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What gift is good for children to give children? Treasure Mom recommends these 4 models, which have both face value and practicality

It is half a month before Children’s Day, but many parents around me have started to worry about what gifts to pick up?

Pick up, afraid that the child will eat in the stomach, and forget it; pick the book, afraid that it is not appropriate, the child does not like to see it; picking toys, afraid of quality, but also increase the problem of family storage; picking life, learning supplies, I don’t know what is really easy to use …

As a picture book, the mother -in -law, who has been deeply cultivated in the field of mother and baby for nearly 7 years, I have a lot of experience in choosing children’s gifts. Today, I recommend a few good things for their own use of giving off, with both face value and practicality for your reference.

1. “Children who understand famous paintings have temperament”

I don’t know much about art. When I brought more cuteness to the art gallery and museums to watch the art exhibition every time, I will only evaluate “good -looking” or “not good -looking”, “like” or “not like”. Interpretation of famous paintings. But after reading this “Children who understands famous paintings”, I found that reading paintings and reading are the same as the same work. There are methods to find, and there is a routine to learn from.

From the 5th century to the 20th century, from Renaissance to modern art, from abroad to domestic, “Children who knows famous paintings have temperament” can be called the “art museum” that can be carried with them. The details of the world -famous paintings, the collection and historical interests of the 78 world -renowned museums help us see the development and evolution of the art genre at one time, and learn to appreciate and interpret paintings from all angles and all aspects.

“Girl with Pearl Earrings” Vermei was created in 1665 and is now hidden in the Mauritzheas Art Museum

The earliest painting was called “Girl with a Head Scarf”, and the female identity in the painting could not be verified.

The later name originated from British female writer Chevrolet. After admiring the painting, she was inspired and wrote the novel “The Girl in the Pearl Earrings”, and the novel was adapted into a movie of the same name. This painting was widely known and officially renamed.


As for the material of the girl’s earrings in the painting, Vincent Ike, a physicist and visual artist of Leiden University, believes that this earrings cannot be pearls, and pearls can not appear mirror reflexes. The volume of this pearl is too huge.

It can be seen that the artistic value of a pair of paintings must be evaluated in conjunction with the cultural value, aesthetic value and artistic means reflected in the work.

“Mona Lisa” Da Vinci was created in 1502 and is now hidden in the Louvre, France

“Mona Lisa” is the most famous work of Da Vinci, and the subtle smile lies in its mysterious smile. We often ignore the other wonderful parts of the picture because of a smile. After a closer look, its composition is extremely attentive. The trend of the scenery in the picture and the direction of the clothes line point to the face, leading us to gather the focus on her face.


This painting is now collected in the Louvre, France, with 10 cm thick bulletproof glass outside. Why is it so good? Here I want to tell you a historical story of a famous painting.

From December 1962 to March 1963, “Mona Lisa” was borrowed from the US exhibition. After this painting reached New York, as many as 1.7 million people who scored in line to watch. Because there are too many viewers, everyone can only stay in front of Mrs. Lisa for 20 seconds, but people who read the paintings are still endless. During the exhibition of Metropolitan Museum in New York, due to the too many audiences at the scene, the indoor temperature was too high, the fire prevention system in the museum failed, the fireproof water sprayer suddenly opened, and the “Mona Lisa” looked. In a panic, the museum immediately closed the museum to repair.

Since then, the audience has lost the opportunity to get close -to -distance with “Mona Lisa”.


“Luo Shen Fu”

In addition to the creative stories and fun of foreign celebrity paintings, the introduction of Chinese famous paintings and museums in the book is also pretty wonderful. There are panoramic maps of China’s top ten famous paintings such as “Luo Shen Fu”, “Four Maps”, “Five Cow Maps”, “The River Map of Qingming”, and there are local high -definition placing large pictures, as well as detailed text analysis. For parents and children who understand painting, they are really guiding and leading.

Take Luo Shen Fu Tu as an example. “Luo Shen Fu Tu” was based on Cao Zhi’s “Luo Shen Fu” by Gu Kaizhi, a painter of Dongjin, and interpreted the “love of human gods” that Cao Zhi and concubine loved at first sight through the strength of 5 scenes and 12 scenes.

When the concubine first saw the concubine, Cao Zhi was afraid of the beauty of Luo Shui. He leaned forward subconsciously and stretched out his hands to stop the dull eyes of his eyes. When he came in close contact, Cao Zhi relieved his personal jade and a gift. The concubine reported it with Qiong Yu. Perfect interpretation of the meaning of the ancients using token exchange to express the meaning of affection; when there was no choice, the concubine lowered her eyebrows for the first time and gave Cao Zhi from the fan fan that never left. Looking at each other, I only hope that the loved ones will appear again.


“Practice” is a pair of gongbi redemption, showing the work scenes of ancient noble women who practice, weaving, and ironing. Such work scenarios are difficult to see in real life. When looking at the painting, we can discuss with the children’s bun shapes, clothing styles, labor tools, expression movements, life utensils, etc., and can also take the opportunity to discuss the differences between ancient utensils and modern home appliances with children.


The program “What to say” reproduces “Practice”, and the characters in the painting are vivid

Take an iron as an example. The ancient iron was added to the burning coal to the wooden handle metal spoon. It needs to be ironed extremely carefully to avoid charcoal rolling and destroying the cloth; and the modern iron is basically steam engine. There is no need to take the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

At the moment of the epidemic, there is inconvenience to travel. With such a good book, you can realize the joy of visiting the art museum and museum anytime, anywhere, and the “professional tour guide” to explain patiently and meticulously. It is really the best choice for children to enlighten art enlightenment!

2. Has Vision Eye Lantern


Cute are more painting

For children with writing tasks, sending eye lights is really a practical and considerate choice.


