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Xu Zhimo’s ten most beautiful poems

(1) Farewell to Kangqiao

I am gone, just as I come lightly;

I beckoned gently and made the clouds of Xitian.

The golden willow on the river is a bride in the setting sun;

The gorgeous shadow in the waves was rippling in my heart.

The green puppet on the soft mud, the oil on the bottom of the water;

In the Judo of Kanghe, I am willing to make a waterweed!

The pond under the Yuyin is not a clear spring, but the rainbow in the sky,


Broken in the floating algae, precipitating the dream of rainbow.

Looking for dreams? Support a long time of artemisia, and go back to the green grass.


A full -load of star, singing in the starry and colorful.

But I can’t sing, it is a sanxiao quietly;

Xia Zang is also silent for me, and silence is Kangqiao tonight!

I am gone quietly, just as I come quietly;

I waved my sleeves without taking away a cloud.

(2) accidental

I am a cloud in the sky,

Occasionally projected in your wave heart-

You don’t have to be surprised,

No need to rejoice-

It was destroyed in an instant.

You and I meet on the sea on the night,

You have you, I have me, direction;

You remember it,

It’s best to forget,

The brightness of each other during the meeting!

(3) I am waiting for you (holiday)

I’m waiting for you

I look at the dim yellow outdoors

Just looking at the future,

My heart shock was blind. My listening.

Why don’t you come yet? Hope

Flowers are allowed every second.

I am waiting for your steps,

Your laughter, your face,

Your soft hair,

Waiting for you,

Hope to be on every second

Death -Where are you?

I want you, I have to have pain in my heart,

I want your flame -like smile,

Want your flexible waist,

The flying star on your eyes;

I am in a fascinated atmosphere,

Like an island,

In the green Haitao of the python, he was not involuntarily floating …

Oh, I am urgent

Your coming, thinking

That amazing Youxuan

Open the top time!

Why don’t you come, bear it?

You know, I know you know,

You are not here to be a fatal blow,

Killing the Yangchun in my life,

Teaching is as dark as the iron in the mine,

Compress my thoughts and breathing;

Kill the poor hopes of buds,

I like me, prisoner, and delivered to

Jealousy and sorrow, shame of life

The miserable and despair.

This may be idiot. Xu is a fool.


I believe I am indeed;

But I can’t transfer a already directed rudder,

Wanfang’s winds are not popular, I hesitated– hesitant– hesitant–

I can’t look back, and my life drives me!

I also know that this is mostly trend

The road to destruction, but

For you, for you

I am willing to do anything;

This is not only my enthusiasm,

The only reason for my reason is the same.

Fathers! Want to break a fiber of life

To move the heart of a woman!

(4) I don’t know which direction is blowing from the wind

——I don’t know the wind


Blow in that direction

——I am in a dream,

In the light waves of dreams.

Her warmth, my fascination.


Sweet is the glory in dreams.


Her heart, my sadness.

Heart heartbroken in the sadness of dreams!

Darkness is the glory in the dream

(5) I have a love

I have a love,

I love the stars in the sky,

I love their crystal:

There is no such strange god in the world.

Dusk in the cold twilight winter,

In the lonely gray morning.

On the sea, the top of the mountain after wind and rain–

There is always one, 10,000 stars!

The consciousness of the small grass flowers by the mountain stream,

The joy of children on the tall floor,

Traveler’s lights and southern needles: –

Flashing elves!

I have a broken soul,

Like a bunch of broken crystals,

Scattered in the wild grass of the wilderness ——

Full you for a moment of diligence.

The ice cream and tenderness of life,

I also tasted it, and I was tolerated.

Sometimes the Qiu Yin is built in step,

It caused me to be injured and forced me to tears.

I reveal my frank mind,

Dedication and one day star.

Regarding life is fantasy or true,

Earth existence or disappears–

Stars who are never ambiguous in space!

(6) Life

Summer, dark, poisonous snake -like winding,

Life is forced to become a martyrdom:

At one time, you can only move forward,

Hands are lined with the sticky tide of cold walls,

Struggling in the internal organs of the demon,

Don’t see a line of sky above the head

This soul, under the oppression of horror,

What do you have more than eliminating?

(7) “He has you in his eyes”

I climbed Takaoka in Wanyu,

The thorns rot my clothes,

I look out of the misty clouds–

God, I can’t see you!

I dig into the thick crust,

Broken the old nest of the snake dragon,

I named in the bottomless bath —

God, I can’t hear you!


I saw a child next to the Tao:

Live, beautiful, 衣 活 活,

His name mother, love in his eyes–

God, he has you in his eyes!

(8) Qiuyue

The same is the moonlight,

Tonight, because we are all looking up —

Look at it, a full round of charming,

From black, like thugs

Rise in the cloud pile–

Seeing is particularly bright and extra round.

It is on the road,

It flashes on the water,

It is immersed in

Water plants are like sorrowful


It is on the pheasant of the ancient city,

Thousands of city bricks are in its clearness


It strokes


The tomb market that is staggered outside the city compartment,

In the intermittent call of the bird,

Want to see the old and new ghosts,

Standing like us,

The eyes are light,

Chew the bonelessness:

Silver lingering poetry

Like a star phosphorus on the water,

Flying in the air in Lu Yingying.

Listen to the chanting of the four fields–

Eternal humble harmony,

Sadly rubbing and happy,

Resentment and love,

Holding the thermal power in obscure,

In this endless autumn night and Akino

In the vast,

The greatness of “decomposition”

In the depth of all fiber


Baby smile!

(Nine) Saraownala -Gifts Japanese Girl

The tenderness that bowed the most,

Like a water lotus, the cool breeze is coquettish,


The Tao is treasured, and the Tao is treasured,

There is a sweet sorrow in that cherishay


(10) Happy Snowflake

If I am a snowflake,

Pleasant in the air, chic,

I must recognize my direction

——Hefang, flying 飏, flying 飏,

There is my direction on this ground.

Don’t go to that cold glory,

Don’t go to the foothills of the clear mountain,

Don’t go to the desert street, go to melancholy

You see, I have my direction!

Juanjuan’s flying in the air,

Recognize the quiet residence,

Waiting for her to visit the garden

Ah, she has the fragrance of cinnabar plum!


At that time, I rely on my body,

Yingying, stained her placket,

Close to her soft -like heart,

——Chalapse, ablation, ablation

It melted into her soft -like mind.

Source: World Masterpiece Daily Reading

——I don’t know the wind

——I don’t know the wind


——I don’t know the wind

——I don’t know the wind

——I don’t know the wind

Blow in that direction

Blow in that direction

Blow in that direction

Blow in that direction

Blow in that direction

——I am in a dream,


——I am in a dream,

——I am in a dream,

——I am in a dream,

——I am in a dream,

——Hefang, flying 飏, flying 飏,


——Hefang, flying 飏, flying 飏,