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French perfume flowers with pleasant fragrance, blossoming and golden brown, can open hundreds of days a year

In winter, because the weather is too cold, many people start the door and windows in the house, and the air liquidity in the home is not very good. Many flower friends feel boring in the house. Today, Huahua recommends a very beautiful flower. This kind of flower is called French perfume vine. The flowers blooming are yellow and have a very fragrant taste. Many friends like this kind of flower very much. Do flower friends like French Perorium Teng? If the doors and windows in the winter are closed and there is odor, you can follow the flower of a pot of French perfume rattan ~

1. What is the French perfume vine?


French perfume vine is also called French jasmine and golden hooks. It is a kind of evergreen vine plant. Because this flower is very fragrant, it tastes good at home, and it can also fresh air. Its climbing properties are still better. French perfume vine ~

The flowering period of French Porcelain vine is still relatively long, and many flower friends like it very much. It can be drove from October to April and May of the second year, and the flowering period of a flower can be about 20 days. The flowers of this flower are not particularly large. The shape looks a bit like a horn flower, the whole body is golden, bright and cute, and the aroma is refreshing. It is an indispensable plant in winter.

Second, the growth habit of French perfume vine?


French Porcelain Vinehara is a relatively hot area, and it is also planted in Taiwan, Guangdong and other regions in our country. It is a warm and humid environment in itself. It likes bright and bright environments. It is slightly overcast, but it cannot be maintained in the shade environment for a long time. The environmental temperature that is most suitable for the growth of French perfume and vine is between 18-28 degrees Celsius, which is higher than this temperature or below this temperature. It is not good for it.


When maintaining the French perfume vine, be sure to use the soil with a better water and breathable effect. It is mixed with a little rotten organic fertilizer in the soil.

3. About the toxicity of French Perfume Teng

The juice of the French perfume vine is toxic. Never eat any part of the flower, otherwise it will cause poisoning. In fact, if normal maintenance is not eaten, there is no problem. Everyone must be optimistic about the children and the elderly at home. Do not eat it by mistake.

Fourth, how to maintain French perfume vine?

1. Light

In winter, it can be kept full -day, and it is enough to place the south window sill directly at home. Danning Tianyang can also promote the growth of flower buds, thereby blooming more flowers.


2. Fertilization


As long as the indoor temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius, you can apply fertilizer. You can use some potassium dihydrogen phosphate or flower number 2, and the effect of urging flowers is still very good.


3. Temperature

The temperature suitable for the growth of French perfume rattan is generally between 18-28 degrees Celsius. In this temperature time, French Pervatism vine can grow normally. Therefore, it is necessary to give it warmth in winter.

4. Watering

Now that it is relatively dry in winter, if the indoor air is dry, we can spray flowers with a small spray pot to increase the humidity around a little. If the temperature is too low, don’t water it, just break the water directly. If the indoor temperature is warm, you can pour some water, but you must not accumulate water.

Do flower friends learn about the maintenance of French Porcelain Vine?