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Lisa private service wear again, small suit with high waist jeans into templates, babes learn

Wearing the form and wearing style is often very vary of, for the choice of clothing color and the choice of clothing style, can be considered from different levels, can be simple, each kind of dressing can be fashionable Whether it is for everyone’s concave shape, or as everyone’s daily wear, it is very suitable.

Among them, there is a certain reference value for the LISA’s wear, LISA private service wears a re-exposure, small suit with high waist jeans into a template, and the babes will learn, Lisa is also beautiful, wearing a pad shoulder small suit gas field too Strong, there is a variety of daily shapes.

The LISA’s wearing can be said to be very grounded, and the costumes are simple and the stylish attractive is more suitable for most people. So, if you don’t know how to choose a clothing single, you may wish to follow the Lisa learning!

Simple fundamental wear analysis


Short small coat

Generally, comparison

Basic paragraph

The clothing items have the same characteristics, such as,

The basic, or the cost of the type of clothing is more common.


And with an endless charm and wonderful charm, it is extremely suitable as a daily costume.

Among them, select a classic black short small suit jacket to match, short in the version has a certain uniqueness, more focuses on dividing the body area, showing superior gold segmentation, “three or seven points” The size of the body can be further highlighted. At the same time, there is a certain improvement in the personal gas field charm and personal image sense, and it is fashionable.

However, in the short costumes, there is also a division of different styles, such as

Short suit costume

Or shortly battles, and short paragraph rollies, etc. are nice choices. However, if you want to further enhance the personal gas field, highlight the fashionable attractiveness of the image, then choose a short pad shoulder wear to wear it again.

Shoulder design

Welp shoulder wear suit can be further applied under the rules of the version

Use the shoulder design to modify


Excellent fierce line feeling


For individual gas field charms and high levels of image greatly improvement. At the same time, choose

High waist design

To match, it is a good choice.


High waist design and short top tops have certain matching properties in length, and according to the division of the costumes, the body lines and the superiority of the body can be fully displayed, the shape is simple and fashionable, and the personal charm is not lost. With style.


Printed + knit cardigan

The lady is wearing, having a certain gentleness and sweetness, the young girl is very suitable in this way. For example, choose a short dress of printing.


It is shown in white as a base color, a dark-toned printing element is displayed in evacuation distribution.

The exquisite and high level of pattern design, there is a certain improvement role in the elegant rhyme of women, and it is very exciting.

At the same time, choose one piece

Gray knitting cardigan


To match yourself, use a black, white neutralization highlight as a high-level color,

The costumes of senior and printed models on color are also universal, color harmony

And keep similar lengths on the style type, and the length of the knee is taken as an example, not only can fully show the superiority of the leg line, but also matches a very older lady, and the charm is endless.

Short suit skirt

Skirt type clothing single product, not only can solve it, but also according to the intellect of clothing and

Skirt is the smuggling of the intensity of women’s elegance, sweet, cute, and playful.

Each style is characterized by the fullest, it can be said to be very exciting.

Among them, choose a short suit skirt to match yourself.

The context of the suit version and the hard time of fabrics are focused on the perfectness of the bodiac wire and the three-dimensional feeling of the shape.

And for short suit skirts, it is more integrated with the advantages and trend of suitcase costumes and people’s clothing, and you can show your high-level powerful gas field.

At the same time, choosing a short suit skirt with trendy feelings is more exciting, for example

Waist design suit



Irregular pleated design suit


It is a good choice. With its irregular pleated design, you can achieve the effect of improving the fashionable attraction, and under the action of fine pleated elements, there is also a fine effect of improving the model, so everyone chooses its relatively fashionable and personal suit. The skirt will come to match yourself, you can further highlight the shape of the shape and fashion, the charm is endless.