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“Long Time, Wuhan”

Japanese director Takeuchi Lianghuo!

“Why do you live in Shanghai?” After seeing the reporter at the beginning of Takeua Liang, he asked the question first after a few greetings.

Why do you live here? In the past ten years, Takeuchi Liang has continuously threw this problem to foreigners living in China and Chinese who live in Japan. “Reason I Live here” is the weekly broadcast of the Takeuchi Team Weekly. It has been updated for 5 years.

In 2013, Takeuchi Ryo moved from Japan to China. His wife Zhao Ping was from Nanjing. This is the reason why Takeuyliang lives in Nanjing, China.

After moving to China, the Japanese director Take Kai Liang was observed and recorded in China more deeply.


In 2020, the three anti -epidemic documentary filmed in China allowed him to enter more people’s vision.

Takeuchi Liang was filmed at Wuhan. (Provided by the respondent)

Except “the reason I live here”

About Takeuchi Liang

More people care

He records the reason for China

Half and half

Takeuchi Liang has a brightly colorful scarf, a gray zipper hat shirt coat with a black jacket, a blue trousers, a backpack, and a standard traveler. On the 4th floor of the central shopping mall of Shanghai, he and his colleagues are shooting a business publicity video.

A middle -aged female customer visited the shop and glanced at the scene of the filming, blurted out, “Yo, isn’t this Zhumai Liang?”

The clerk smiled and answered: “Do you recognize?”

“I have seen it on TV.”

In 2020, the second season of the second season of “The Reason I Live here” filmed by Takeuchi Liang was broadcast, “Nanjing Anti -Epidemia”, which focused on Chinese anti -epidemic measures, allowed the Japanese director to enter China and foreign countries. The vision of netizens, about the topics related to Zhi Liang and his works, repeatedly appeared on the hot search list of Chinese social media, on the Japanese “Asahi Shimbun”, Yahoo homepage, and even on the fashion magazine. There are more and more fans in Zhubailiang.

Takeuchi Liang is at the shooting site. Photo by Li Chiyue

“What color shirt do you like?” The clerk asked.


“I like to be conspicuous, it is best to attract the attention of female fans.” Takeu Liang teased.

The shooting location is an old Japanese men’s clothing store, which focuses on private customization of high -end markets. Takeuchi Liang looked at the price tag of the suit, “6000 yuan!” He was a little surprised and said with a smile: “I never wear such expensive clothes.”

The TV in the store is broadcasting the Japanese version of the brand promotional videos. Takeuchi Liang stood in front of the screen for a while, and turned to the clerk, “Are you not in the Chinese version? We can shoot. The clerk brought the remote control and tuned to the Chinese version. Takeuchi Liang watched for a while and continued to strive for the opportunity to shoot the promotional video.


Commercial promotional videos occupy half of his work. “If you only do what you want to do at all, it is too selfish.” Takeu Liang said. The main content in the men’s clothing store is the several changes in Takeuchi Liang. In addition to the uniforms of students in middle school, he rarely dresses like a suit and tie. The third set of clothing is the most formal dark suit suit. Director and camera proposal should be imitated on the spot to imitate the famous segment of the Ya Ya people in the Japanese drama “Hali Hali Tree”. After shooting a total of three times, Takeuchi Liang was a little embarrassed. While complaining “I am a director, I am not an actor”, I finished it with cooperation.

“At this time, it is a tool person.” He teased. If 70 % of the work is a tool person, Takeuchi Liang is unacceptable. If most of the work does only do what he is interested in, the company cannot survive. He and his wife Zhao Ping’s dream company has nearly 30 intern. The company needs to survive, so commercial projects are indispensable. Takeuchi Liang worked hard to find a balance. “Half” is his most comfortable point.

In the past year, he has gained more in half of his non -profit.

“Nanjing Anti -Epidemia” was broadcast after being broadcast in Japan. Almost all Japanese TV stations reprinted this video. After that, Chinese and English subtitles were also translated into 14 languages.

