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Zhang Bichen’s dress is too pragmatic! Tie -dye lambs of lambs are fashionable and anti -wind, “earth tide” wind is a combination

#What to wear today#

#What to wear on the star#


Today’s owner is Zhang Bichen,


Recently, she appeared at the airport.

It deserves to be our true Chenchenzi.

Zhang Bichen’s careless personality completely reacted to wear, simple and lazy and casual, naturally free and free. In winter, it can be warm in summer, and it can be beautiful every season.


Zhang Bichen is a very magical female star. The goddess -level face is matched with the character of the goddess “Jing” version. The contrast is countless charm.


Wearing a tie -dyeing wool lamb jacket is gentle and warm, irregular pink blue, green, yellow and purple contrasting color appears distinctive personality, which increases recognition on the basis of absolute warmth. Compared with the use of anti -season wear to win everyone’s attention, this kind of warmth and warmth and warm The aesthetic items are obviously more profitable.

The loose and hypertrophic clothes cover the flesh and thin, and the effect of dissatisfaction should not be too practical for people who are skinny. The height of 175 can also give people a kind of pretty feeling, which makes people care.


Zhang Bichen chose the design of the loose clothes. Although there was a dissatisfied body effect, the appearance of the dark purple clothes made the whole more regular and three -dimensional.

The streets were on the paper.

This gorgeous printed wool lamb jacket will definitely carry out neutrality if ordinary people are worn, and a three -dimensional and stylish trousers must be its perfect match.

However, Zhang Bichen took a different approach and chose to match a piece of blue jeans, and the wide -leg flared pants design goddess Fan Fan. The slim version of the thighs is just echoing the medium and long body.

Although Zhang Bichen had a natural and harmless face, her dress style was not sweet and full of goddess.

The handsome neutral wind is still available

Under the military green worker cotton jacket, the black worker beam pants, the shorter and long version recessed the proportion of three or seven points, the five -five -point girl must -have artifact.

In winter, the checkered coat is indispensable. This can be seen from Zhang Bichen’s wearing. The classic and outdated version of the versatile everything. Holding your own dressing method to keep warm and increase ignorance. Compared with the fastening and tie waist, this presentation effect can grasp the heart of people.

In order not to affect the overall aesthetics, the bottom is basically black leggings and Martin boots.

Exposing a slender ankle, prove that good body is willful, and you can wear more loose items to wear more loose items.

Because of his height advantage, Zhang Bichen was basically and the ankle was basically the basis when choosing the length of the coat. The blue -tone checkered style is much low -key than positive red. It is more suitable for girls who do not like to be given by others.


The extended version of the fertilizer is not suitable for the deduction method, so the selection of the lining should be extraordinarily attentive. The color matching of the single items and the inner lining of the body’s slim products laid the foundation for the loose jacket.

Zhang Bichen is a large coat. The two coats are rare, but wearing it on her not only increases the sense of hierarchy, but has not had the bloated situation of imagination. The large lapel checkered coat and light gray lapel hair cooperate with each other, covering the flesh and thin.


Whether you are slippery and round or short neck, whether you are thick and wide buttocks, the straight -type coat style can set your body shape to the best state.

If you don’t like the layered sense, you can tighten your body sweater with solid color tone

The high -necked design is elegant and exquisite. In order to maximize the goddess temperament, the appearance of tight pants and high boots can improve the overall style.

However, if the lining is replaced with a loose version of the hooded sweater, the next match can choose high -waisted wide -leg jeans, casual and capable and age -reducing.

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