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Is a “artifact” that can improve myopia when wearing overnight? Is it IQ tax?

Rui Company (ID: shangjiezz) report

Author/ Zhao Chunyu

10 meters outside the six relatives, and the male and female of 50 meters are not distinguished.

If there is no glasses, the entire world of myopia is like mosaic; if you forget to wear glasses, you will be mistaken for high cold; wearing glasses, myopia eyes will often face all fog, and even a little bit more likely. Khan, glasses will jump on the bridge of the nose …

How many people have people suffering from myopia?

Data show that the number of Chinese myopia patients is as many as 700 million, becoming the world’s first myopia. Among them, the overall incidence of myopia is 53.6%, and after the selection of the college entrance examination, more than 90%of college students are myopia.

The huge myopia people not only achieved the glasses industry (including frame glasses and contact lenses), but also drove the market for correction. For example, a variety of emerging correction methods such as correction of vision surgery, vision recovery, Atto eye drops, eye protection stickers, etc., the most notable is the corneal shaping mirror.

Corneal shaping mirror, commonly known as “OK mirror”, is a specially designed hard breathable contact lenses, which belongs to the corneal contact mirror. Wearing an OK mirror is a non -surgical correction treatment method. It reducing the surface shape of the corneal surface and reducing the refractive power of the corneal optical zone, thereby achieving the effect of correcting low moderate myopia and conical cornea.

Why is adolescent myopia so high? OK mirror really saves myopia?


“Chicken Baby” cannot escape myopia

“Trouble let me, call me!”

On a thunderstorm weekend, Qian Lin took her daughter to the ophthalmology room of the hospital. If she did not shout this sentence to stabilize the nursing nurse, it would take the line to queue on this day.

“The number of eyes in a normal weekend is full. If you encounter the winter and summer vacations, there will be more people.” Qian Lin told the “business” reporter. Qian Lin’s daughter Yiyi is 9 years old. She is dressed in a pink dress with two twist braids. The slightly wheat -colored skin looks so healthy. The black hair waterfall is vertically put on her shoulders, her face flushed lightly.

But at a young age, why do you look at the ophthalmology?

At the age of 7, Yiyi entered the elementary school campus and found myopia in a regular physical examination in the school. Qian Lin immediately took her daughter to the Children’s Hospital, but she was less than 100 degrees myopia at that time. The doctor said that the problem was not big, and Qian Lin didn’t care. Half a year later, Yiyi’s myopia rose to more than 300 degrees, and Qian Lin took the child to another hospital. The doctor told her that the child’s myopia developed too quickly, which may inherit the parents’ myopia, and due to the influence and movement of electronic equipment and movement Missing is related. Before giving birth, Qian Lin’s husband had nearly 800 degrees of myopia.

An ophthalmological expert admits that in addition to factors such as inheritance, lack of exercise, and electronic equipment, adolescents are more likely to blame the worsening of learning pressure.

Regardless of whether it was “Xiaoling”, which was broadcast recently, or the “chicken baby chicken mother” circle that had been delayed before (a way of educational methods popular in parents in recent years, it means: “fighting chicken blood” for children) , Mid -week sports class, weekend art classes, tuition classes, each parent is a master of overall time and schedule. Even children in kindergarten, parents are preparing for the prestigious domestic schools or “Kuango” (foreign ivy school).

Earlier, there were media reports that this circle is divided into three six nine and nine, and the disciplines of mathematics, English and other disciplines are called “ravioli”. Various Olympic and English competitions are the best choice for testing the results of “ravioli”. In contrast to the “chicken”, it is a “vegetarian chicken” that emphasizes quality education. In the eyes of the “vegetarian chicken” parents, piano, painting, and sports are all overflowing projects. Niche projects such as ice hockey, fencing, golf balls are the first choice. On the one hand, it can lay the foundation for further studies and study abroad. On the other hand, If a child gets a certain degree, he can also add points directly in the college entrance examination.

