation is the second, it is the murderer to force the victim to wear this female color extremely strong women.


Then, the murderer’s psychology has been distorted to the point where it is not added, and the social harm is very large. It must take it as soon as possible.

The picture of the deceased is not up, the man wearing the yellow dress and styles we have in this time.

Next, the police made a detailed approach to the site.

In 2017, my country’s micrometends extraction technology has achieved long-term development


And according to this advanced technology, a large number of Chen case is cracked, and Shanghai as one of China’s most developed areas, criminal investigation technology is naturally in the forefront.

However, let the skilled person unexpectedly,

Among the biosurum materials obtained at the on-site site, the experimental DNA is even more than ten people.

. The small woods are in the middle of the park, and the usual people are inaccessible. How do you have more DNAs from more than a dozen people? Isn’t the murderer not alone, but a group?

Just as the result of this test makes the police feel unbelievable.

The other side of the investigation and visiting the police said that it is a good news.

Victim identity information has been identified

. After understanding the special identity of the victim, the police suddenly realized the DNA information in the small woods.

Second, who is the mid-age man?

Due to the central area of ​​Xujing Town, there is also many people in the park near Xujing Town.

Therefore, the police investigate around the park, but this is the routine move, so that the police found major clues.

Medical park part

During the investigation process,

A witnesman who immediately recognized the victim man on the photo immediately after seeing the photos provided by the police.

Mainly the image of this middle-aged man makes him memories too profound.

Before the incident, the victim had appeared in a hotel near the park, with a bright women’s clothing, extremely conspicuous

Witnesses were shocked after seeing the snacks, and immediately remembered the scene of this usual hard to see.

The hotel mentioned by the witnessed is only 50 meters away. The investigators immediately rushed to the hotel, and the hotel owner passed the relevant information about the victims immediately after listening to the police.

Because the boss is also impressive on this male dress.


According to the boss, the middle-aged man name is called

Mr. Yong

Live in the 203 room of the hotel, it has lived here for about half a month.

The usual life is very regular, and people are still good.

But at night, he would play a male dress, so much makeup, usually returned to 12 am.

This strange guest, the boss is naturally quite curious, so it is usually more concerned about the man’s whereabouts, so the police will ask a little in detail.

I heard the boss’s words,

The police immediately surveyed 203 rooms living in the courage.

In addition to some change clothes and cosmetics in the room, the police also found a lot of family planning supplies, and the identity of Mr. Yong is completely water.

He is a male woman who is engaged in illegal money trading.

And the bio-inspection materials in the small woods have also proved the occupation of Mr. Yong, from the side.

The extremely secluded grove in that park is clearly the place where the victim is usually illegally “transaction”.

This result allows the cases to feel extremely incredible.

Mr. this is clearly a middle-aged man in a 40-year-old man, can you engage in this illegal occupation? Most importantly, even if he is dressed as a woman, is his “customer” can’t see it?

When the police thought of this layer, a new important clue was also in front of the case of handling the police, and the death of Mr. Yong will not be his “customer” due to the “transaction” dispute between the two sides. “Passionate murder

At the case analysis, this was repeatedly discussed by Qingpu police.

Qingpu police held a screenshot of the case analysis

The final police thought that after repeatedly developed the case.

There is no scar caused by too much resistance in the victim, and the trace of fighting is not obvious, indicating that this “passion killing” is very likely.

And this also shows that the murderer must be in contact with the victim, exchange, etc. before the case.

So the police’s investigation focused quickly to the monitoring around the park,

And this view, there is a new discovery

At about 12:03 in the morning of July 15th,

A suspicious white man suddenly appeared on the street next to the park

And the monitoring shows that there is no figure in the street,


This means that the man is turned out from the bar of the park.

Why do he come out from the park in most nights?

Monitor video screenshots, the arrow is turned out for the white man

Obviously, the man had a major crime suspect.

Then the police went to the previous surveillance video,

I found that the man came to the park near 6:30 pm on the 15th.

After that, he wandered around the park.

Finally, he disappeared, is on Xuying Road in Xujing Town

Monitor video screenshot, the arrow is finished for the white man at 6:30, riding a battery car to the park

Xu Ying Road

Most of the nearby construction sites are built in the construction site, there are many floating populations. At this time, the police prescribed that the man is likely to be someone in these construction sites.

