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How can I have a sense of ritual in the design nature of the porch cabinet?

Let’s talk about how to design the porch cabinet at the door to make your porch look different from others.

In fact, the design of the design of Xuanguan Cabinet is seven -point hidden three points. How can you make your porch look more grade and more advanced? The theory of the needs of the porch cabinet is to make items be placed more reasonably.

The porch cabinet that left two -thirds of the segmentation design in the middle seems to be very concise. Long -term seeing is easy to make people visual fatigue. Secondly, this design is already a bad street.


The biggest disadvantage is that the space is very crowded, so that the items cannot be obtained and effectively placed. Since it is hidden, it is better to let the porch cabinet feel more than that? Is it better?


You only need to intersperse the long strip in the porch cabinet, as if the design of the cabinet is divided, is it much better than before.

The designed porch cabinet gives people more three -dimensional and more practical. Can have more practical functions of putting items and bags and shoes.


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