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After 30 years of turret, vomit the truth: The owner has a lot of money, and the four sets of customs wardrobe, one pit, a quasi

For homeowners, when decoration

The most expensive

What is one item?

Custom wardrobe

It can definitely take the lead. However, the custom industry is too greasy, and the owners who do not understand are easy to be pitted by merchants.

The four major traps that must be around the closet must be around:

One, area trap

Customized furniture water is deep, chaos, different brands, and some are calculated according to the projection area, and some are calculated according to the development area.

If the projection area is calculated, the total length of the cabinet × total height = projection area, cost = projection area × unit price

The unit price of this wardrobe: 799 yuan/㎡, and your home must make a wardrobe of 1.5m wide × 2.5m high (projection area 3.75㎡) wardrobe, then the cost of custom wardrobe = 3.75㎡ × 799 yuan/㎡ =2996.25 yuan

If the area is calculated, the area of ​​the cabinet, the door, and the cabinet is added.


At this time, pay attention,

Cat is tired:

If the projection area is calculated, the partition, hook, and drawer need to be calculated separately. Ask them in advance to prevent the price from sitting on the ground.

If the calculation of the expansion area is calculated, the calculation partitions and no calculation partitions can be described as complicated.

Therefore, be sure to figure out the pricing method of the storage cabinet. Before paying, you must ask clearly and beware of being pitted. The cargo is more than three, and you can understand the multiple pricing models, and put the order carefully.

2. Material trap

① Let’s talk about environmental protection first


There is no concept of “0 formaldehyde” in the decoration,

Whether environmental protection depends on whether the manufacturer can provide a regular national standard E1 -level test report

Essence October 1, 2021

The new national standard has also added E0 and ENF levels. The higher the level, the more environmentally friendly

, But the most important thing is to open more windows.

For custom cabinet boards,

Southern area

Suggestion choice

Multi -layer solid wood board

This is because this kind of plate is environmentally friendly and stable at the same time. The most important thing is not to worry about moisture.

If you also want to use a granular board in the south, remember to dig your mouth on the board

, Avoid decay.



Northern area

Can choose

Granular board

Because of the northern climate, don’t worry about humidity problems. After use, good stability, high resistance to pressure, and more durable.

② The backboard of the wardrobe is also easy to step on the pit


In order to save costs, unscrupulous merchants will make articles on the backboard of the wardrobe.

Use a plate with a thickness of less than 0.9 cm, or even a thinner board for a backplane. This will lead to insufficient structural strength of the entire cabinet, the cabinet is easy to shake, not durable



There are three main thickness of the wardrobe: 5mm, 9mm, and 18mm.

5mm is commonly used by merchants, increasing the depth of the wardrobe, and the cost is relatively low. However, the thickness of the 5mm back plate is easy to be tide and easily broken, and it will crack for a long time.

9mm is another commonly used backboard thickness size. The moisture resistance is much better than 5mm, and the bearing gravity is relatively strong. It can support the gravity of the top cabinet and various plates, and ensure the stability of the wardrobe.

The 18mm backboard is better than 9mm and 5mm in terms of moisture -proof and stability, but the depth of the wardrobe will increase, and the cost is relatively high.


Third, “hardware accessories” trap

Choose hardware

Pay attention to the brand


Don’t easily believe in “German brands”, “Italian brands”, “American brands”, etc.

Big brands of wardrobe, almost all the hardware used in hardware uses cold -rolled steel for one -time stamping molding. Its feel is thick, the surface is smooth, the load -bearing ability is strong, the door of the wardrobe is stretched freely, and the door generally does not appear. Some wardrobes will not appear. The designs have achieved the mute effect.


Infinitive hardware is generally made of cheap metals such as thin iron skin. The door of the cabinet is stretched and jerky, and even harsh sounds.

Here are some tips for selecting hardware accessories:

1. Hinges: Divided into two types: off -unloading and non -dehuminar. The feel is flat and smooth. It can open the hinge 95 ° and press the two ends of the hinge with your hands. Qualified quality.

2. Plum wheel: It is better to support the lubrication of rolling beads in the load, open and easy to open

3. Drawing drawing rails: divided into two sections and three rails, depending on whether the appearance of the appearance and electroplating light is smooth. At the same time, select wear -resistant and rotating uniform load wheels to ensure that the drawer is sensitive to no noise.

Fourth, size details


The height of the wardrobe:

The height of the wardrobe is determined according to the height of your smallpox. If your smallpox is 2.8 meters high, then your wardrobe will be designed, which is almost 2.8 meters high. Without the hygiene at the top of the wardrobe, customized furniture now adopts this method.

Width of the wardrobe:


The width should be determined according to the size of the space units. This designer will give you professional opinions, or you measure the width of the wall yourself. For example, the width of this wall is 4 meters. If you want to make all the cabinets, then make 4 meters wide. Wardrobe.

The depth of the wardrobe:

The depth of the flat door wardrobe is generally 550mm, and the depth of the wardrobe of the door is generally 600mm, because the sliding rail of the door of the door takes up a little space, but this depth can also be adjusted. You can deepen the wardrobe by 50mm, that is, the depth of the flat door wardrobe is 600mm, and the depth of the door of the door is 650mm.

Wardrobe partition height:

The height of the partition is generally 350mm-500mm, which can be designed as a activity plate, so that later can be adjusted as needed.



, Xuan Xuan

Shoe cabinets, living room cabinets, dining cabinets, cabinets, etc. must also be carefully planned for every 1 square meters, carefully selecting board and hardware to truly achieve both face value and quality, enhance life happiness

Do you understand the above points of customization of the wardrobe?

Custom wardrobe