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British Outdoor Brand Karrimor Spring and Summer Series, Building a Japanese Trend

Founded in 1946, Classic Outdoor Brand Karrimor Ton from the UK was founded in 1946. The classic outdoor brand Karrimor from the UK has attracted many people with excellent fabrics and unique functional design. Lianshang plan, like F / CE., Eye Junya Watanabe MAN, and more. Waiting for a long time, I finally released a full model of the spring and summer series of spring and summer. Taking the risk as the largest theme, divide the series into two categories: NatureStyle and Lifestyle, providing people to the desired clothing items through some micro gaps. NatureStyle is full of windbreaker and jackets that can be used in marathons and or hiking. Lifestyle is a costume that will focus on camping and riding, and a range of unique products that are freely convertible to use in a variety of scenes. As with the past, Karrimor is still focused on the functional single product, launched the backpack, shoulder bag and pockets, and the part of the clothing is also the first consideration of windproof, waterproof and warmth. Even so, the shape of the shape is not hi and tiger. In addition to common black, white and gray, Karrimor also brings a lot of bright color, orange and very popular sand colors in recent years.


All single items can already be purchased in Karrimor, and all of interest may wish to pay attention.