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Milk leggings, soft and waxy, warm and thin

In the winter, cooling down, but looking at the long skirts, skirts, and dresses in the closet, I still can’t help but want to wear it!


However, girls do n’t hold their naked legs. They are freezing and trembling. They are not only beautiful, but also too unfriendly to their bodies.

In the decent winter, you can’t just not be atmospheric in the temperature, how can a girl who controls the skirt be controlled in autumn and winter to keep warm and eye -catching?

Answer: Careful lane in autumn and winter-add pants.

Soft glutinous skin, exquisite and thin

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Milk Louder Plel Bottom Pants


¥ 79


You can wear it well, commute and shopping, you can control it.

Wearing short skirts, long skirts, coats, smart and poetic, belong to the heroine of winter love songs.

It is also a fashionable trend to put the leggings under the nine -point pants, and a small calf increases the sense of layering.

Wear with sweaters and furry jackets, casual and casual, the whole person will be more pure and concise.

I recommend it to everyone today-


260 grams of heavy milk velvet leggings


It can not only keep warm, but also make the legs not bloated, and easily lift the hips to shape the winter curve.

Soft skin -friendly milk silk fabric

, Containing polyester fiber 44.9 %+glue fiber 44.8 %+10.3 % amino.

Touching it, soft and soft, there is a mask -like touch. When it is dry in autumn and winter, the skin seems to make a milk bath.

The milk slurry obtained after removing the liquid milk and removing water will be further processed into a weaving silk thread through the wet spinning process.


Use it as a fabric, light and soft, and contains 17 kinds of amino acids, which can moisturize the skin.

The key is that the warmth effect is more times better than what you think!

Cashmere soft and waxy milk shreds, wear -resistant and wind -resistant, like a warm embrace, really give people unlimited peace of mind and comfort.


The skin on the inside is soft and soft, and you can slide in at once, bringing you more comfortable feelings, making you warm the whole winter.

The version is thin, but you can wear it outside

, To be inclusive, do not pick your body, fit your legs, and outline the slender curve.


You can spend this winter happily ~

Loose waist design

, I won’t be diarrhea; abdomen and hips, slimming and thin.

Hip plus gear design

Follow the hips more, and will not drop the gear and increase the comfort of wearing.

It has a flexible and high elasticity. It has no tightness on the body and is free.


A total of

Black, light gray, dark gray

, 3 color options. Different shades of clothes and skirts can be worn.

Milk silk fabric, soft moisturizing and warm

Comfortable to the bones, I want to wear it every day

As a versatile model, the simpler the more texture, the “texture” is reflected in the fabric.

This bottoming shirt uses milk silk fabric with 44.9 % polyester fiber+44.8 % sticky fiber+10.3 % amino.

It is easy to isolate the cold air, light and warm, without fear of temperature transformation ~ Putting it like a milk bath, silky and skin -friendly.

Because it contains amino acids, put on it,

Let the skin be maintained and moisturized in “milk”


It’s like making a 24 -hour mask for the skin.


The breathability of milk shredded fabrics is very good. It is not sweltering in the room with air conditioners.

inside of

Velvet skin soft

, Smooth and delicate, skin -friendly.

Even sweating will not feel impermeable on the legs.


The specially added aminoly brings a softer package, and it will not feel bloated.


Make the leggings more elastic, and the large size girls can also wear it easily.

Not only can it be light and light, but it can also keep warm, and it will not be ventilated as soon as it blows.


The thickness is appropriate, the insulation is high, and the short skirt is not afraid of cold.

Edition of age reduction, slimness and thinness


See the quality of the details

After many trials and revisions, this version was determined. The effect of the upper body is thin, tight but not, and the naked feeling is comfortable.

Gold section slightly pressure, 3D slimming tight curve

, Light and bloated, very thin.

It will not feel restrained when wearing it.

High -density knitted design

, Can perfectly fit the legs at 360 degrees, tighten the relaxed muscles, and modify the leg lines.

The wide waist design is very elastic. It is very comfortable to wear, and if you stretch your waist or bend over, you will not curl it.


The wide fake cricket was tightened, and the hips became more beautiful and stylish, and immediately saw the waistline.


The details of this leggings are also great. The workmanship pays great attention to details and comfort, and there is no extra line head bag neat.


The ankle was layered, the feet were made of thin velvet, comfortable and warm, and more durable.


The hip plus file design is more fitted with the hips, which will not drop the file and increase the comfort of wearing.

3 colors, versatile qi


Fashionable winter wear depends on it


Select three colors of black, light gray, and dark gray!


: Basic color, not only thinness, but also the daily matching ~


: Slightly lighter than black, fashionable and foreign!

Shallow gray

: Japanese wearing basic colors, light -colored basic colors, how to match them.


Gentle is the representative color, given to the gentle you.


To say the king fried in autumn and winter-still wants to bottom socks+stockings.

The right length, fashionable contrast, protect the ankle, keep warm and fashionable!