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The price / performance ratio is extremely high! 7 tricks, Xingxing Era gel helps solve the problem of cooling the LED display heat dissipation

The price / performance ratio is extremely high! 7 tricks, Xingxing Era gel helps solve the problem of cooling the LED display heat dissipation

The fatal nemesis of electronic products is

Temperature is too high


Because high temperature can lead to a series of problems such as decreased reliability of electronic products, unstable performance, and shortening service life. The LED display is also afraid of high temperature, so in order to control the temperature of the electronic component inside the LED display, engineers make it under the working environment of the LED display, which does not exceed the prescribed allowable temperature. Methods to solve the problem of heat dissipation.



Outdoor LED display


Let’s take an example. Because the environmental requirements they use are very high, it should be above 4000cd, so the heat generated is very large. In practical applications, increasing the heat dissipation of the LED display not only effectively improving the efficiency of the LED display radiating heat, but also to achieve the effect of saving power, which is also conducive to improving the service life and ensuring display effect of the LED display.

In fact, when choosing the LED display heat and heat dissipation method, we must consider the following questions:

LED displays the heat flow density, volume power density, total power consumption, surface area, volume, working environment conditions (temperature, humidity, air pressure, dust, etc.). According to the heat transfer mechanism, there are natural cooling, forced air cooling, and direct liquid cooling; evaporate cooling; heat power to cause cooling; heat pipe heat transfer and other cooling methods.

Power is a first consideration factors. The general industry standards are

The indoor LED display playback power does not need to consider heat dissipation below 5kW, and the corresponding conversion to the area is generally within 10 square meters.

The outdoor LED display is much more strict. First of all, the power and heat of the outdoor LED display screen are much larger than the indoor LED display of the same area. Generally, it is not considering the heat dissipation problem below 5kW.

The outdoor LED display within 5 square meters can not consider the heat dissipation problem.

Under normal circumstances, the front (front) of the LED display is a playback surface with a space of vacancy, while the internal (later) situation is very different. If the LED display (behind) is a conventional narrow and limited space, we decide not to do the cooling structure according to the first two factors. But there are also some rear space and good ventilation conditions. We do not need to do the heat dissipation structure.

In the LED display that needs to be structured, the power module, display chip and backlight module are generally needed. The biggest heat source is the power component. Power components are usually used with passive heat dissipation.

Heating gel

, Directly pass the temperature to the back cover, the rear cover will connect to the entire LED display aluminum component, and then exchange heat with the air. You can also use heat pipes to dissipate heat, and use heat pipe technology to transmit heat from the LED display chip to the shell heat dissipation fin.


Today, Lao Gao will summarize several common heat dissipation methods as follows:

1. The fan heat dissipation, the inside of the lamp shell is used to strengthen the heat dissipation with longevity fans. Compared with the commonly used methods, this method has low cost and good effect.

2. Use aluminum heat dissipation. This is a more common cooling method. Use aluminum heat dissipation fins as part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area.

3. Airliography, using the shape of the lamp shell to create the air -flow air, which is a lower cost to strengthen the heat dissipation method.


4. Surface radiation heat dissipation treatment, radiation heat dissipation treatment on the surface of the lamp shell, the simpler is to apply radiation heat dissipation paint, which can bring the heat from the surface of the shell.

5. Integrated heat-conducting heat dissipation-the use of high heat-conducting ceramics, the purpose of the cooling shell heat dissipation is to reduce the working temperature of the LED high-definition display chip. Because the expansion coefficient of the LED chip is very different from our frequent metal heat conduction and the expansion coefficient of heat dissipation materials, The LED chip cannot be welded directly, so as not to destroy the chip of the LED display at high, low -temperature thermal stress.

6, heat dissipation of thermal conductivity, use the heating pipe technology to guide the heat from the LED display chip to the shell to dissipate heat.

7. Plastic shell, fill the heat guidance material when plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic, thereby increasing plastic shell heat conduction and heat dissipation capacity.

This can be seen


LED display heat dissipation

The maturity and progress of technology will be conducive to its conservation and environmental protection concept. LED electronic display manufacturers are diverse in LED display production to improve LED display scattering. Different considerations will be considered according to the power size and the place of use when heat dissipation.



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The above is the introduction and description of thermal interface material, I hope it can be helpful to you.