What brand of mattress is good, how is the specific price of mattresses?

At present, the mattress brand on the market is very much. When consumers buy a mattress, there may be dozens of cards to choose from, what brand mattress is good? In addition to the mattress, Outside the book, the price is also the point of consumers, and how much is the specific price of the mattress?

什么牌子的床垫好 床垫的具体价位是多少

First, what brand of mattress is good

1, Emma

Emma’s latex mattress brand is a mattress brand in recent years. The company has been inheriting for the concept of sleep quality to consumers, and puts a lot of attention on the mattress technology, and introduces German and US imported mattress processing equipment and multi-needle feet, etc. Always lead a lot of latex mattress brands in the manufacturing process to meet the expectations of consumers.

3, Tapur

The Topier mattress is a mattress and pillow brand certified by the US Aerospace Foundation. The mattress brand has long been traced back to 1970. The Topier mattress has a good unzipped comfort and effective support, which has uniqueness in comfort and health, relatively expensive.

3, Jin Ci Yu mattress

In 1898, Mr. Samuel Bronstein opened a hundred years of King Kool Kim Church in a small town of Minnesota, USA. Jin Keer has always adheres to the promise of high quality mats for customers. It is not yet the quality of goods in all production bases, and according to the demand of the unique area, establish and improve the sustainable development operation system of regional shopping malls according to the demand of the unique area, and thus abundant Satisfied with the needs of customers around the world. King Koil has become a very popular mat now.

4, Sui Bao

It can be said that a very old mat brand has been in 1971, there are four or fifty years in the past. Suibao mats have obtained 500 value of our country in my country. Suibao mat brand mat acquires 100 million direct users, winning the trust of consumers.

Second, how much is the specific price of mattresses?

1, cotton cotton bedding mattress bed squat pad is 5.24 yuan for the student dormitory of 0.9 1.2 double 1.5 1.8M bed, market reference price 524 yuan.

2, tatamifa-leash mattress student dormitory bed foldable single double pad thick 0.9m / 1.5, market reference price 1128 yuan.

3, tatami-sponge mattress bed double student thickened floor tile pad economy 1.2 meters 1.5m 1.8m, market reference price 238 yuan.

4, Mercury home textile mattress warm bed 加 thick protective pad Sicilian coconuclear charcoal function mattress, market reference price 439 yuan.

5, foldable water to wash the ticking tatam mattress Bed bedding single double mattress is subject to the student dormitory 1.5M1.8M bed, the market reference price is 2048 yuan.

6, Jiao Natural Thai latex mat mattresses 5cm1.8M bed 1.5 m double single latex pad plus thick pillow, market reference price 599 yuan.

What brand of mattress is good? It is recommended that you can choose the market in the market when you buy a mattress, so buying the mattress can have good quality. What is the specific price of the mattress? Depending on the grade, the price of the mattress will not be the same. Relatively high quality mattress is higher, and consumers can choose according to their own economic capabilities.