Winter is used to use wool cushions good and bad

Winter is coming, there are many owners who have been more tangled when choosing without wool cushions. Today, I will come to the analysis.

1: The car itself is not a leather seat. It does not charge electric heating. If you recommend it, don’t choose wool products,

The thickness of the density is slow.

2: There is no four-season pad without loading.

3: Making of wool

It is manufactured by tanning, washing, degreasing, taste, disinfection, carbonization, comb, cutting, and tailoring, etc., but

There is also a smell of wool itself in a savvy production process. Is it acceptable.


Daily cleaning trouble. The usual daily cleaning, targeting a slight stain, can gently wipe the contamination with a cleaning towel 1% concentration of dedicated cleaning agent, cleans the water with the same method, and dry it in time.

Recommended professional cleaning

5: expensive price

Wool cushions can only be used in winter, prices are not cheap, and there are conditions and riders who can consider, if they feel expensive,


Wool car cushions are warm, gas permeability is good, and the good wool cushion is very shiny, which is high.

Summary: The high-end atmosphere of the wool cushion is on the speed of the air, but the price is relatively expensive, the usage time is short, personal suggestion: Conditional old iron can be considered.