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Elizabeth Arden Orange Chan Essence, the highest -end essence of the Arden family, anti -aging old artifact

Elizabeth Arden’s highest -end Orange Chan essence, antioxidant artifact,

No, the first bottle is almost empty,

It’s time to share your experience!

How can such a good essence not recommend it to you?

Let’s start with science first

What is antioxidant?

Antioxidant = anti -aging = anti -free radical

The peeled apples will become yellow and dry after a period of exposure,

The oxygen reaction in the metal and the air will rust,

The skin is affected by the physical function and the external environment,

It also reacts with oxygen.

This will cause too much free radicals to plunder the nutrition on the skin.

This destruction occurs on the skin,

It will cause collagen and elastic fiber to relax and crack,

Epidermal cells have slowed down.

And the nucleus is damaged by free radicals,

You can’t split healthy cells,

The lipids between the cells will also be destroyed,

It becomes unable to maintain the moisture in the skin.

Everyone knows why we have to fight oxidation, right?

The main ingredient of Orange Chan Essence is Mimi

According to the official introduction, Izhzhen is synthesized by coenzyme Q10 derivatives,

But there is an important difference with Q10 that it is that

Q10 Under the premise of insufficient external oxygen,

It will play a reaction to accelerate skin oxidation and create free radicals.

But the mimi is not.


The penetration power of Aidenzene is better,

Experiments have confirmed that the effect of antioxidation is also better.

Vitamin C, E, A, green tea, Q10, anthocyanin, shrimp greenin are better than the average person know.


Can effectively devour free radicals that cause aging of the skin body,

Protective external factors to the skin caused by the skin,

Delay skin collagen loss,

And provide energy required for skin metabolism,

Make the skin firm and smooth.

It is worth noting

Although Mimi Benzene is a very good thing,

But the only one who dares to use it is Arden,

There are also some unpopular cosmetics brands in Europe and the United States.

Because the mimi benzene is effective,

But at the same time, it is easy to cause allergies,

It is difficult to control when designing the formula,

The Orange Chan essence of Arden is, it is,

It is a collection of various antioxidant ingredients and patents,

In addition to Mimi Benzene, there are also wheat sulfurus, catechins,

The patent of the patent Lipochrom 6 of the retinol and LVMH, the patent,

In short, it is full of antioxidant black dioxide technology.

The color of the Orange Chan is very bright yellow,


Because it contains Yunmu,

So if you look closely at the light, it is a bit slightly flickering,

It is emulsion -shaped, and it is easy to push after the face, not heavy,

Very easy to be absorbed by the skin,

It can be clearly seen that the entire face lit up after use!

The amount of 1 pump is used by taking pictures,

If you wipe the whole face, 2-3 pumps are fine

In addition, to be honest, this essence has a little silicon,


The skin will be smooth, and the pores are fine.


Popular science, in fact, the nature of silicon is stable,

It will not react with the effective component in skin care products,

Do not cause acne, not sensitivity,

Have a good skin feel and moisturizing.


Orange Can is the essence of the day, the main function is antioxidant.


So it will be better if the use of whitening essence.

Before the emulsion, use it after the essence.

The super white skin girl may feel that the face is slightly yellow after applying it,


In fact, it will be normal after a while,

If you mind, you can also use it at night.

In addition to super powerful antioxidant,

Orange Chan Essence is still the savior of staying up late,

And after staying up late, you will feel that the skin is dull and rough,

After using this, the skin is moist,


I can’t see staying up late at all, and the complexion is very good.

After applying makeup, the base makeup will be specially served,

At noon, you don’t have to worry about getting off makeup.

One more thing I have to say is,

Morbenzene has a low chance of sensitivity in the early stages of use.

It will produce a slight to moderate irritation and itching,

So it is recommended to go to the counter to try it before buying related products!

Arden’s Orange Chan series such a low -key product,

Talk about the feelings of the Orange Chan essence,

The face is shiny on the face after applying it. This is amazing.

Texture partial emulsion

The color is yellow, but the face does not make the face yellow after the face,

Why is it yellow because it may oxidize in the essence formula,

The color after oxidation will be strange,

To reduce our discomfort.

The ductility is very good and slippery,

Another taste is very good, it smells good, and it smells good.

The taste of skin care products is also very important,

Faint orange fragrance,

Stay up late artifact deserves to stay up late,

That is, after staying up late, the face does not appear dullly,

The problem of uneven dull complexion around the lips,

Another is that it has anti -inflammatory effects,


There are acne with pores blocked pores this season,

Can play a certain effect of eliminating.