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The proctor teacher is too difficult, and the students who are humble can not afford it.

For many students, they will face many exams from elementary school to college. Whether it is the mid -term entrance examination, the final exam, or the middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination, the students are also sour in recalling, and they can complete the sadness and can complete In the exam, a good job was finally found in the society. Such a life journey is really not easy.

Imagine when the student age,

The monitoring teacher on the major examination table is like a golden eye, and the move of the students in the audience has been applied. Do not look at it left and right, otherwise you will definitely be attacked by the vision of the proctor teacher.

At the same time, it will also become the focus of attention to the proctor teacher. How can students dare to get more?

As a large entrance examination in our lives, the location of the examination and the proctor is strange. All the students’ energy is answering, and the proctoring teacher in the examination room is an indispensable existence. The most prestigious in their hearts,

In this examination room, they are the people who dominate everything. The world drinks water and low voice in the examination room. The speech is still walking around in the examination room. It is not a violation of discipline.

But today’s monitoring teacher is much different from before,

After the monitoring room and the monitoring room of the college entrance examination room, the teachers all sent friends to be humble as the proctoring teacher. The post -00 students were too personal and could not afford it.

Teacher Liu in the exam room next to me, because


When the proctor teacher is wearing a decent, he wore a long skirt and stepped on a pair of flat leather shoes.


It is actually very normal when walking in the examination room, and it is also required by the leadership.

Effectively prevent students from cheating

, But students do n’t think so, leather shoes will inevitably make some sounds on the ground.

The test room is silent, and the students are struggling to answer the questions. The noise created by leather shoes will cause the candidates’ ideas to be disrupted, resulting in the results. Raise your hand.

Teacher Liu thought the students needed help, but did not expect that she did not walk in the examination room. Therefore, she discussed the position she was sitting with a monitoring teacher in the same examination room to conduct the proctor.

One sitting on the podium, one sitting next to the back door of the classroom, which really eliminates a lot of trouble for the students. After all, facing such a major exam, no one wants to have those external reasons and let their own own reason for their own reasons and let themselves make their own reason for their own reasons. The results are affected.

Whether it is a student or a parent, they think that it is very easy to be a monitoring teacher and can make money.

You only need to talk about the test room rules before the test, and issue test papers. When the students are struggling with time to answer the questions, the monitoring teachers only need to drink water in front of the podium. If they are tired, they can walk around.


But this is not the case.


Many monitoring teachers have bluntly said such a seemingly relaxed task after experiencing the procedures.

The responsibilities on their bodies are very large, and the students can’t afford it. They didn’t go to the supervisor before. It was too difficult to be a proctor teacher.


What are the reasons why teachers do not want to monitor the exams?

1. Complex work in the early stage


As a major exam in my country, the middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination are related to the future of students.

We do not deny that some students have speculative thoughts, so in the examination room, supervise candidates for examinations to prevent students from cheating, and to be able to deal with the emergencies of candidates.

Not any teacher can become a monitoring teacher for major exams, except for except


In addition to all the processes, we must also have strict requirements. Portable items such as mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into the examination room. You must not allow you to make a sound that affects the candidates’ exams.

Moreover, the teachers will also conduct unified training one day before the exam. Each link in the examination room requires very strict requirements, and errors are absolutely not allowed.


2. Excessive pressure on the test room

For the proctor teachers, they must check before the students enter the examination room. Students are not allowed to wear iron with iron, and once the students who have cheating in the examination room or the students who disrupt the order of the examination room, then the monitoring teacher must be reasonable. The method of response, if

Inappropriate handling, candidates are punished without saying that teachers may also be punished. If the circumstances are very serious, it is not impossible to end their teacher’s career in the examination room.


3. Teachers have a big responsibility

The proctor teachers knew before the official monitoring,

If the students make mistakes in the exam, then the proctoring teacher will also be liable.

Students will inevitably exude some thoughts for their own test results and for their own future.

The monitoring teacher, as the name suggests, is the teacher who supervises the student’s examination. If the student is cheating successfully, the proctoring teacher will have an irreversible responsibility, and you can also see that the inspection teacher’s candidates are not comprehensive before entering the examination room.

Even if there is a corresponding subsidy, many teachers are resistant to the incident of the supervisor.

I sent a saying:


In fact, it looks easy to be a monitoring teacher, but it is actually very difficult, but as a monitoring teacher, although their responsibilities are very important, they have witnessed the birth of a college entrance examination champion, which is also very satisfied.

Students should also respect more about the proctor teachers, and use a proper expression of their own needs.


Here, we can see the positive, perspective, and logical content, let us understand the education issues in depth. If you like my work, please help and forward.