In order to prevent cute and myopia, some time ago I specially bought a more eye-protection lamp for cuteness-Hyegy Eye Lantern OH13-V for his daily learning and use. It feels pretty good for 2 months.

After my home was particularly small, after a small bed with 1.2*1.8 meters, the learning table could only be placed at the end of the bed. The area with glass windows only accounts for 1/10 of the desktop, so daily lighting is a bit insufficient. In the case where the lights are not turned on during the day, half of the tables are shadow. Putting a small table lamp, it feels that the light area is obviously insufficient, and it can only play a role in lighting. In order to see the fonts, cuteness often moves books or homework, which has caused bad habits such as crooked head reading and too close to work.

The arrival of HEV’s eye lamp OH13-V has greatly improved these problems. The lighting area is larger and wider, which can completely cover our 1.1 meter -long learning desktop; the color rendering index reaches RA98.5, which is much higher than the nominal high -gravity table lamp (RA95). The original color of the practice book or painting; the RG0 level that has no blue light harm can effectively prevent blue light from hurting the eyes; there are 4 gears such as reading, writing, leisure, light sensitivity, and night lights, which facilitates immersive experience in different scenarios.

If your child reads a lot of time and writing time, you can consider buying a eye protection lamp.

3. Mulo breakfast machine

Mulo Breakst

If your child loves the kitchen and is keen to make food, then you can consider buying a cute and simple lazy breakfast machine for your child. Not only can it satisfy the child’s desire to make a dessert, but also the opportunity to eat the delicious breakfast made by the child every day. It is really a machine to send a baby to benefit the whole family.

The two breakfast machines I bought, the smaller on the left is the Liren breakfast machine, and the larger one on the right is the deer breakfast machine.


The original intention of buying a breakfast machine was to make more tricks and choices for my family for breakfast. The main purpose was to use it.

At the beginning, I was greedy for low prices and bought a breakfast machine that can make home -made donuts, Wahfu cakes and sandwiches. But after receiving the goods, it discovered that its heating electric ring was exposed. In case of accidental shaking, the liquid pour too much, it may cause problems such as leakage and difficult to clean. And there is no switch button. Plug in the plug -in power by default to start using it.

“You have no key to this breakfast machine. The heating electric ring is still naked, and it looks unsafe, and he retreats quickly. If you really want to buy, you will pick a better quality.” My husband looked at the product structure and resolutely resolutely looked at the product structure and resolutely resolutely. I ask me to return the goods and buy it.

At this time, I remembered that Zhiyou @这 这 Mother warmly said that she had done a breakfast machine evaluation, and ran to her homepage to choose the number of mysterious breakfast machines ranked first.

Because of the sudden epidemic in Shanghai, the cheap breakfast machine who applied for refund was too late to be taken away by the courier, and the favorite deer breakfast machine had waited for more than a month before getting in hand. It happened that both breakfast machines were there, so I took a product differential map for your reference.


The low -cost breakfast machine is exposed, the black baking tray is easy to stick, and there is no power switch button. The baking time is controlled by yourself.

The deer breakfast machine is non -exposed fever, and the ceramic shaft is used without baking sheet. Even if the surface is not fried on the surface, there is no trouble of adhesion and difficult to wash. There are intelligent touch buttons, with multiple stalls such as sandwiches, cakes, and Huafu, with their own recipes, which is particularly friendly to kitchen Xiaobai. The base is made of a sled, which is more convenient to store the wire.

According to the recipes, I learned the production of Huafu cakes and small cakes. Toast brushed oil and roasted on both sides, it was super crispy

Since this mini breakfast machine is here, my family has been fascinated with self -made breakfast. I get up early every day to go to the kitchen and work to make us sweet Wahff cakes and cartoon cakes. “Mom, the breakfast at home will return to me in the future, I get up early every day to make breakfast for you!”


4. Rujiou Children’s Electric Toothbrush

Daily teeth are not cleaned in place, and neighborhood caries are prone to occur

If your child does not like brushing his teeth all day and feels hard to brush his teeth, then you can try to buy him a good -looking and easy -to -use electric toothbrush as a gift for Children’s Day.

It’s so cute that are such children. I have to urge my teeth every day, and I finally caught the duck on the shelves. I ca n’t brush it for half a minute in front of the mirror. Are you here? “” Mom, I don’t want to brush it anymore. “

In order to cultivate the interest of brushing my teeth earlier, I promised to buy him a children’s electric toothbrush to help him reduce the “hard work” of brushing.


Before buying a toothbrush, I checked a lot of professional articles about the development of children’s teeth. I found that the main indicators to measure the good or bad of children’s electric toothbrushes are the following aspects: cleaning strength, bristles size, bristles soft and hard, grinding rate, bristles thickness, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, earthquake, shake Frequent wait.

During the tooth change period, the deciduous teeth and permanent teeth exist at the same time, the gap between the teeth is large, the bite nest ditch becomes more, and the food residue is easy to stay. You need to choose a more clean toothbrush.

In the process of replacement of old teeth and new teeth, the child’s gums are more sensitive and afraid of pain. It is best to choose the bristles of hard and hard mixed planting.

The vibration sound should not be too loud, otherwise the sensitive child will resist use because of “too noisy toothbrush”.

The brush head should be small and round, so that it is easier to penetrate the inside of the mouth and clean up the residue on the dead ends.

After a comprehensive consideration, I finally chose the cute children’s electric toothbrushes with scientific division. The budding period of 1 to 3, 3 ~ 6 years old, and 6 to 12 years old change their teeth. The fine age zone children’s electric toothbrushes are more conducive to care for children’s oral health.

The above recommendations are for everyone. I hope that mom and dad can choose the right Liuyi gift for their baby! I wish the children a happy Children’s Day in advance!