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High net worth individuals can also pay attention to these in addition to asset allocation

“With the change of the times and the development of the industry, the duties of financial institutions and wealth management institutions are no longer just providing asset allocation for customers, but paying more attention to the experience and feelings of customer receiving services! This has become a trend! “Wealthy Chase President Xin Haining said on June 30 at the” Wells Guo Chao Brand Upgrade Conference -Fortune Fortune Club APP official launching ceremony “.

The rich country of Chase believes that the initial value of financial services is to eliminate the asymmetry of information, which can make many participants get more transparent, smoother, more efficient communication and information transmission; so that capital shows more efficient time value! The value of modern financial services is no longer limited to this, and more attention is to bring more added value to investors while paying capital appreciation!

At present, for many investors, doing asset allocation and financial management can allow their capital to generate high returns, high value -added, running GDP, and avoiding risks during a period of time. The only purpose of cooperation.

Xin Haining proposed that for our high net worth investors, the accumulation of primitive capital has been completed. We have not only invested to further accumulate wealth, but also pay more attention to the preservation and inheritance of wealth, and in this process More opportunities to enrich your life experience. As a wealth management agency, investors should truly experience the high -quality experience that is difficult to obtain in many fields, enjoy life, enjoy service, improve the fun of life of themselves and their families, and fully feel the modern financial services The quality, convenience and freshness brought.

Usually, when we consume enough high -quality products in the world, we will also be limited to these products, and restrict the imagination of a better life. What can you think of for luxury cars, watches, luxury brands, art, jewelry, Jewelry, Tibetan wine, travel abroad, overseas shopping, etc., what else can you think of? What else will bring you freshness? Investment is for the increase of wealth, and the increase of wealth is to make themselves and their families get a richer and diverse life choice and life experience.

This is the true purpose and true value of investment!

According to the Boston Consultation’s investigation on the “Selection of High -net -worthless people on Wealth Management Agency”, at least nearly 20 % of high net worth individuals have changed their choices for wealth management agencies because of their needs for value -added services. Among them, the survey results of high net worth investors on “when choosing wealth management agencies, which are the most important points”, can be seen:

The professionalism of institutions and financial management, the diversified value -added services provided by the institution, and the product risk and benefits of the institution itself have become the core issue of many investors’ attention. Among them, what kind of service can be obtained after becoming a member, and its attention even exceeds the attention of its products itself.

So, for the survey results of “what value -added services to get the value -added services”, the rich foundation discovered that as high net worth individuals basically complete the accumulation of wealth, the comprehensive guarantee of medical and health, the overall improvement of the quality of life, children’s education, high -end business travel, real estate investment, investment, investment, investment, investment, investment, and investment, and investment, investment, investment, and investment, and investment, investment, investment, and investment, and investment, investment, and investment, and investment, investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, investment, and investment, and investment, investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, investment, and investment, and investment, and investment, and investment. The themes such as holiday treatment have also become the focus of attention of high net worth of Chinese high -net -worthfuls. Further verification: More and more people not only want to obtain professional services from wealth management agencies, but also want to enjoy more distinguished courtesy from wealth management institutions.

“Building a customer’s ultimate experience” is the key to winning the competition in wealth management institutions, and one of the brand upgrade goals proposed by the rich country. Actively cope with the trend of change and focus on meeting customer needs.

On June 30, the VIP Service Center of Wells Fargo Chase Customer VIP Service Center- “Fu Xianghui” Fortune Club APP was officially launched. Xin Haining said that Fu Xianghui achieved the presentation of investor asset information, and investors can also inquire about themselves at any time and easily query themselves. Investment assets and information disclosure of assets, asset operation and future expectations, grow up like looking at a child until the bag is settled. The life cycle of assets will be fully presented here. This is also the “steady vision” and “stable and visible” in the Chase of the rich. We hope to provide our customers with high -end customized services with a lifetime, from “the original accumulation of career start” to the complete process of “steady development, stable operation” to the “inheritance continuation”. With the growth and income growth curve of customers, in terms of specific service content, it matches the diversified value -added service cluster for customers to match financial and non -financial interspersed.

