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Knowledge Kao Bo: 22 years of political and legal examinations of China University of Political Science and Law must read dry goods and reference books

Shen Bo’s successful experience sharing of China University of Political Science and Law Political Science

I am a doctorate in politics of China University of Political Science and Law. I am fortunate to be examined this year. I want to share with you a personal experience of Shenbo Kaobo here. I hope to help students and take less detours.

1. Overview of Political Science Shenbo

China University of Political Science and Law belongs to the second echelon in the doctoral degree of political science in colleges and universities across the country. Although it is not as good as a strong school such as Peking University, the National People’s Congress, and Fudan, it is also a very good platform for students. In the field of international political academics, the teachers of China University of Political Science and Law are strong. On September 21, 2017, China University of Political Science and Law also successfully ranked among the 95 first -class discipline construction universities across the country. As a university directly under the Ministry of Education, doctoral students of China University of Political Science and Law generally take classes in Xitucheng Road, an old campus in Haidian District, and there are also many opportunities to exchange abroad.

At present, there are roughly a few better way out of political science, party and government agencies, institutes of social sciences, military civilian posts, and college teachers. As far as these roads are concerned, China University of Political Science and Law is a good platform. Three years have worked hard, maybe a few roads have passed.

At present, domestic doctoral examinations are divided into “application assessment systems” and “unified examination systems”. Doctoral enrollment of China University of Political Science and Law belongs to the former, but this does not mean that doctoral applications for China University of Political Science and Law do not need to be exams. Written tests are still an important part of application assessment. Of course, interviews are also indispensable. Therefore, the “application for appraisal system” requires students to prepare for professional courses for professional courses and professional courses.

All candidates who apply for politics of China University of Political Science and Law need to unify the political science examination, plus a professional course related to themselves, but in the past two years, the epidemic is basically changed to online written examinations. The form is relatively simple. Foreign language interview composition. The re -examination of China University of Political Science and Law is determined in accordance with the single subject line and the total score ranking. Generally, the proportion of re -examination is not more than 1: 5, and the experience is basically 1: 5. Generally, each teacher has an enrollment quota. Individual teachers can recruit multiple students, and each enrollment quota can allow 5 students to enter the re -examination link.

One thing to pay attention to is that the Chinese University of Political Science and Law is not a total of high scores. Even if you have the first score, if a certain subject has not passed the line, even if it is only one point, there is no qualification for interview. Therefore, we must pay attention to the disadvantaged subjects when reviewing, while working hard to improve the total score.

In addition, the postgraduate entrance examination and examination of China University of Political Science and Law is better and do not discriminate against foreign schools. If the professional is too good, the written test score is high, and the opportunity to pass the test is great.

2. Political Science Shenbo Experience

first of all

Written test



Introduction to Political Science, Renmin University of China Press in 2011, Yang Guangbin; “Basic Political Science”, Peking University Press in 2018, Wang Puyu; “Contemporary Chinese Government and Politics” Higher Education Press, 2005, Xie Qingkui. Each majors also have corresponding professional courses for reference bibliography. The references of the written tests of each major are different. From my understanding of the national supervisory major, the book is mainly Xie Qingkui’s “Contemporary Chinese Government and Politics” (second edition), Pu Xingzu’s ” Contemporary Chinese Political Systems and Zhang Ming’s “Historical Guidance of the Chinese Political System” (second edition). Of course, the professional courses have to start reviewing earlier. I started a planned review of professional courses around September. I just read a lot of knowledge points before, but there is no system, so it is not clear. Start reviewing, and do a good job of the context and knowledge system of professional courses. This can be more effective. I first started from the “Contemporary Chinese Political System” of Bibu Xingzu and Zhang Ming’s “Historical Guidance of the Chinese Political System”. These two are relatively highly professional, and the focus of the exams will be more concentrated, and it can greatly improve your professional writing level for article writing. Let you have a focus to master, not all public reference books are related to your professional reference book, so that you can focus on reviewing. Of course After taking notes, your review will be more efficient afterwards.

