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Building Mug X Porter X CW-X bags for sports fitness design

The designer Ichiko has created some Japanese street brand Minotaur’s branch line MUG has been closely related to the Japanese classic luggage brand Porter. Earlier, it has brought joint products more than once.X, a three -party joint bag series specially created for sports fitness design.The new series selects the basic model of the brand Porter to improve and build it, and uses the classic versatile vegetarian black to consumes it. The waterproof nylon material is made. At the same time, the bag has good storage space, which can not only place sports shoes, other sports equipment, other sports equipmentAt the same time, at the same time, the bodies can be bundled and carrying yoga mats, which are suitable for men and women, which is convenient for practical and functional full loads.At present, it is officially launched, with the value of ¥ 38,000 yen and 32,000 yen.Text: thick eyebrow Source: Eyescream

专为运动健身设计打造 MUG x Porter x CW-X 包袋

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