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There are artificially grown chicken gyro bacteria on the market, but it is far from the wild ones.

“Jack Ma” has picked chicken gangson. Can you say that chicken gangsus is not expensive? Of course, this is just a joke. After all, the peasant uncle who picked the chicken gangster did look like Ma Yun.


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Chicken bonus can be planted artificially, but it is not termitic chicken gangsca bacteria. Most of them are black -skinned chicken bangs, and the taste is not pure. Therefore, wild chicken molt bacteria can be encountered and cannot be found. It is normal for two hundred yuan per catty.

1. Digging chicken gangson will form competition


Every time this season is not bright or not, the thorns will get up early and bring the flashlight to pick up the chicken mushrooms. I am afraid that the villagers will be picked up by the villagers first and picked up the chicken murmur. The reason why it is rushed to pick it up is because chicken gangsus is very rare and only in a special environment.

Due to the long -term picking chicken gangs, the thorns have also summarized some experience, and they know more about the places where it is easy to grow chicken.


If you are known to everyone on the mountains on the mountain, because people often pick up chicken germinated bacteria, they will come out of a path. Others will find it along the path or traces. Place of chicken gymnia.

In order to reduce competition, the thorns will disguise the newly discovered locations, such as trying to cover the traces of out, so that it is difficult for others to find it.

Second, chicken mackerel is very expensive


As long as a chicken germanic bacteria in one place, there will be a termite nest in the ground. Of course, chicken gangs do not necessarily grow above the nest, which is possible nearby. Termites and chicken gangs are symbiotic, and the two rely on growth.

If the habitat is destroyed, or people dug at the termite nest because people are excavated, the termite will move and cause the original place to no longer grow chicken gangson.

It’s delicious, but it’s very expensive. In the past few years, it has been sold for 300 yuan per year in the early days of the thorns. In July and August, it can also be sold for two hundred yuan per catty. Nevertheless, farmers may not be willing to sell after picking up chicken gangsters, because chicken gymnia is prone to bad.

Third, artificial planting is not a real termites chicken gangsi

The thorns once wanted to dug out the termite nest and transplant it in front of the house, so no one can grab it with me, but I can test it without a bubble, and the matter is gone. In fact, no one can be separated from chicken germ fungus and termites, and termites have high environmental requirements. Soil pH, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration have an impact on the life of termites.

If you want to cultivate chicken germinated artificially, there are three ideas: one is to create an environment that is suitable for the growth of termites and breed the termites first; the other is to study the substances around the ant nest; entity.


Although there are artificially planted chicken germinated, their traits and taste are different from the existence of wildness, which may be the same as artificial cultivation wild vegetables and herbs.


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