The next is

Foreign language written test and interview

I believe that most of the foreign languages ​​are English. Of course, there are very few classmates in Heilongjiang. Here we mainly take English as an example. There are three courses for doctoral entrance examinations, one is English, and the other two are professional courses. Essence For me, professional courses are a piece of cake, and the real blocking is English. So I used most of my energy in English, so I mainly speak English here. Of course, it is nothing more than memorizing words, learning grammar, doing translation, writing, and simulating exams. This is the case every day. Because the re -examination score accounts for a large weight (50%), there are still opportunities for counterattacks. I decided to work hard on the retest and complete the counterattack. The re -examination is divided into English interviews and professional interviews (the weights account for 1/3 and 2/3 of the re -examination, respectively). After understanding, the English interviews have several links of self -introduction, dialogue, reading, and translation. I knew that English was not good, so I tried a few foreign teachers to improve their spoken level through conversation with them. It turns out that this is just a dream of dreaming. First of all, my spoken language is not good. I do n’t understand what they say. Secondly, I do n’t listen. I do n’t understand what they say. After a few lessons, there was no harvest. So about English learning. Don’t believe that the so-called cheats who scores high scores on the Internet are not necessarily applicable to him, because the foundation of each person is different. The only way of One-SIZE-FITS-ALL is: brother and sister who is connected to the study, Seeking their help, most of them can achieve more effort. If you have financial resources, one -on -one guidance effect is better! In addition, foreign language exchanges are internal skills, and it should not be achieved overnight. It is unrealistic to hope that others will improve your level of reading in the short term, and fairy cannot do it. There is no shortcut learning to study aloud. Only by studying hard and hard work, and the preference of famous teachers can be improved.


Professional course interview

The form of interviews in professional courses is mainly to interview teachers’ questions. In terms of form, questions may be questioned or randomly asked. Last year, we were a teacher who asked the teacher to ask three questions. Other teachers asked one. The main score ratio is on the question you are applying for the teacher, so reviewing according to the teacher’s request may improve your professional course interview score. The content is mainly based on the professional reference book you reported. Very few are public reference bibliography. Therefore, in the process of professional courses or articles writing, you can first learn the professional reference book. It is helpful, especially the professional course interview stage. Of course, if there are previously published articles in the professional course interview stage, there will be a certain amount of points, which will increase the teacher’s recognition of your academic ability to a certain extent. In addition to the knowledge of professional courses, the major international events of that year are also the content of the examinations. It is recommended to combine with the current politics in political science. Usually, we must look at the professional reviews related to the state affairs.

In these three exams, professional courses or thesis writing are the most difficult, and generally 90 points are calculated. Foreign language interviews are second, especially after the epidemic, the difficulty of English has increased significantly, but foreign language interviews have 90 points in foreign resumes or relatively good foundations. Professional courses are relatively easy to get high scores. As long as the exam is properly prepared, it is not difficult to take high scores. Judging from the admission situation in the past two years, if the total score of the three subjects can reach about 210 points, the possibility of the examination is very high. The final score is the weighted score, which is basically a relatively high probability of admission in 70 points.

3. Exam skills

After preparing the relevant knowledge, the test skills are also important.

First, in the test of professional courses, pay attention to the three steps of “what”, “why” and “influence”. After completing the question, we must first judge what this is the problem in the political field, that is, “what”. Then, the cause of this question and development through a recognized political theory, which is “why.” Finally, the impact of this issue is explained through the history and news, that is, “what influences”.

Second, when interviewing English, we must focus on preparing self -introduction, research plans, and related knowledge of professional courses to ensure moderate speech speed.


Fourth, a little blessing

The above content is a bit of preparation ideas I want to share with you, but it is difficult to say whether the online exam next year is still online, and the scope and content of the exam may also change. Therefore, the above content is for reference only, but the key to the test is to see accumulation, so it is necessary to lay a good foundation. On this basis, it is played on the spot.

There are a lot of inspirational words. I believe everyone can say a lot, and I will not make fun. What I want to say may be different. One night, the night was quiet, and I listened to the subscription class at home. I couldn’t remember what the lesson I said in that lesson, but the teacher said that it made me unforgettable for life, and that sentence was the portrait of my mood at the time. You can move yourself! This is the word I want to say most.

(The source of this article originally created an article, which was originally created by the postgraduate entrance examination.