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Thickened shirt new trendy single item



Can be counted in the spring of the 2018 Spring Festival,

Especially the combination of high collar bottoming,

Stylish and temperament, and this year,

You can take this more popular addiction.


加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

Thick shirt is very popular

Thickness “shirt

It is different from the keywords such as the big heat, the smoothness of the big heat last year.

This year’s popular shirt version is quite atrochemical.

This is a honest,

Generally needed

Thick material to support


So it seems to have a feeling of autumn.


加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

This year’s street leather shirt is the largest enemy of traditional shirts.

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

Many bloggers are in a leather shirt.

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

And the material of the leather combined with shirts,

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

It is just to make this single product.

Especially leather shirts with honey wax or creamy land,

This year is most popular this year.

Windbreaker / tooling fabric

This year, the trend of workout wind is too big.

Even some shirts are also very “tooling”,

Many materials similar to windbreaker or tooling,

And “tooling wind” shirt,

Also popular.

Working wind shirt version and lines,

Compared with the leather, more,

The streets are almost all coats or skirts to wear.

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

Many bloggers don’t even have a moving angle.

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

Let the sprinkler of the tooling shirt release.

Cowboy / Core Cold Fabric

Cowboy shirts are also returned again,

And the tooling fabric is also a leisure item,

But in contrast,

Cowboy shirt is easier to wear Chic,

This year’s latest street shooting,

Several bloggers pass through the denim shirt.

The weather is cold,

You can also continue to match high collar knitted or bottoming.

To create a purity of CHIC.

Wear the denim shirt as a bottom

It is also very sensible.


加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

Collapse coat or suit

The cool style will appear immediately.

Cartrills as popular items in the past two years,

In addition to suit, it is necessary.

Shirts are also popular,

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

Cartridge shirt

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

It is all shirts,

It is best to wear retro texture.

Jacket in the shirt form

In the past two years, the jackets are almost all square box types.

Not an ever type or O-type,

And Founder box type jacket and shirt gas field,

It is very close,

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

So the combination of the two,

There is no sense of sudden feeling at all.

Prada2020’s show,

A lot of shirt jackets.

Including very popular tooling jacket this year,

Also deformed “shirt”.

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

In addition to the traditional hard-moving jacket,

There is still a T stage.

Wool shirt jacket

This type of jacket can I want to know that it is relatively heavy.

So if you take it in,

Will definitely pick your body and temperament.

The street is more popular,

It is directly as a short coat or coat to wear.


Fashion will never let you don’t have new things,

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

We want to keep the beautiful dress.

So in the fall, there is a dress, the design of the windbreaker dress,

We like TEE’s wild.

加厚衬衫 新晋时髦单品

So plus velvet white TEE is popular in the first two years.

We like shirts as a coat,

So the jackets of various shirts are designed.