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The three hottest dresses this year are all here, covering the meat is thin and fashionable.

To say what the girls are most concerned about every spring and summer season, it must be buying clothes. Whether it is a T -shirt, jeans or dresses, you will choose the current popular models, but if you choose a suitable skirt, it is recommended You can buy the following three, each of which is very foreign, and it is particularly thin. It can be controlled by slightly fat bodies or pear -shaped figures.


〖One〗 This year’s necessary dress

① Bubble sleeve dress

For the cute young lady, this year’s popular bubble sleeve dress must be started. The elements of bubble sleeves are very cute, which is conducive to age reduction, and it looks more delicate. Like the bloggers below, they use these fashionable personality The concave shape of the bubble sleeve dress can show the side of the little woman, and this is super friendly for the young lady who worships the meat in the arm, which can effectively modify your arm!

Although many people choose this kind of bubble sleeve dress to modify the worship meat of the arms, everyone should also pay attention to the cuffs not too wide, otherwise it will look bloated upper body, and there is a feeling of tiger back. Get together a little, otherwise you will feel exaggerated.


② suit dress

If ordinary people want to wear dresses, they may pay attention to its materials and versions. At this time, you can start a suit dress. This is also a very popular item at the moment. Sex is also quite strong. It can be worn in spring and summer. Choosing a thin suit dress can also modify our figure.


The suit dress selected by the blogger is a straight style, which is very suitable for the little fairy with fat on the waist and abdomen. It will modify your figure. And this dress is more suitable for the small man on the knee, and it is also very aura.

③ Printing dress


At the same time, the printed dress also stood out from so many skirt styles, because its patterns are more unique, and bloggers have different colors of printed dresses, and there are differences in the style of wearing on the body. When dressing, you can choose colors according to the style and personal skin, but most people prefer light colors and look fresh and elegant.


Second, the matching of skirts


① Select V -neck is thinner and thinner

Wearing a skirt, then the neckline design is also critical. Most people choose a dress more like this V -neck cut. With V -neck can stretch the neck, it is thin and high. Combined with necklaces can also create a sense of elegance.


Like the Bubble sleeves or printed dresses with the following bloggers, they also combine small V -neck cuts, and stretch the neck and our face shape. The round face can start with the exquisite necklace. It can create elegant temperament.

And you can combine some pearl necklaces or silver necklaces to embellish your collarbone and neck to show a unique charm.

Third, the introduction of skirts

① Printed dress with leather shoes


At present, the retro style is popular in the fashion circle. You can start a retro print skirt to reveal the sense of elegance. The printed dress with these young ladies below is quite fashionable, the color is simple and refreshing, and it is full of French retro style It feels that the combination of black leather shoes can continue this retro charm under the feet.

② Skirt with socks

In spring and summer, everyone basically likes to match simple sandals, but now in this weather, it is still a bit cold in the morning and evening. You can go with long socks or middle socks to modify the calves. It is very thin. For example, these bloggers choose black socks below, with dress with dresses, personalized dressing is more temperamental. The color of the socks can also be selected according to your match. If you wear relatively low -key, you can choose bright socks.


There are no ugly women, only lazy women, only learning to wear can make your personal charm release. If you are flat and look general, then you need to learn and match. Start the three dresses above. The beauty is more brilliant, no matter what kind of figure, you can hold it. Disclaimer: Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9