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

In order to allow this high -end lifestyle to bring a truly noble experience to people with high net worth, wealthy Datong is selected from the brand awareness, service quality, and service environment from service providers. For service providers, these are still part of our huge service ecosystem.

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

The first batch of top-level service providers to be selected as “Fully Chaoshi-Fortune Huixiu Wealth Club” is:

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

V plus

Loungebar, which is a fashion landmark “China Red Street”, is managed by elite sacrals such as Meng Tong and Li Yapeng, and is the leader of the first -line urban emerging lifestyle. When you look at the beautiful night, you can enjoy the private space exclusively. It is the best choice for you and private gatherings of friends from all walks of life, business elites, martial arts performing arts and high -end people.

VPLUS reaches strategic cooperation with the rich country Chase

Huaxi International creature

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

Based on medical -level global hyaluronic acid and fermentation technologies, the annual scientific integrated skin management services are customized for you. According to different gender, age, and various skin types, they provide their own daily skin care and skin management services. Fix the natural barrier of the skin, and return to vitality and health.

Huaxi International Biological and Wells Fargo reached strategic cooperation

Bioyi -Classics Church

The classrooms that integrate traditional culture and modern technology are individual -centered to provide you with the body, mind, and realm to the whole person. , Chongqing, Shanghai and other places take root. It is a health management flagship company in the field of great health. It is a scientific and personality created by Tsinghua University and Biological Chip Beijing National Engineering Research Center to use biological engineering, information engineering, mobile Internet technology, and national healing disease system. Health management service platform.

Cui Tao, director of marketing director of Boaoyi, signed a strategic cooperation with Xin Haining

Jiang Zhiyan Bird Nest

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

The Hong Kong Jiang Zhiyan brand is the mission of “making global excellent women healthier”. It adheres to the brand concept of the century -old store, and provides the highest quality fresh stewed bird’s nest products and the best preferential prices for Fuxianghui VIP customers. Serve. Jiang Zhiyan, which can not be replenished on a regular basis, seven -day fresh stewed bird’s nest products. For hydration and whitening, diluted pigmentation, reduced pores, regulate the gastrointestinal, cure lungs and lungs, and replenish the energy required for the skin after facial slightly rectification, it can all be able to start up To a very effective role. Its raw materials are traceable birds from Indonesia and Malaysia. They are produced by zero fresh stewing technology to produce 7 -day fresh stewed bird’s nest. 80 % of the repurchase rate proves the joint choice of 1 million excellent women!

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

Guan Rongliang, chairman of Jiang Zhiyan Bird’s Nest, signed strategic cooperation with Xin Haining

French Lautu Travel Agency

Aratours French Ledu Travel Agency provides customers with high -end European travel services. It is headquartered in Paris, France. The team provides customers with global air tickets, hotel booking and European travel services. Always give customers a choice. In the past fifteen years of employment, not only has the customer recognition, but also left a good reputation in the industry.

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

French music, all -round and deep -level thinking for passengers, is the real “happy partner” of passengers.

Zhong Xuefei, director of French Loh Lutch, signed a strategic cooperation with Xin Haining

Holy Family Hospital

Since its establishment in 1997, the harmony family has provided high -end medical services for millions of foreigners and high net worth families in China and Chinese high -net -worth families. The harmonious family provides the prevention, diagnosis and treatment services of clinical diseases such as adults to children, specialties and critical illnesses. Robot surgery, neurosurgery and plastic surgery services, including 24 -hour all -weather emergency medical and intensive care services. The hospital doctors are complete from more than 20 countries and regions and departments. The Harmony Family also owns the International Joint Commission’s JCI continuous certification, the CAP certification of the American Pathologist Society, and the HIMSS EMRAM (HIMSS) Emram (hospitalized) level 6, and these three authoritative certification of high -end medical institutions.