After China’s domestic epidemic improved, Takeuchi Liang came to Wuhan to shoot 76 days before. On June 26, 2020, “Long Time, Wuhan” was launched. In less than 24 hours, the playback volume exceeded 25 million. After 10 days of launch, the topic reading volume exceeded 100 million yuan, and the highest on Weibo was the first place.

On July 3rd, at a regular press conference hosted by a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spokesman Zhao Lijian said ↓

From the perspective of ordinary people, the film shows the real scene of Wuhan’s city after the epidemic trauma, as well as the tough and open spirit of the Wuhan people.

On January 6, 2021, the third epidemic documentary “The Era of the Epidemium” in Zhunliang’s third epidemic documentary, focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Chinese society, and re -production in an orderly manner. Not long after the documentary was launched, Hua Chunying said at the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ↓

“We praised Director Takeu Liang without prejudice.

At first, Zhu Naoliang just wanted to introduce China’s efficient anti -epidemic experience to Japan, hoping that his compatriots would inspire. An important experience he learned in China is that if you do it first, and then adjust the bad places in the process. The biggest problem in Japanese society is that they have been discussing, but they have been delayed. Speed ​​is crucial for resistance. The Japanese government’s anti -epidemic policy is too conservative. It is always very passive until the matter occurs.

Recently, Takeuchi Liang and Ali Films talked about making movies, and the other party decided to invest in him on the spot. Takeuchi was shocked, “This is the first time we have met and only talked for an hour. It took at least half a year in Japan, and I have been exploring whether to do it in the past six months, which is very wasteful.”

Takeuchi Liang is at the shooting site. Photo by Li Chiyue

Surprise China

In 2002, Takeuchi came to China for the first time in order to shoot the show. At that time, Takenu Liang served as a documentary director of the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Association). He went to several cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and the biggest feeling was “chaos”.

The streets of the city are messy, and people wear the road at will and spit. Takeuchi Liang was surprised. Compared with the neat and orderly Japan, China looks a lot vividly. Japan is in a period of peaceful stability, and China, which is changing with each passing day, is really interesting.

When buying things in a small seller in China, the salesperson threw the pocket money on the counter. The young Takeuchi was shocked, which was an experience he had never had in Japan. Knowing that he was a foreigner, the salesperson was willing to talk to him, casual and sincere.

In Japan, there is no garbage on the road, and it is extremely clean. All the waiters look the same, “like a robot”, Takeuchi Liang said. Whether it is a city or a person, the perfect perfectness is prone to depression and indifference. Japanese clerks are always polite, but they will never chat with customers. “The whole society is becoming more and more unnatural, and people should not be so perfect.” Take Kuman Liang said.

In 1998, Takeuchi was 20 years old. Because he liked Chinese cuisine, he chose to work in a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. At that time, there were few Japanese people who worked in Japan. Most of them were not highly academic qualifications. They were engaged in lower -level occupations, dishes, cleaning, or operators on the assembly line. At that time, his impression of China was chaotic, poor and soil. As he saw when he first arrived in China, it was the impression of many people at that time. The superior mentality brought by economic advantages has made many people miss the fact that neighboring China with water is brewing a miracle development.

To a large extent, the cause of chaos is changing. At the beginning of this century, China, which was under the stage of rapid development and reform, the rules and order were still in the process of establishing. The city was growing every day. The sun was mixed with a fresh and charming atmosphere, and even the air was flourishing. Japan once had such an era. In the childhood and adolescence of Takeuchi, the Japanese economy has been developing rapidly. When he was a child, he always envious of adults and hoped to grow up quickly, because adults are always happy, easy to make money, and spend money happily.

When Takeuchi was born, Japan was in the era of the bubble economy, but when he really became an adult, the bubble was broken. Takeuchi Ryo remembers that after graduating from college, many Japanese companies began to close, and it was very difficult to find a job. After the millennium, the Chinese economy entered the fast lane, and many local companies in Japan have been slow or even stagnant. The number of companies that have chosen to enter the Chinese market are increasing.

