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“Bingdun” is on fire! The same hot ones are these models

[Watch House Watch Recommendation] With the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the related IPs have been pretty one after another. Among them, the most popular is the mascot ice pier of this event. This panda image wearing ice crystal coat and stingy panda combines the national treasure panda with modern aesthetics, which not only interprets the theme of the Winter Olympics, but also pleases with a cute image. In Beijing’s franchise retail stores, many people have lined up long dragons in order to buy relevant souvenirs in the first time, and their popularity is beyond imagination.


Bing Dwen Dwen


The hotness of Bingdun also drives many things related to pandas, and the most closely related to the bezel is the “panda plate”. The panda plate is a special shape of the chronograph. The essence of the design is that the white dial is incorporated into a small black dial, which is named after the eyes of the panda. It not only enhances the clarity of small dials, has a strong visual contrast effect, but also brings high recognition to the watch. Therefore, the popularity has remained high for a long time. Today, let’s get the popularity of the ice pier and see what the panda plate watches worth starting in the near future.




Omega, as the official timing brand of the Olympic Games, has always had deep origins with sports events. Among the many watches under Omega, the superfighter is famous for its high -precision chronograph is a series of strong sports atmosphere. In 2021, Omega added a new sub -series to the Super Fighter -Chronoscope. Its design is inspired by watches in the 1940s. In addition to the timing function, the watch also has three different functions: speed measurement, distance, and pulse meter, which greatly enriches the wearing experience.



In addition, the red pointer and some red scale are the finishing touch, which not only enriches the visual perception, but also makes the dial level clear and the function scales are clear at a glance. The back of the watch uses a back transparent design. Through sapphire crystal glass, we can observe this type of Cal.9908 manual stringing movement obtained by the Omega Cal.9908 certified by the Observatory. The movement has 60 hours of dynamic reserves and can resist the interference of strong magnetic fields. At present, the price of the steel belt version is priced at RMB 69,600. In addition, there are also belt versions and multiple dial designs to choose from. Among the many “panda plates” released in 2021, its performance is very eye -catching.

Centennial Lingya B01 chronograph watch



Another panda disk watch is a century -old Ya Ya series. It is also inspired by the table models of the above century. After many years, the brand once again enables the name Premier to fully reflect its historical heritage. The watch with a model of AB0118221G1P1 uses a 42 mm diameter, with a slightly raised arched sapphire glass, full of retro.

@AVION watch work

The movement is equipped with the current main timing movement of the century -old spirit, B01. It is an automatic chain movement. It adopts the guidance wheel and vertical clutch design, which can reduce the trembling of the pointer when the wear and start the timing function. The excellent performance has passed the Swiss official observation certification. It has more than 70 hours of power storage. The folding version of the watch is priced at RMB 58,500, and I believe it will also be another strong choice for the price section.

Tudor Biwan chronograph type stainless steel watch


In 2021, the first time of the first time watch watch of Tudor’s time was released. The brand took this opportunity to launch the new Black Bay Chrono stainless steel watch. With a strong visual impact, people are both full of classic aesthetic characteristics and a modern atmosphere. The acupuncture point continues the “snowflake” needle shape with high brand characteristics. This design born in 1969. After half a century of inheritance, it has now become one of the iconic elements of the Tudor diving watch.

@Allen0532 watch purchase operation


Tudor Biwan chronograph seizure steel watch is designed with solid surface, and it is equipped with a MT5813 automatic lane timing movement by the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC). This movement is equipped with a silicon scarf, and the power reserve can reach 70 hours. Compared with the two mentioned above, Tudor has more advantage in selling prices. At present, the price of steel bands is RMB 3,9800. Among the 40,000 yuan competition, it can be described as a player with beauty and strength.


If you want to take stock of the most successful market design in history, then the “Panda Disk” must be on the list. This design originated from the last century. With the popularity of the racing movement, it is still charm to today, and it can be regarded as the classics in the classics. The above -mentioned several watches are new products released in recent years. Their prices are concentrated in 40,000 to 70,000 yuan. The price segment is also the main range of their respective brand sales, and it is also accepted by most people. I wonder who do you prefer these “pandas” except Bingtun? (Xiao Feng, House of Figures/Watches)