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Talk about the two -breasted buckle those things

When the weather is good in the winter, the sun can reduce a lot of doubts about cold. At the corner of the coffee shop, a large window can see a lot of smiles, and the aroma of coffee is opened across the bright glass. I sit down and talk about double -breasted things. I may find more benefits in winter.


Double -breasted embroidery woolen coat


01 Girls who love selfies always know how to show their beauty, because they are really confident when they are patted, and they are vivid from the inside out. The simple and pure color highlights the return of returning to true, the exquisite embroidery is fresh and beautiful, and the relationship between simple and complex is very subtle. The classic double -breasted buckle is the aura of the metropolis.

Bread collar solid padded jacket


02 Being a woman knows the truth. If you have a waist, you will be pretty, so even if you are a jacket, you must always show your waist. The luster comes from the cortex. The color is seductive and sweet. It does not sell cute or tender.


High -waist cotton jacket edge

03 It is reasonable to sell Meng’s innocence. I believe that the designer can find a suitable expression, and also believes that he can be as noble and elegant as a princess. The coquettish layers of the ruffled edge are supplemented by the warm texture of the fur. Those relief -like prints are beginning to be tempted, and only apricot colors can make such styles unpopular.

Otter rabbit hair collar colored cotton jacket


04 In the final analysis, it is still a dark -colored world in winter, which is thin and showing temperament. Rex rabbit hair collar conforms to the trajectory of the fashion industry, and gives eight or nine points of confidence in the short top, and use double -breasted to reduce the bloatedness of short cotton jackets, everything is natural.

Snowflake embroidered down jacket


05 Loose is not related to slimness, but the catwalk show for so many years tells us that looseness is originally a kind of thin. The lantern style is a unique self. It looks very youthful because of the addition of the double -breasted buckle.


Double -breasted hooded jacket

06 When you see the lantern model, you have to mention the A -shaped model. This winter editor encountered a variety of alphabet A, and it is very good to learn dressing with the letters. Such a hooded down jacket, the wide stitching of the hem is divided into a dual -breasted place between the thickness, mature in youth.

Double -breasted waist down jacket


07 The opening remarks of December told you that the colder days are still behind. Double Eleven is not ready. Double 12 can not miss it. The extended version of down jackets can be wrapped in cold wind and confident. The double -breasted buckle suddenly stopped people seeing the purpose of high waist, and the three -dimensional effect does not need to imagine.

Mao Woo stitching down jacket

08 Play a splicing game! From the depth of color to the opposite material, look at it, dressing is so amazing, and unexpected things often happen. Mao Wa was completely covered with the bloated of the down jacket, and the curved stitching was gentle as water, and it seemed to be telling the shyness of pink.


Queen pure color woolen coat

09 Seeing the candy colors across the market across the window, I just felt that this bright afternoon was not disappointed. It is ice cream in summer and seduces us in the signboards of the street corner. Now it is the most romantic encounter. How can the men’s elements in the women’s clothing world be softened?

Rabbit hair stitching A -line dwarf jacket

10 This is the highest state of A -line models. Exaggerate the exaggeration to the end. Rest assured. About cold -resistant and warm down jackets never be lazy. The rabbit hair stitching, the fluffy feeling is cute, it seems that it has not grown up. Two large pockets can be fully installed about the exclusion and expectations of deep winter.

Big Mao collar waist down jacket

11 is also an A -shaped model, and one belt can reach another height. The existence of the double -breasted buckle eased the strong contrast of black and white, but the momentum did not weaken. The big hair collar lapel, which is particularly eye -catching due to the obtrusive color.

Lotus leaf woolen coat

12 double -breasted and shoulder chapters are a type of British style, which originated from military uniforms but more and more feminine. Dare to say that it is not elegant enough? The combination of double -breasted and skirt hem looks so harmonious, and there is almost no flaw to find it.

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