Takeuchi is fascinated by China’s wild chaos and casualness. Almost at the same time, the Chinese have begun to become interested in highly self -discipline and order. Chinese people who study work in Japan often admire the neighboring streets and polite clerks. Chinese people who go to Japan no longer have only low -end labor. There are more and more foreign students, white -collar workers, and businessmen with good conditions. Takeuchi Liang and his wife Zhao Ping met, during the work of Zhao Ping’s work in Japan.

Complicated China

In 2013, Takeuchi Liang and his wife Zhao Ping married and settled in Nanjing. This is not an impulse. At first, the parents of Bamboo did not understand, but no longer opposed by his persistence. After asking Zhao Ping for the third time, Takeuchi Liang was finally accepted by his father -in -law.

For a Japanese, choosing to settle in Nanjing has more factors worth considering. He once worried that his child would be bullied by his classmates at school, which proved that he thought about it. “I have lived in Nanjing for 8 years, have not been bullied, and have not been excluded. I didn’t have it once.” Takeu Liang said.

Takeuchi Liang and his wife Zhao Ping. (Photo confession in the respondent)

Before 2013, every time Takeu Liang came to China, he still observed China from a relatively external perspective. After moving to Nanjing, he had a chance to understand China more in depth, and many views have changed. “China is too big. People and people are very different from the local area, so it is complicated.” Take Kuman Liang said. He realized that only by living here can he truly understand China. Many people misunderstand this complex and charming country because they do not understand.

While working in Japan, Takeuchi Liang once filmed a documentary “The During the Book of the Yangtze River Heaven and Earth”. During the shooting, someone asked him to inquire about the recent situation of Japanese star Yamaguchi Yamaguchi and Takakura Ken. The two have long been in the shadow; some people show him the Japanese ability, which is limited to “Micimi” and “Yoshi Yoshi”. “They don’t know the current Japan at all.” Take Kuyan’s emotion, he began to have the idea of ​​introducing Japan to China.

Japan’s understanding of China also has great problems. In his impression, it was just two years when he moved to China. Due to the Diaoyu Islands dispute, Sino -Japanese relations entered a tense period. At the same time, during the ten years from 2010 to 2020, the development of China and Japan was completely reversed. The Japanese economy entered a period of slowing, and the Chinese economy began to surpass.

In 2010, Japan’s GDP was equivalent to USD 547.42 trillion, while this number in China was $ 587.86 trillion. This is the first time that China’s economic aggregate has surpassed Japan. In 1968, Japan has given out the position of “second economic country”. Subsequently, the economic gap between China and Japan has become increasingly significant. However, at that time, domestic public opinion was not complacent, and there was no shortage of calm voice reminding: China’s per capita GDP was only one -tenth of Japan. According to international standards, it is still an out -of -the -box developing country.

The superiority brought by economic advantages gradually disappears. Many Chinese travel to Japan to travel, shopping, and invest in real estate. In the past, the Japanese who always held the mentality of the “Asian Boss” experienced the pressure of being overtaken.

The emotions of Japanese citizens have begun to change. Takeuchi Liang remembers that in 2011, when he came to China to shoot a documentary about the Yangtze River, it was not the case. As the Japanese media “black” China’s reports and the increase in negative public opinion in China, more and more Japanese people are in a negative attitude towards China. A public opinion survey of “Beijing -Tokyo Forum” in November last year showed that the Chinese people’s favorability of the Chinese people continued to increase, reaching a 45%high, while the Japanese people’s favorability of China fell to a new low of 10%. Regardless of the accuracy of this survey, it is a fact that the relationship between the people of the two countries.

“60%of the Japanese do not know China, and I am not sure whether they like it. If you have to answer, you can only say that you do n’t like it. After all, there are so many black China information in the media.” In His Liang, in his opinion, This part is not understood. People who are not interested are exactly the main audience of their documentary. Let them discover the interesting places in China and see the real China.

