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Four coffees that are very suitable for breakfast. Which one is your heart love?

How can I have less coffee for a western -style breakfast? Is it a cup of milk coffee or a cup of black coffee? But there are so many milk coffee, which one do you prefer to make breakfast?

1. Black coffee

In the eyes of most people in China, it is a move that hurts the body in the morning to drink black coffee, so everyone is unwilling to get up a cup of black coffee early. But in fact, many people don’t think so, they often come to a cup of black coffee after getting up.

The more common is a cup of hand or brew a cup of black coffee directly with a coffee machine, and then with breakfast with toast and sandwiches. Of course, in Italy, you will also see the people who hurried to work in the morning passing by the cafe, order a glass of concentrated, three mouthfuls, and then pretend to leave the scene.


However, many people think that it is not unreasonable to drink black coffee in the morning. If you have stomach diseases, such as gastric ulcers, etc., it is recommended that you not drink or drink less. If you don’t have any amount of black coffee, there is no problem.

2. Latin

The latte can be said to be the simplest way to make in milk coffee, which is the mix of simple milk and coffee. As for adding milk foam inside, it is what Latte is later appeared. It first originated from Italy, Italians milk, and also love coffee, and they think that coffee can make ordinary milk unforgettable, so they love latte coffee deeply.


The Italians have a very beautiful way to eat breakfast, that is, in the morning kitchen, coffee and milk at the same time on the stoves obtained by the sunlight, and then people enjoy the deliciousness of the world in the bath. Intersection


Latte has such charm, such as the sun shines into people’s hearts.


3. Cabcino


Kabchino is different from the simple combination of latte’s milk and coffee, but is mixed with concentrated coffee and steam milk and milk foam. There is also a big difference between taste and latte. Because of the reasons of milk bubbles, Kabu will make the taste of coffee more softer.


Shouldn’t you drink a cup of coffee like this in the morning?

4. Mocha coffee

Some people will drink a cup of hot cocoa when they get up in the morning. If you like the hot cocoa, you should also like Mocha coffee. Mocha coffee with a thick chocolate fragrance, sweet and slippery, every time you drink it, it seems that life will automatically flow into your stomach and warm into your heart. Especially in the cold autumn and winter seasons, a cup of hot mocha in the morning will make you warm a day.

You who love to drink coffee, how can you get less coffee for breakfast? If you don’t dare to get up early, a cup of black coffee, then a cup of milk coffee.