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Which bulb is the most powerful and brightness? 3 kinds of bulb performance competition

At present, incandescent lamps are facing the situation of elimination, and energy -saving lamps and LED lights have become the mainstream in the market. However, because the unit price of incandescent lamps is cheap, some people think that its cost performance is relatively high. Some people think that energy -saving lights and LED lights are cost -effective. In this issue, the laboratory will test the three different light bulbs to test, telling you which bulb is worth buying.

In this experiment, the common waiting experiments were purchased on the market, namely 5W energy -saving lamps, LED lights and 40W incandescent lamps, and compared their performance in power saving, brightness, eye protection lights.


Electricity: Energy -saving lamp = LED light> incandescent lamp

First, the calculation of the electricity fee is related to the power consumption, while the power consumption = voltage*current*power factor.


The last issue of rabbit sauce has been explained: the size of the power factor (Power Factor) is related to the load properties of the circuit. The incandescent lamp with resistance load is 1, and the energy -saving light and LED lights are generally around 0.7.

We installed the light bulb on a lamp prepared in advance, and the current, voltage, and power factor measured with the current meter after turning on the table lamp. The actual measurement data is as follows:

By calculating, we can get energy -saving lights and LED lights. The following will also be tested by light efficiency testing.

Energy -saving will be tested by light effects.


Photo & Light Effect: Brightness on Cure Lights> LED Lights> Energy -saving Lights, but LED Lights> Energy -saving Lights> Cantile Lights

When choosing a bulb, consumers often consider brightness. The introduction rate “illuminance” and “luminous efficiency” two concepts. The illumination refers to the size of the light flux in the unit area, which is related to the brightness of the naked eye. The lighting efficiency, referred to as light effect, refers to the amount of light emitted when consumed a certain amount of electricity, that is, the ratio of illumination to power.

Therefore, we use the illumination APP control degree to perform simple measurement, fix the height of the table lamp and the mobile phone in the same position, turn on the lights, and compare the illumination of different light bulbs.


The results of the three types of light bulbs are as follows:

The test results of the power size of the three bulbs are as follows:


Looking at the tests of three types of light bulbs, the brightness of the incandescent lamps is the best in the three bulbs, but its light effect is the lowest and the energy saving is relatively poor. The light effect and illumination of LED lights are slightly higher than the energy -saving lamp.

Flint phenomenon: eye protection LED light = energy -saving lamp> incandescent lamp

In addition to the annoying flashing of lighting, the flashing light can also cause some serious diseases, such as headache, vision disorders, and even severe seizures.

A simple evaluation method is to shoot light bulbs with a camera that comes with a mobile phone. If the screen is painted with ripples, the light bulbs have a “flash flash” problem.


The following are the evaluation results of the three types of bulbs:


Among them, incandescent lamps are the worst, and LED lights and energy -saving lamps have a slight flashlight.


Color temperature & color rendering: no good or bad distinction, depending on the use scene

If you do n’t ask for rigor, we can think so: the color temperature is high, and the red light is less; the low color temperature indicates that the blue light is less and the red light is more.


(Color temperature contrast map, source:


The color temperature is not good or bad. Generally speaking, the bedroom light rest space is suitable for warm color, that is, low -color temperature lights. The living room, study room, etc. are suitable for cold tones, namely high color temperature.

The following is the color temperature of the three types of light bulbs in the condition of the light:


From the light color of the white table, the color temperature of the incandescent lamp is the lowest, followed by energy -saving lamps. The LED light color temperature is the highest, the brightest. (Although the product packaging shell display the energy -saving lamp and the LED lights are the same, but there are still some differences.)

Color rendering index: color rendering index refers to the color rendering ability of the light source to objects. We generally use sunlight as a reference. Its color rendering index is 100. The higher the light source of the color rendering index, the closer its color restoration ability is to the sun. When we look at other objects in this light source, the more it feels like its color is natural.

The test of color mild color rendering requires professional means. Given that we usually have no precise requirements for them, we only refer to the shooting situation of the same conditions.


in conclusion:

Judging from the performance of different category of light bulbs in the same brand:


The advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamps are prominent. Although the cheapest is the cheapest and “brightest”, the power consumption is serious. Energy -saving lights and LED lights are not much different. Although the price is slightly higher than incandescent lamps, energy saving eye protection.