If he does not like the understanding of China after objectively recognizing China, Zhu Naoliang has never planned to persuade others. What he wants to do is to eliminate prejudice and present real China. “I’m just making a balance.” He picked up the black coffee cup and white tissue box on his hand. “Now the Japanese see only black and white, so I prepare them for white, so I have prepared white. In the end they like to like China, it is what they decide. “

Real China

During the interview, Xu Liang told Zhubai Liang that he planned to go to Daliangshan to shoot a documentary. Xu Liang is a photographer in the Zhuanliang team. He used to be a teacher in Daliangshan. In 2020, Takeuchi Liang and Xu Liang completed the documentary shooting in Daliangshan.

Ten years ago, Takeno Liang went to Daliangshan. At that time, his transportation was a donkey. This time, the material conditions of Daliangshan have improved a lot, but educational resources are still scarce. In the past 20 years, Takeuchi Liang has always insisted on recording China.

In 2010, he set off from the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and walked through Qinghai, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei … Now, he is no longer satisfied with the film ten years ago. In 2021, he plans to take another shot of the Yangtze River. “Because at the time when I was sitting on the plane from Japan, it was the perspective of guests. I only shot the surface. I will speak Chinese now, and I live in China. I have a different understanding of China and the Chinese.” Takeuchi Liang said that Essence

Takeuchi Liang is in Daliangshan. (Photo confession in the respondent)

While shooting in Shangri -La, Zhunliang met a Tibetan girl with shepherd, and he remembered a period of communication with her.

“How did you come?” The Tibetan girl asked.


“Come on the plane.” Takeu Liang replied.

“How many people can the aircraft sit?”

“200 people.”

“200 people? Impossible.”

The simple girl has never seen the plane, and Takeuyliang looks forward to meeting her again and talk about the changes and experiences of these decade.

In Japan, among all Chinese influencers, Zhumai Liang has the most fans, but the number of “most” fans on foreign social media is only 22,000, and there are still very few people who know China. Let Japan see China and let the world know China.

He is fluent in Chinese now, and he has no feeling that he lives abroad. Nanjing’s specialty snack duck blood fan soup has become a good heart. But in order to ensure the authenticity of the documentary, Takeni Liang always reminds himself an objective attitude. “My characteristic is foreigners, which is my advantage in recording China,” he said.

On January 6, 2021, the Global Times published a signature article in Bamboo in Bamboo. He mentioned in the article: I don’t deny that someone will question that China’s epidemic prevention and control is false, because there are always people who do not understand China and do not believe in China, just ignore them.

This is also his own way of life. Because of the rapid popularity in China, some people questioned the people of Takeni Liang. “I suspect that I am a spy of the Chinese government, and some people say that I have found a wealth password.” Takeuchi Liang said with a smile, he rarely explained and felt that the clear person was clear. Takeuchi Liang said that even now, his income is much less than when filming in Japan, but he does not regret it. He likes China and hates prejudice. Recording China is what he wants to do, and pursuing the truth is his original intention.

“There are a lot of noodles, and the angles are different. For example, this cup, from the front, is a black cup, but from the top, you can see that the coffee has been drank.” He knows that “real” and “subjective” are not contradictory, and he never avoids his subjective perspective. In the documentary, he chose to appear to show a more real state. Takeuchi Liang said that everyone sees differently, but what he sees never deletes and adds it.

Recently, the epidemic -related documentaries shot by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have aroused heated discussion among Chinese netizens. The Chinese version and English version are obviously different. In the English version, Wuhan Street scenery is dark, pale and gloomy. After knowing this scene, some netizens talked about the BBC using the “Yin Filter”. For Chu Naoliang, who has worked in the Japanese media for many years, this is not new. In order to please some people, some people will process and cut some facts. But he didn’t want to do such a thing, he chose to convey what he saw directly to everyone.

Pursuing truth is not easy. “Of course, there are difficulties, so we can have our value. Only the content of everyone wants to see, our value is gone.” Takeuchi Liang said.

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