Regardless of whether it is “chicken” or “vegetarian chicken”, “chicken mothers” are racking their brains, imposing their ideas on their children, hoping to let the children “take less detours” as much as possible.

Coupled with the impact of last year’s epidemic, many school courses have shifted from offline to online, increasing children’s dependence on electronic equipment, leading to children’s myopia rates up straight.

If there is a demand, there is a market. The eyes of teenagers have not yet developed, and it is not easy to perform correction surgery, which undoubtedly brings greater opportunities and markets to OK mirrors.



A beautiful and expensive “lie”

As mentioned above, OK mirrors are a way to correct vision for non -surgical forms. Therefore, many children’s parents, young people, and even star artists will choose to change myopia in this way.

OK mirror was first proposed at the US International Corneal Shapeing Conference in 1962. At that time, the first generation of corneal shaping mirrors, slow shaping, poor effects, lenses are easy to deviate, wearers have strong foreign body sensations, etc. Essence However, these defects can’t stop the preferences of myopia patients at all, because OK mirrors can improve their vision when people don’t wear glasses, so OK mirrors are a huge temptation for them.

OK mirror is like contact lenses, but the material of the two is different. The latter is made of a material called hydrogel. This material contains a lot of water to maintain the softness and comfort of contact lenses. The water content range of different types of hydrogel The lens is hard. It is designed with special reverse geometric forms. The inner surface consists of multiple arc segments. The corneal geometric form is changed through physical pressure. It is worn in the front of the cornea when sleeping. The eye shaft is shortened to effectively prevent the development of myopia.

Patients with myopia with OK mirrors are generally worn at night, and after removing in the morning, they can maintain the shaping effect of one day. However, the cornea of ​​the human eye is memory, and the shape of the cornea of ​​the OK mirror will eventually recover, so the effect of the OK mirror is temporary.

It can be seen that the OK mirror can only be relieved, not cured, and the wearer needs long -term investment, and the price is surprisingly expensive.

A reporter from the “Business” found that the price of OK mirrors will be different, and the price will be different. The price of domestic lenses is 600 to 100,000 yuan, and the price of imported lenses is one pair of 10,000 ~ 20,000 yuan, and its life span is 1 to 2 years.

“Within the first 3 months of wearing OK mirrors, we must go to the mirror at the schedule to receive a regular and comprehensive review at least 5 times. After wearing the mirror for 3 months, a regular review must be performed.” Eyeologists said.

In addition to the OK mirror, which is expensive, the cost of high -frequency, high -frequency lenses and daily review also requires supporting eye moisturizers. Because it belongs to the hard cornea contact mirror, its lens itself is not water. During the wearing period, the eyes and the lens are separated by a layer of liquid, which will not directly wear the cornea.

At present, there are many brands of moisturizing fluid, ranging from 19 ~ 80 yuan, but most parents will choose the German Sea Road without preservatives, and the 10ml eye liquid is priced at 71 yuan. In addition, the periodic consumables of OK mirrors also include nursing liquid, protein drugs, pure water, and various glasses and cleaning glasses. A user told the “Business” reporter that a monthly care solution was 140 yuan/month; the protein was removed every week, 25 yuan/week. Except for the mixing lenses, it takes about 400 yuan per month.

“Gold Ophthalmology, Silver Surgery”, the ability to make the wealth industry in the ophthalmology industry is beyond doubt. This is not only associative, but how much space is there in a small OK mirror?


OK mirror Moutai

There are many fake and shoddy products in the early OK mirror market in China, and there are also many configuration units that do not have a standard process and professional qualifying personnel. They cannot provide professional and timely review and other after -sales service. The department attaches great importance to allowing it to enter the strict regulatory stage soon.

According to the data, OK mirrors belong to the national three types of medical devices. They need to be reviewed and approved by the State Council’s drug supervision and management department, and the product registration certificate is issued to be produced and sold. It takes at least 3-5 years to successfully register a OK mirror license.

