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The latest lady’s waterproof platform fish -skinned sandals, your summer has to set up “defense”

Recently, there are many heavy rainstorms, and the roads are almost becoming the sea. Getting up in the morning, opening the curtains is rainy and fog, maybe it is about to start to make difficulties: what shoes should we wear in this day? At this moment, Duang screamed, and the waterproof platform fish -mouth sandals appeared in front of you, and you walked away with joy. Today, let’s talk about this summer, a pair of waterproof fish mouth sandals you have to prepare.

1. Playboy Player Song Cake Waterproof Table high -heeled women’s shoes

Huahua Player’s Song Cake Waterproof Tower High Heel Women’s Shoes

Playboy must be very familiar with everyone, especially its men’s belts, wallets, etc. have made a good reputation. However, have you ever seen a Playboy women’s shoes? This sandals can be described as spending their minds: exquisite crystalline diamond -setting bead design, fine and graceful comfortable thick bottom waterproof platform, classic and stylish hardware buckle design, sexy fish mouth design, slope and comfort design, comfortable pig skin Inner … Too many craftsmanship, the rest, wait for you to discover it!

2. European and American style leather thick base sandals

European and American style leather thick bottom sandals

Extraordinary simplicity has always been one of the core points of European and American style. Fashionable fish mouth and breathable leather make this women’s shoes a simple and generous feeling from beginning to end, but they can still show the women’s softness just right. The characteristic thick heel high comfort is more scientific and humane because of its stability.


3. Spring and summer net gauze lace fish and cold shoes

Spring and summer mesh lace fish and cold shoes


This lace mesh fish -mouth sandals are like a mysterious veil, giving women luxurious love. High -heeled shoes seem to give women a magic power, making women vowed to be loyal and doted. The mysterious charm of black has a noble ladylike temperament. Low -key and luxurious star aura, I have to say, it is worth it!


4. Roman fashion thick heel fish mouth women’s shoes

Roman fashion thick heel fish mouth women’s shoes

Do you know this sandals? Many celebrities have wearing it in various street shots, while increasing skinny legs and making you flat. Light gray, black and yellow make it refuse monotonous, and the elegant upper leather makes it eye -catching.

5. One word buckle black high heel shoes

One word buckle black high heel shoes


A sandals with super comfortable tops, leather on the head of the upper, the inside and foot pads are the head layer of pigs, the leather is soft, and the feet are never grinded. Wearing new shoes is no longer torture on the feet. The waterproof platform is 3.5cm, and 11cm with high, in fact, the height of the foot is 8.5cm. Walking will never be tired. This version does not pick your feet. As long as the feet are not particularly fat, you can wear it. You can wear small feet and you can match various styles.