When the case is carried out,

On the other side, the DNA test results of the medical doctor on the spot have also seen a major breakthrough.

Third, what happened to that night?

Before the forensic doctor took the certificate on the scene, I intercepted the round bamboo next to the deceased. At that time, the police suspected that

When the murderer killed the deceased, the bamboo next to the two may legislatively left a murderer.

Since then, the forensic doctor is in the body of Mr. Bing,

Found in his nail cover in his right hand, mixed with DNA information with the murderer

Unfortunately, this mixed DNA sample cannot be used for gene comparison to find a murderer.

However, forensic also found that these mixed DNAs also have a trace of bamboo ingredients, which indicates that there must be a murderer’s DNA information on the round bamboo captured before.

Tianwang monitoring and then genetic testing technology two modern magic treasures at the same time, to this murderer novaver,

Soon the police locked the suspect according to the murderer DNA extracted on the bamboo, a man named Zou Wenrong

Zou Wenrong’s background information shows that this person has sentenced to 7 years in prison in Anyue’s hometown in Sichuan.

In March this year, he took a train to Shanghai by train.

Subsequent police investigations,

Zou Wenrong lost his no reason after the case, but he went to the bank to take 10,000 yuan before he disappeared.

, But the embarrassment, this fellow card is not himself, but he and another fellow from Zou Wenrong.



Zou Wenrong frank bank withdrawal monitoring video screenshot

After investigation,

The police found that Zhou was still working on a construction site in Xuying Road.

It is not easy to say, and the police will quickly drive to the construction site.

However, when the police rushed to the construction site, the dramatic scene has appeared.

The policeman who handled the case was originally wanted to find Zhou asked Zou Wenrong fallen.

But accidentally discovered that the suspect Zou Wenrong actually works here.

It is really true to break the iron shoes, I have to come to the family, and the police immediately arrested Zou Wenrong.

After Zou Wen Rong, he was also honest.

Soon, I will explain everything that happened the night.


According to Zou Wenrong, on the evening of July 15th,

When he gave a leisurely in Xujing Town, he met Mr. Yong, and Mr. Yong took the scorpion and said that he called him in the past.

. In the dark night, Zou Wenrong did not see the leader of the Qing Yong,


I only feel that the other party is a woman who is dressed in fashion, the body is hot.

So I followed Mr. Yong to a small wood.

Zou Wenrong accepted the police trial

But when the “transaction” then “transaction”

Zou Wenrong found that Mr. Yong is actually a man.

Zou Wenrong suddenly felt that he was shameful and humiliate, and he thought that Mr. Yong was deliberate money.

I can’t help but get angry from my heart, and I will have a gallbladder, and I will hold the neck of Yong, and I am angry, and I will take the wig of Mr. Yong.

Mr. Yong fakes behind, and his male identity is completely exposed, Zou Wenrong sees the shame, and it is more anger.

Since then, Mr. Yong also rebells, helplessness is weak, and that Zou Wenrong is a five-year three thickness, Kong Wu’s power, so how long, Mr. Yong is funeral.

The entire case is almost entirely consistent with the police before the police.

He is a crime that he is not forgiven because he is a reckless and impulsive of himself.

In 2018, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Zou Wenrong to death with intentional murder, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life. In 2021, it was sentenced to life imprisonment by the rule of Zou Wenrong.

Frankly, Zou Wenrong’s criminal motivation is ridiculous,

Its people only be angry because of the gender of Bing, but he won’t happen to happen.

It is just a moment of impulsive, and it hurts himself.

For Mr. Yong, he is even more incredible.

Now we can’t learn what he is engaged in such illegal activities with the man’s body.

However, from its experience, the probability of people is a gay.

But here I also want to ask,

Mr. Yong may be gay, but his “customers”, is it all homosexual?

There is also Zou Wenrong to find that Mr. Yong is a man. If anyone can’t find that Mr. Yong is a man?

This case is extremely typical.

In particular, some bad phenomena behind the “profession” behind the “profession” should attract us and lead to a quit, hit and shock crime. First, we should start from each of us.


Shanghai Qingpu Public Security Bureau to detect this case

At the same time, we can also see it from this case.


The strength of the people’s guards traced the crime has long been today

In modern technology such as Tianwang, DNA technology, micrometers and other advanced technology, etc., once some people dare to trial,

No matter how secret him hide, the only result can only be the powerful recovery ability in the people’s police.





























Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai