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Tongzhou adds net red card! Copper Cow Old Factory will change the Future Design Park next month

The east of Guanghua Road, Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou, has a weaving clothing that covers an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters. Numerous red “bronze cows” logo has been born. Today, a road is divided into two worlds: on the one hand, it is the hot clothes workshop that year, and the other side has become a strong industrial style design park.

The Municipal Development and Reform Commission introduced on the 24th that as the “model area” and the first major project of the Zhangjiawan design town in Tongzhou, the transformation of the old and old factories of the Copper Cow received funding support for the infrastructure of the city’s cultural industrial park. According to the plan, here will be completely shifted with cages, build a future design park in Beijing, introduce the forefront design industry to create a new industrial chain. The first phase of the park will be officially launched next month.

Create an Internet celebrity punch in industrial relics


In the past, more than 8,000 square meters of copper cows, the current name is “Future · Building Design Zone”. Although the interior decoration is still in progress, the three ingot maples planted in it have begun to fall into the leaves with the season.

At the beginning of the construction, three ingot maples were planted in the workshop. The project manager’s “Duan” of Guo Shaoshan in Beijing’s establishment of the Courtyard of Beijing made his original design intention: “Planting a tree in the house is to give people a feeling of being in the courtyard.” There is a sunroof on the top of the workshop, the sun is straight in, and there will be someone coming regularly. Pruning Yuanbaofeng.

According to the design plan, the Beijing Future Design Park will be built here to create a space for architectural design, fashion design and innovation, gather top -level architectural design and fashion design teams at home and abroad, and launch top design new products starting activities to promote design and artificial intelligence, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection Wait for the deep integration of high -precision industries, build a design innovation platform.


“The factory area does not have a large -scale demolition and construction, but retains industrial relics.” The designer introduced that this transformation respects the planning pattern, construction space and industrial architecture of the park, and increases fashion design elements and modern technology styles. Show the iconic scenarios such as urban squares in the town, all -day restaurants, Li Shi study, and future technology tower, and build a wise and vibrant “net red punch place” to integrate industrial heritage with urban renewal operation and maintenance.

Government funds are quickly supported

In 2012, Tongniu shares will transfer the manufacturing business in Zhangjiawan. Today, in accordance with the industrial planning requirements of the Zhangjiawan area of ​​the urban deputy center, a new round of transformation and upgrading have been launched.

The plan shows that the total land area of ​​the Copper Cattle Factory is 51,700 square meters, and the total construction area is 71,700 square meters. The first phase of the old plant reconstruction project is mainly to transform and upgrade the stock resources in the copper cow factory area. The construction of the Beijing Future Design Park, including the office building, the cafeteria and the original clothing workshop, the construction area is about 13,400 square meters. Essence

This time, the gorgeous turn will also revitalize the stock resources to promote the improvement of space function. However, such a large -scale transformation will also face high cost expenses.

Recently, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has compiled and issued the “Beijing Intelligent Industry Policy Tool Application Guide (second batch)”, with a total of 91 policy tools, including a policy of supporting funds for cultural and creative parks. “I learned that the second batch of guidelines in the preparation are related to us, and immediately handled it in accordance with the relevant procedures, and soon got the support funds for infrastructure of the cultural industrial park.” Essence

With funding support, the project construction has also accelerated further. The reporter was informed that the first phase of the project was officially constructed in June this year, and it has now entered the decoration stage. It is expected to be officially completed in mid -December.

After completion, in the future, the building design area will set up a dynamic city growth space, ecological green rhyme living space, future human settlement experience space, digital empowerment practical space, original design new product first development hall, and future creative bazaar; 3,000 square meters of office buildings will become “Future · Fashion Design Zone”, setting up functional partitions such as fashion design IP incubation, fashion innovation practice field, fashion design exchange center, and fashion energy supply station.


The second phase of the project will begin to be transformed next year


The park is updated, how can the industry be upgraded?

The reporter was informed that after the completion of the Beijing Institute next month, the Future Design Institute of the Beijing Institute will take the lead in setting up the most cutting -edge design industry and model. At the same time, well -known domestic designs will also set up studios here.


“In the future, the design institute will advocate the shared office mode of all members, provide mobile station, fixed station and exclusive customized office space, and create an immersive future office experience by real -time surround screens and digital experience space.” Beijing Construction Academy The relevant person in charge said that the project will also set functions such as vitality, special marketing, easy afternoon tea, ceremony study, light and shadow space, weekend interest workshop.

Not only that, the park will also focus on the “design” theme, facing groups such as society, enterprises, primary and secondary school students, to carry out popular education related to creative design in architectural design, fashion design, and open design public welfare classrooms. At the same time The public is open and provides free experience services based on creative design such as architectural design and fashion design; large -scale public welfare publicity activities will be held from time to time to display the results of the development of Beijing design and development.

It is reported that the second phase of the project is planned to start the reconstruction next year, which will be upgraded to another multiple factory buildings. It is expected that the building space of the park will exceed 50,000 square meters.

Source Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Cao Zheng


Edit: Cai Wenqing


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