Ms. Sun Di, Assistant to the Dean of the Human Hospital, signed a contract with President Xin


Tripoko Hey Term is a wine brand founded by Beijing Most Red Technology Co., Ltd. The TRIPOKO name consists of two English words Trio and Spoko. The two words mean “trio” and “like imagination”. While the tie on the wine bottle symbolizes the noble and elegant, it can also be stored in the bottle, and the wine rack is played in accordance with the wine culture. “Tripoko Hey Terring” means that the product has a beautiful drinking experience that appreciates the symphony music at any time, and allows the taste buds of the drinkers to experience the rich taste information and experience of the layered. — as beautiful as imagined. Tripoko Hey Test 187ml Wine Product is a product selected by the wine tasting team. The product is injected with beauty and emotions. It has no pressure to drink in an appropriate amount. Drink less, drink better, and enjoy it. The appearance of the product is exquisite and fashionable. The spiral cover is easy to drink and drink, no need to worry about the waste caused by drinking at a time. Drink -drinking delicious wine. 100 % carefully made, quality packaging. Tripoko Hey West Worm 187ml Wine won six international and domestic awards in 2017.

Meilai Medical Beauty

Relying on the 20 -year brand accumulation of Beijing Meilai, with the strong strength of the 33 city chain in Asia, a medical research team composed of well -known medical cosmetic experts at home and abroad, a 300,000 -square -meter 5 -storey super five -star hotel -style diagnosis and treatment environment, the world’s most Advanced medical beauty equipment and equipment, hundreds of clinical applications with international patents, national 5A medical cosmetic hospitals, plastic surgery, skin beauty, non -invasive beauty, oral beauty, Chinese medicine beauty, anti -aging beauty and other large medical cosmetics cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic cosmetic brand. Many Chinese front -line stars, Korean stars, wealth, and pink ladies have come, and they are professional internationally recognized.

In the future, Fu Xianghui will also cooperate with more high -end brands to bring meticulous high -end customized services to high -net -worth individuals. From the financial development solutions of the family wealth and career wealth of high net worth, to the international high -end living platform introduced through the “Fortune Fortune Club”, connect with the interactive circle, and provide the top -level high -end membership activities with the top brands with multi -industry brands Only can’t you think of it, you can’t do it.

You have thought about the invitation letter from Germany, Mercedes -Benz, Porsche, BMW, and Volkswagen to get in -depth inspections, in -depth exchanges, and experience the speed on its unique test runway. Is the pleasure of intertwined with passion? At the same time, it is determined by yourself, choosing a peer partner by yourself, and promoting social needs through travel;

高净值人士在资产配置之外 还可以关注这些

Women must prefer everything that represents “beauty” than the passive custom route above.

You may have been to Paris, but do you have the opportunity to participate in the famous international brand fashion fashion show conference? You may have been tired of several luxury shopping malls in Paris Spring, Lafayette Department Store, Left Bank, etc., but you may not have been to Glas, southern France, which is known as the “Perfume Cradle”. There are still many workshops that use traditional manual perfumes to make perfumes. Do you want to see and make a bottle of Chanel No.5 in your own hands?

The top of Mount Everest will bring people a sense of satisfaction to conquer the world, but not everyone is Wang Shi.

If you like to adventure and don’t want to challenge human limits in a way of being too self -permeable, are you interested in trying some projects that are both novel and casual and relaxed?

Take the hot air balloon from the over -appreciation of the magnificent animal migration from the Sellegetti National Park, or go to the cave church and underground city of Cappadota to visit the place of mind, and even lying in the Eskimo’s small ice house in the winter. Appreciate the Aurora?

The reason why high -end customized uniforms are called high -end is that he has a higher starting point, freshened solutions, more professional teams, wider and top resources.

This article comes from the rich country of Datong

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