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Yun Conch Education has been invested 15 million in the Pre-A round.

Photo source: Yun Conch Education Official Website

April 4th News, recently, Yun Conch Education completed the Pre-A round of financing, with a total financing of 15 million. It was led by Jiangsu Jiayi Education Technology Co., Ltd., and its angel investor Li Yinan and Genglong followed the investment.


Yun Conch Education is affiliated with Nanjing Yunqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. It was established in 2014. It is a one -to -1 training institution of online foreign teachers. At present, the business scope includes two business lines of population language and youth English. Yunchi Education said that the company used independently developed online 1 -to -1 teaching methods, named TRPS three times the situation to restore role -playing teaching methods, and designed and developed scene teaching materials based on this teaching method.

Yun Conch Education is the first investment target of Li Yinan in the field of Internet education. As the founder and angel investor of Niu Electric Technology, Li Yinan said that he was very optimistic about the founding team of Yun Conch as well as the excellent user reputation that they accumulated in the field of one -on -one foreign teachers and dual teachers. The field will go further.

In terms of To B, Yunchi launched the Yun Haeli Double Teacher Class in 2016. In December 2017, it reached an agreement with Hebei Hengshui Middle School to introduce online foreign teacher classrooms and Internet English education resources into traditional school teaching.

This round of investors Jiangsu Jiayi Education Technology Co., Ltd.’s main education software development and services, elementary and middle school extracurricular counseling services, online academic evaluation, the main customers are students and extra -school education institutions in the K12 stage. Jiayi Education has 35 direct training sites in East China, with a total of more than 1,500 curriculum cooperative schools, and more than 20,000 students in the direct training center in the same period.

Wang Xiaobing, the chairman of Jiayi Education, said that Jiayi Education and the founding team of Yun Haelo have been in contact with for two years. The investment in Yunchi is mainly based on the company’s optimistic about the K12 online English education market, as well as the recognition of the Yun Conch “B2B2C” model model Essence

Yang Dongliang, CEO of Yun Conch, said that this financing will be used to upgrade the teaching content based on “customer needs”, expand the American teacher center, and support cooperative schools to build a comprehensive dual -teacher platform.