In 2000, Tao Yuequn, who was a professor of lecturers at California State University and participated in the writing “Modern Corneal Shastology”, founded Opangshi and developed domestic OK mirrors. In February 2005, Opacon’s “Meng David” was approved to be listed, becoming the first domestic OK mirror manufacturer to obtain licenses.

Four years ago, Opangshi was listed on the GEM, and its market value rose from 1.6 billion yuan to over 60 billion yuan, an increase of 38 times. According to the financial report over the years, Opangshi’s sales revenue mainly relies on OK mirrors. It is worth mentioning that from 2015-2020, Opangshi ’s gross profit margin was 76.96%, 74.08%, 76.21%, 77.98%, 78.41%, and 78.54%, and the gross profit margin was more than 70%.

Earlier, the media broke the news that Opangshi’s OK mirror net profit margin was compared with Moutai.

In May of this year, Opangshi disclosed another plan to issue stocks to specific objects. It is planned to raise funds not more than 2.196 billion yuan. construction project.

At present, there are three manufacturers who have been approved by the production of corneal shaping mirrors, Opangshi, Ebo Nord, and Taiwan Hengtai. Foreign manufacturers include the United States, C & E, Paragonvision, Japanese Aya, and South Korea. Wait, the Dutch Procornea and six other. However, Opangshi, who has obtained a license early, has always maintained the advantages of products and channels in China.

Due to the early entry, Opangshi products have the largest number of myopia. For example, its tear -balanced hydrophilic cornea shaping mirror allows myopia to decrease up to 600 degrees, higher than imported products (usually 500 degrees and below). And due to policy restrictions, the number of corrections of the OK mirror that can obtain the registration certificate will not exceed 400 degrees. In other words, in the correction between 400 degrees, Opangshi is monopolized.

Secondly, the test mode of OK Mirror determines the sales channel. In the process of visiting myopia patients, the ophthalmologist has a great decision on whether it should use OK mirrors and brand choices. effect.

However, Opangshi also has its own shortcomings. Due to the relatively single product structure, the sales revenue rely on OK mirrors, and in order to expand the marketing channels, Opangshi began to acquire a large number of mergers and subsidiaries, resulting in a state of heavy sales.

According to industry surveys, the sales volume of corneal shaping mirrors in mainland China in 2020 is about 2 million pieces. Referring to the industry’s growth and penetration, assuming that the compound growth rate of the industry in the next 5 years is 20%, and the market space is expected to reach 170.2 billion yuan.

It can be seen that the market of OK mirrors is very broad, but if players blindly pursue “fast money” and do not pay attention to the control of the product’s research and development and price, under the dual impact of regulatory authorities and competitors, they will inevitably lose their former glory in the future. Essence


Where should I go to the market power market?

The myopia correction products on the market are dazzling.

Some businesses have launched vision correction products, “it improves 50 degrees in a month, and slows 50 degrees for two months, 100%effective”; some businesses claim to use “advanced technology” such as “3D training” and “5D hot compresses” such as “advanced technology”. The concept of manufacturing attracts parents; some adolescent eye protection institutions open high prices, and the price of some packages for more than 10,000 yuan per course.

Regardless of whether it is from online malls to offline merchants, there are always some institutions to engage in false propaganda and cheat money in the name of protecting the eyes. This also makes the market that is not rigorous in myopia correction markets more and bad, and urgently needs to be governed.

The first is to purify the market environment, guide parents and children to rationally treat myopia and myopia correction, and avoid “sickness and medical treatment.”

Parents want to take off their children’s glasses, and this psychology is often used by bad businesses. For parents, instead of looking for vision correction products, it is better to help children improve their health literacy and work hard to cultivate children’s good habits of scientific use and love to protect their eyes. Breeding soil.

Parents should incorporate vision health into quality education, and return the spare time to their children, and let them walk into nature and far -free electronic products.

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and I hope that this “window” will never be “polluted”.